FREE Tickets To Catalyst One Day

I’m giving away some tickets to Catalyst One Day in Phoenix! Next Thursday, November 18 at Christ’s Church of the Valley in Phoenix, Arizona. Join Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel for a one day leadership event focusing on the topic of Momentum. How to create it, how to sustain it, and how to implement systems and tactics in your organization that will fuel momentum on a continual basis. This practical leadership experience includes Q and A, dynamic worship and music, and a full day of practical insight from two of the principal voices on leadership in the Church today.

Visit to register to attend. Use special Rate Code ONEDAYAZ to receive a discounted ticket price of $99.

Entering to win is simple:

  • Leave a comment stating you want to win.
  • Re-tweet this tweet: Enter to win FREE Tickets to Catalyst One Day featuring @craiggroeschel and @andystanley
  • I’ll choose some random winners in the morning.
  • Ready, Set, Go!
  • It would be awesome to go!!!

  • I want to win!

  • Jessica Hesseltine

    I want to go!!

  • Krystal Nelson

    The Lord definitely showed this to me at the right time! I am really needing just a break through with the Lord! I just recently went through my first 80 hour fast and the Lord showed me some amazing things! All I want is more of him! I want to seek his face! If I could go to this event… I really think it would benefit me and I could come back and teach other people about it! The Lord is whom we wanna seek! And I just want more and more teachings! I’m so hungry for Him!

    • Trent

      Well, if that is not worth winning I do not know what is. lol, 80 hour fast for God is amazing.

  • Pip Whitney

    I want to win!

  • B Weaver

    What an AWESOME opportunity!!

  • I want to win.

  • Lee Kasten

    Went to catalyst for the first time this year!! No words to explain!! I would love to see who I thought were the best speakers at the conference, tag team for a one day event!!

  • Regan Gradke

    I’ll trade you some tix for sonic happy hour drinks! I got a few coworkers I would love to take to this event.

  • Tassjania Lozano

    i’d LOVE to go!

  • Jon Parker

    I’d like to win, so I tweeted this link. Come on!

  • Jason

    I wanna win!! My finance peeps put my conference budget on lockdown but I’d love to get out to this conference!

  • Dude – I want to win. And only you can make that happen. I believe in you!

  • Is this airfare, hotel, conference, etc? Cause if it is, WOW, that would be sweet!

  • Jesus fan! And very supportive of all that God is doing in the LC ministry. Was a part of the LC volunteers in Stillwater for about 4 years, and have recently taken on a job as a youth pastor at a Methodist church outside of Tulsa. In the process of relaying the foundation of the youth program at our church, and would love to have the opportunity to gather some of the Lord’s wisdom and insight from these men to help lay a solid foundation for the next generation of our church, and the ministry.

  • Graeme Collett

    Jesus fan! Very supportive of all that God is doing through LC ministry. Was a volunteer at the Stillwater campus for about 4 years and have recently moved on to a job as a youth pastor just outside of Tulsa. The Lord is using me to help relay the foundation of the youth program at our church, and this opportunity to hear God’s wisdom and insight through these two men would be AWESOME! This opportunity would be not only impact for myself, but for the next generation church as the Lord uses me to help impact the youth of our community

  • I want to win SOOOOOOOOOOOO BAD!!!

  • I would love to win. Do I get airfare as well? 🙂

  • I want to win! I hope I am not too late!

  • Chad

    Would love the opp to win! Increased knowledge & wisdom = increased leadership & influence.

  • I would be totally stoked to win tickets!! Heard alot about catalyst!! I need this oneday conference! Momentum

  • Wanted to go, but didn’t fit in my schedule. Will you have ticket giveaways for a Catalyst event next year?

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