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Over the years I have done several versions of Promote Your blog aka BIG Pimpin. The concept is simple, you get the opportunity to do some BIG Time Blog or Website Promotion.

Remember the rules: We only promote positive and wholesome stuff, so promote your blog, business, website, music site, book site, friend’s site, pastor’s site… (you get the picture).  This handy dandy linking software will add the links to this post for others to easily check them out.  The bonus is that nice people can connect with nice people while promoting their business, product or site all free of charge.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

  • 1. Fill out your info. in this format-  Let me repeat that, Fill out your info. in this format.
  • Your Name: Scott Williams – BigIsTheNewSmall  Your URL: http://bigisthenewsmall.com
  • 2. Leave a comment in the comment section and tell us about yourself or what you’re Promoting.
  • 3. Share Go Promote Your Blog w/ others via Twitter & Facebook use hashtag #GoPYB (Go Promote Your Blog)

We’ll roll this through the weekend, so be sure to check back and find some new peeps to connect with.  Go PROMOTE YOUR BLOG! #GoPYB

I’ll Go First!

  • Thanks Scott.

    I type some stuff and then some stuff is written by hand. It’s a about how God is moving in daily in and around my life.

  • I’m a pastor and author. The blog explores faith, life, and the Incarnation.

  • I try to build a community of faith that helps each other grow toward uncommon faith… plus some plain random stuff too.

  • What up BigIsTheNewSmall readers! TheWayItCouldBe.com is my blog and this week’s posts were titled: What is Your Dream?, Spiritual Spectatorship, 49 Ways to Make Someone’s Day, Should Churches Be in the Ghettos or Suburbs? & Only In Texas (something crazy I saw on the road in Texas).

  • Hey Scott, thanks for the opportunity. Sorry, that was easy, and I somehow messed it up (name portion)!

    I recently launched a new blog for guys Called ThirtyMag.com. The site posts content that’s goal is to inform, inspire, and engage with today’s guy. Its a good stuff blog for men. Most of our audience is fathers in their 30’s but you will find content that relates to just about everyone.

    Me? I am a designer, developer, husband, and loving father. You can chat with me on twitter: http://twitter.com/bluecollard

  • Love the site, thanks.

  • Hey There all – we are passionate about helping people have healthy relationships – go to our site and reach out to a loved one with a FREE greeting card! relationshipsmatternow.com


  • Just a girl with a blog….I share about lessons He is teaching me, my heart’s passions, creative things and lots of randomness :o)

  • Hey everybody!

    My blog is about living an obvious Christian life… unafraid, unashamed. Music, worship, social media, church culture, family, and occasional bouts of randomness.

    http://jonwellman.com – Not a Camouflaged Soul

  • I rock the college ministry world in Columbia SC under the BCM tag. I also do design work. And that’s what I’m promoting, both and.

  • Thanks for this, Scott. I always feel awkward about promoting my blog so an open invite feels like a warm blanket. 🙂

  • Just trying to share life as God breathes it into me. BTW: Thanks for the life you spoke into folks at the Sticks conference!

  • I’m a full time police officer near Atlanta and a part of the pastoral team at The C3 Church (www.thec3church.com). I write about whatever I am studying or thinking about at the time. Give me a look!

  • I’m a husband, father, pastor, writer, and nerd. And occasionally a screw-up.

  • I work in the promotional marketing industry and write a weekly blog to educate and enlighten others on marketing strategies.

  • Hello there,
    my blog is basically about my family, work, political issues in Czech Republic and also about church stuff, ‘couse I am worship leader at my church and I am working as an architect and I have an awesome family – wife and 2 kids

  • thanks Scott !! always love the link love.

  • Short stories looking at God from different perspectives… And anything else I feel like writing…

  • I write about the joys, difficulties, and hilarities of mamahood. I love to write about my faith and just whatever happens to be on my mind at the moment. Also, I post the articles that I write for PARENTS & KIDS magazine (including my column “Growth Spurts: Growing Through Motherhood”) and PARENTLIFE magazine, as well as my book reviews.

