11 Signs You’re Addicted To Twitter

11 Signs You’re Addicted To Twitter

  • 1. Before you clicked on this post, you thought in the back of your mind — “I wonder if I’m addicted to Twitter.”
  • 2. You are guilty of TWD — Twitter While Driving.
  • 3. When you wake up in the morning the first thing you do is check your Twitter account.
  • 4. While browsing through Twitter someone close to you asks what you are doing and you respond, “Nothing!
  • 5. If you had a choice between radio, newspaper, television or Twitter — you would choose Twitter hands down.
  • 6. You will argue Twitter over Facebook as though your name is @Ev.
  • 7. The Fail Whale causes moderate to severe anxiety.
  • 8. You have your Twitter name appearing on something other than your Twitter account.
  • 9. You refer to other people by their Twitter name instead of their real name.
  • 10. Those closest to you say that you’re addicted to Twitter.
  • 11. You write a blogpost about being addicted to Twitter.
  • Bonus: You own the domain with the word Twitter inside of it. Uhh Unfortunately, I own Twitteraholic.com Β If you have any good ideas for it, let me know! πŸ™‚

Share some other signs that you’re addicted to Twitter.

  • All but the bonus describe me. Though, I had no doubt I was addicted before, I now have written criterion that affirms it. Thanks again, Scott.

    • Scott Williams

      LOL… glad I could help with the written criterion

  • Yeah….. all of those accept the bonus are me. Plus, you have 4 different twitter accounts, two for when you get locked out becuz you tweet too much during award shows.

  • Scott Williams

    LOL… did you get unlocked. It’s happened to me when I’ve tweeted so much at a conference.

  • Ah, I’ll pretend I didn’t read this post. πŸ˜‰

    Re: the bonus, I own Tweology.com (Twitter + Theology); does that count?

  • When’s the first support group meeting, Scott? ;->

    • Scott Williams

      Working on scheduling it…

  • Makeda

    I didn’t need the list to tell me that I am addicted. But it’s such a GREAT addiction. I’ve never gotten locked out of Twitter before although I would have come close during Catalyst if the 9 million other (I exaggerate a little) AT&T users weren’t practically shutting down their network. Thanks for the entertaining post.

    • Scott Williams

      LOL… I got shut out for tweeting so much!

  • Bryan Tomes

    You Could Pen Out A Book Scott!

    “Confessions of a Tweetaholic”

    Rock On!

    • Scott Williams

      Sad but true!

  • first of all, why would you write a post as such reminding us of something that might be a weakness. but I will say that you are one of the most incredible pastors I know, scott. keep on encouraging those who following.

    Oh, when does the twitteraholic anonymous support group meet? Is there a twitter account I can follow for that?

    • Scott Williams

      I always appreciate your prayers and encouragement… sooner than later!

  • Eunice Mullins

    When you chat via Twitter with other tweetaholics during certain television shows.
    When you exercise with a group of tweetaholics via Twitter.

    • Scott Williams

      LOL πŸ™‚

  • Killer article dude! Nailed it… Keep it coming. Cheers, @asenduk

    • Scott Williams

      Thx for the comment, don’t be a stranger! Please visit again!

  • The Fail Whale made me laugh. How true it is. “NO!!!!”

    • Scott Williams

      I will just hot refresh, hoping it goes away!

  • Yup. Guilty. Loved #7 as well. It’s almost as bad as losing electricity or internet connection.
    Signed – @sarcasticxtian

    • Scott Williams


  • You say “tweet that” after you bust out a significant quote in conversation. (A la Van Wilder saying “Write that down.”

    • Scott Williams

      I will say that after my kids say something worth tweeting!

  • jrogier

    Addiction sign # 13: You automatically write everything, even non-Tweets, in 140 char or less.

    • @grinblo

      That’s probably a positive externality in the long-emails age we live in.

  • So sad that it’s true!

    @Scott Smith (aka @sarcasticxtian) – when the power is out or internet is down, if the first thing you do is reach for your phone and open the Twiiter app is a sure sign you should be in Twitter rehab!

  • Anytime I am watching TV or listening to the radio I Am constantly thinking to mySelf, that would be an awesome tweet-same with random conversations with friends, they say this had better not end up on twitter- that’s how I know i’m an addict!! Great post! Can’t wait to follow the Twitterers Anonymous group! πŸ™‚

    • Scott Williams

      This may be a popular group, I think I will have to get it started!

  • Steve

    Hi, My Name is Steve and I am a Twitterholic. Great post. “I have a need for speed”..Twitter is instant!..Love it..


    • Scott Williams

      Hi Steve!!!

      • Steve

        Hi. I am a 140 a minute Tweep…my dogs don’t get fed, my kids miss the bus because of my incestant Tweeting..help me :))

  • Scott Williams

    I am looking forward to launching the page with comments like this

  • Gaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!

    According to your list I’m addicted. Totally, completely addicted.

  • Hi, I am Shevonne, and I am a Twitter addict.

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  • I have taught classes to children’s ministry leaders on the use of Twitter in their ministries. I was quoted, really misquoted, as saying, you would go to hell if you didn’t use twitter in your ministry. Ok, I really just said you are accountable if you don’t use every resource God gives us. So…..are you addicted if you have adopted the perspective that Twitter is a gift from God? LOL!

  • @grinblo

    … #13 You scroll down to the bottom of this post to get that nice support-group relief. πŸ™‚

  • You catch yourself staying on Twitter after realizing you should be doing something for someone important in your life.

  • Mel

    I use Twitter but I’m more of a facebook girl to be honest. #2 is a terrifying thought! Do people really do that?!


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