  • Hey man, I’m a pastor and co-founder of a non-profit called SENTralized. I blog about Jesus, church, ministry, leadership and the missional heart of God.
    Thanks, Matt

  • Hey Scott, I’m a pastor on a journey with Jesus. My blog is simply my desire to go deeper (Bathos is the Greek word for it) the blog is about some of my thoughts, questions, and some other sometimes fun stuff in my journey with Jesus.


  • My blog is where I bare my soul. I strap on some honesty, and talk through the ways that God has shown me I’m doing it wrong; all the things He’s teaching me day by day. Through Scriptural insight, real life stories shared, good causes promoted, poetry, videos, and quotes, I share the world God is opening my eyes to – His Kingdom.

  • Hey there all! What a great idea!

    I am a pastor, author, speaker, singer, motivator and former producer (add to that Friend of God, Husband & Dad). I believe we are all leaving a Legacy of some kind…good or bad. What are we doing with ours? I am trying to live my faith out in an Li3 life: Live It, Love It, Leave It.

    My site is basicly my creative outlet. I love to write and encourage the Body of Christ!

    On my site you’ll find a variety of articles and thoughts like:
    Verse 27 – A look at every 27th verse in the bible.
    Purity – A resource tab for finding sexual purity, like I did!
    Dying2Lose – A look into how I lost 80lbs and kept it off!
    The Sheriff – My illustrated Children’s book!

    Okay, so that’s enough self promotion. Blessings to all of you and specal thanks to BigIsTheNewSmall for this opportunity! Do well!

  • I blog about how God is speaking and moving in my life as I study His word and do my best to live for Him.

    Right now my posting schedule is as follows:

    Mondays – The Names of God (A look at the meaning contained in the Hebrew names of God.)

    Tuesdays – In the Word (A book study focusing on 1 John)

    Wednesdays – Book Discussion (Currently discussing, “The Hole in Our Gospel”)

    Thursdays – Praise and Worship

    Fridays – Experience God (Going through Henry Blackaby’s Experiencing God study.)

  • A creative company passionate about helping Churches reach their full potential through excellence in graphic design, motion graphics, and printing.

  • My blog looks at my experiences with God in the everyday and the desire to make time for quiet in the busyness that is the life of a Minister turned SAHM. MInistry never really ends, it evolves.

  • My blog is new, just sharing what God is doing in my life.

  • Thanks Scott – blogging from UK: in a nutshell I love being married to Dawn, being a dad, eating curry, telling (bad) jokes, live music and generally trying to enjoy life to the full. My blog focuses particularly on living life relevantly in the community as a follower of Jesus, and in particular follows a theme I call “Cultural Architecture” – in other words, how we influence, build and create a culture of growth, of life, and of hope.

    I am a pastor from Lancaster in the UK, who was widowed in 2007 and left as a single-dad of four amazing kids whilst still working full time in ministry. My first wife was diagnosed with breast cancer whilst pregnant, and went through chemo whilst pregnant before giving birth to a perfect baby boy. 5 years later, a month after he started school, she died of the illness. My story is one of knowing the reality of God on the pain of life’s hard knocks, and how faith brings hope, peace and ultimately the beauty of second chances.

  • I’m just a real guy sharing real thoughts about a very real God. I’m a family man, an amateur musician/songrwiter/worshipleader/author, and trying to be the most loving husband and father that I can, although, nobody’s perfect.

  • Hey Bigisthenewsmall.com fans my blog vinceparker.com is fitness, faith leadership and all things fun.

  • Thanks for the promo opportunity. I hope we can flood the web with good, honest, challenging messages of hope and grace.

    • My church, Southgate, is a multi-racial, spirit-filled community that has been in South Bend, Indiana for 85 years. As the 1st ethnic pastor in the church’s long history we are navigating a deep cultural shift. I blog about that journey and why that is important to us aling with leadership lessons and resources that are helping me lead.

  • Tony Winkler


    I always enjoy the #fistbump in the morning and reading your FB updates. Are we headed to the Sonic and barbershop tonight?

    Have a great weekend!

  • Thanks Scott for the chance to check out everyone’s writing. My desire is to reach the misfits and marginalized with the gospel.

  • I’m a wife, and momma to Chihuahuas. My blog is a place I share my heart and soul – speaking freely.

  • My blog is an effort to put an under-resourced, marginalized, over-looked neighborhood and people on the map in Oklahoma City. I work at an inner-city mission, Cross and Crown Mission, and work primarily with the youth of the neighbrohood. My blog charts the good, the bad and the ridiculously, humerous experiences that occur as I and several others ‘do life’ with the neighborhood.

  • mo

    I’m mo. I write every day. I tell crazy stories about my past and tie them into my devotionals. I’m am engineer and part of a Detroit church plant.

  • My blog is about influencing and developing people to make a difference in their world.

  • My blog is a random assortment of whatever I’m thinking about right then. Plus a few interesting (to me) series about faith, family, where I grew up, and the media that keeps me entertained.

  • Hi Scott! Thanks for promoting everyone!

    I write best practices for children’s ministry and worship, leadership lessons learned, and insight on Orange minded family ministry. (www.WhatisOrange.org)

    On the journey with you …. Joy

  • Mine’s a general blog, digesting through random thoughts on life, faith, business, fatherhood.

    Thanks for the pimpin!

  • Thanks Scott for the opportunity to share my blog with some great people today. I am a ministry leader in the Chicago western suburbs.


  • Hi,
    My blog is about management. My favorite Faith/Business blog is http://shrinkingthecamel.com/

  • Thanks for this service! I am nice and thank you for noticing and inviting other like-minded people to network here. I’m known locally as the Child Whisperer. As a life coach for kids in distress, I use strengths-based techniques “reframe” the emotional and social thoughts of at-risk children. I’m also on a mission to STOP TEACHER ATTRITION! As a certified Time To Teach trainer, I give one day professional development seminars across America for educators. The training focuses exclusively on student discipline and classroom management. Know any fra-rust-trated teachers? Read my blog at http://www.cowcatcher.wordpress.com.

  • Scott, Thanks for the great list of blogs! This is great. I write conversations to leaders in the trenches of children and family ministry.

  • James

    Wow…..I’m bored

  • I write about ministry, leadership, social media, and blogging. I occasionally blog off-topic as well and try to post at least 2-3 times per week. Thanks for the opportunity to share!

  • My name is Adam and I explore life one post at a time at <a href="The Daily Walk.

  • Scott: excellent way of promoting friendship and traffic to blogs. My blog promotes wholesome reading; for example: my blog Jane Austen Novels informs readers about the techniques and style of Jane Austen and what makes her a great writer.

  • Scott, Thanks for the promo! Evangelism.net is written by a team of people, and we write about how believers can incorporate evangelism into their daily lives.

  • Simplefolk.net is a blog the brings simplicity back to Christian faith for people that feel far removed from God and Church. We use a “real” and down-to-earth approach to help regular people make sense out of God and ultimately find a relationship with Christ.

  • gotta love Shea and Derek, well I do they are in SA following Him and starteing up Discovering God groups wherever they can…worth a follow http://blogs.shoalcreek.org/derekshea/

  • Thanks Scott for the shameless self-promotion.

    My name is Jace and I am a Creative Arts Pastor from Winston Salem, NC. My blog focuses on my journey with Jesus, creativity in the Church, and leadership lessons I learn through life.

  • Great idea, Scott! My blog is about imitating Jesus–his life, his character, and his boldness. Jesus was dangerous because he risked it all to seek and save the lost. When we live like him, we will be dangerous!

  • The Wired Homeschool is a weekly, topical podcast about using technology with homeschooling.

  • I just started my blog recently. It is a place where I share my passion to see the kingdom of God established in the earth. I have a passion to see miracles, signs, and wonders…and my blog is a place where I will share my experiences with God.

  • Thank you for the opportunity to connect with other bloggers!

    My blog, though not really ministry oriented, shows you how to take the intimidation out of cooking and make the kitchen the heart of the home! Basic techniques, decent equipment, healthy recipes and good ingredients are all you need to be a good cook! Yesterday’s post – Upside Down Apple Pie!

    I’m a Christian, former homeschooler and writing my first book called Growing Great Kids, which teaches parents how to mine the greatness in their child. It’s basically our journey with our daughter Francesca. How we took her from a little girl with an interest in the performing arts and with God’s help and guidance, helped her discover her calling in Christian music.

  • My blog is about combining life experiences, thoughts on leadership and music, fresh music, inspiring artistic music. Life +love + music Blog.
    Thanks Scott, you Rock!!

  • I am Angel Messenger, I touch your hearts with GOD’s Love and His Wisdom that I have come to know from HIS WORD.

  • Tracey rediker

    Obviously I knit, but my blog is so much more them that. It is a celebration of everything handmade. Art, craft, jewelry, design, you name it.

  • My blog represents my voice for authenticity in the church. I write about being real, pursuing God, and living a life of truth.

    My blogging season right now is in preparation for my forthcoming new book with Barna, with a September 2011 release.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • My blog is turning into a personal conversation on leadership, communications and productivity.

  • Sweet Tea is a blog featuring thoughts from the heart of a Pastor’s wife. I love to share spiritual insights, recipes, and tips on ministry life. My latest post is “Ministry Guardrails for Maarriage.” Love to have you stop by.

  • Preacher’s kid, wife of 16 years to Gerson, and mom to 3 pretty amazing kids. But first and fore-most I’m a woman experiencing God’s grace deeper every day and learning more about myself and my God. Falling deeper and deeper in love with my Savior and not quite as comfortable sitting on the side-lines as I used to. I can over-think things or run head first without any clue of what I’m doing. So my life is full of mistakes, success and a whole lot of laughs. Honestly, sometimes, you just gotta laugh. It’s been a journey to say the least but I always hold on to what started this journey with my Lord… realizing who I am in Christ. My prayer and deepest desire is for others to realize and accept their great heritage and identity in Christ and pass that fire on to others. http://jalapenosandchocolate.com

  • Preacher’s kid, wife of 16 years to Gerson, and mom to 3 pretty amazing kids. But first and fore-most I’m a woman experiencing God’s grace deeper every day and learning more about myself and my God. Falling deeper and deeper in love with my Savior and not quite as comfortable sitting on the side-lines as I used to. I can over-think things or run head first without any clue of what I’m doing. So my life is full of mistakes, success and a whole lot of laughs. Honestly, sometimes, you just gotta laugh. It’s been a journey to say the least but I always hold on to what started this journey with my Lord… realizing who I am in Christ. My prayer and deepest desire is for others to realize and accept their great heritage and identity in Christ and pass that fire on to others.

  • … great way % oportunity to share my blog…

    Justo Llecllish

  • I started a blog because my friends think I’m funny, and they bugged me about starting one long enough. Yes, there’s now a lot of pressure to perform, but it’s easier when I have an audience. Please czech it out. New post about local coffee shops coming soon!

  • I write The Little things that matter blog, it is a short daily blog that seeks to inspire people to live life fully and positively impact their communities. Thanks for visiting!

  • I write a blog about the ins and outs of being a worship leader and invite others to respond and share as well.

  • Blogging about small group leadership, discipleship, community, ministry, and whatever. Recently been thinking and blogging more on the importance of solitude.

  • I’m a SAHM mom of 2,and my blog is Sonshine-n-Smiles. It’s just a place to find some encouraging words, sharing the ups and downs of life and the ‘wisdom’ of my experiences and faith journey. Hoping to put a little ‘sonshine’ in your day! 😉

  • My Mikebone blog is about everything & anything really. A lot of church & graphic design related stuff as I am a Pastor & Designer. If you want to check out my design work check it out at my online portfolio http://www.mikebonedesign.net

  • I write about tough questions the skeptic, the inquirer and the already convinced may be asking, and things I learn. I’m a pro-life activist and post about global abortion issues too.

  • I mainly talk about things involving perception management in relation to the church and from time to time I’ll mix in some leadership stuff with a dash of connecting with 2nd-7th generation Hispanics…

  • I’m a pro-life activist and post about global abortion issues. I write about tough questions the skeptic, the inquirer and the already convinced may be asking about faith and God, and things I learn as I ask some questions myself.

  • I linked to my blog. I blog primarily about my thoughts as a worship leader, student in seminary, and contemporary issues facing the church and Christianity as I see them.

  • I’m a worshiper, who is desperate for God & for others to know Him. The URL shares a blog :: music :: (and will share music from the upcoming worship CD-Yikes!), and :: a calendar of events. In my blog I talk about life’s observations. 🙂

  • Daniel

    New to the blogging world but feel I have something to say. Love feedback and interaction. Check it out!

  • Hey Everyone check out my blog http://thefilipanishpreacher.wordpress.com or our church plant at http://ecclesiachurch.tv. We launched Jan. 10th, 2010 in the city of Las Vegas. If you all are ever in Las Vegas come on thru. New Blog coming weekly beginning in 2011 = Loving God / Loving People / Letting the World Know =

    Thanks Scott for connecting.

  • Joshua Jones-RadicalReformation

    I am just a husband and father who strives to work out his own salvation every day.

  • Thanks for the opportunity to share what we are up to! churchthought.com is my attempt to share ideas, best practices, trends, and more from the church world. We are looking to develop a community of people who are interested in journeying through church life together.

  • Thank you so much for this chance to share!

    “Jesus and Stuff” is the place to discuss the real life stuff. The messy stuff. The fun stuff. The hard stuff. And the happy stuff. Because in the middle of all that “stuff” you will see Jesus.

  • Thank you so much for this chance to share!!

    The Offender’s Wife is a Christ-centered outreach unleashing hope and encouragement to wives of accused or convicted sex offenders.

    The purpose is to shine the light of Jesus into what the world considers to be the darkest and most horrific offense. To be an open and supportive voice in the middle of chaos and confusion. And to help wives understand that because of Jesus, there is no need to hide in shame.

  • Thanks Scott!

    The Audacious Wife is simply me spilling my guts out to God. And the readers become family.

  • Humans have 60,000 thoughts per day. Theres so many fantastic ideas in these thoughts and most of them never get shared. That’s why I write.

    I’ll be sharing my thoughts, I want to hear your thoughts and maybe we’ll come up with some great ideas in the process.

  • Individually and as faith communities, true growth is often the result of struggling with the so what questions of faith. So What Faith – http://www.sowhatfaith.com – is designed to help all of us live into the great challenge of struggling with and responding to that ongoing question as a part of the journey of faith.

  • My blog is a humorous “Mans” guide to dating and relationships based on personal experience. It’s very much meant to be taken tongue in cheek and over the top. If you REALLY read in between the lines, you will see its full of good messages, hope, and resilience (unbreakable). I’ve been surprised at the large number of Christians who subscribe, read and comment on some of the Man Laws.

    This is a great idea.

  • I am trying to build a ministry on YouTube specifically geared in style and content to reach those that call themselves “YouTubers”!

  • My blog is trying to dissect the intersection between church and tech.

    Loving the Lord all while bieng a big geek is me!!

  • Joe

    Passionwind is a family-friendly site featuring free games, PowerPoint templates, and song lyrics for contemporary church services. It also has two home-built blog of sorts – one includes things people send me and the other has “The Saga”.

    “The Saga” is the story of my battle with Evans Syndrome – a rare blood disorder. I beat it three years ago but it has come back to test me again. As a result, I have learned to walk closely with God. I am considering releasing that blog to the general public. However, due to the specific and personal information contained in it, I had decided to limit access to family and friends.

  • A Bold approach to being a better man and father through positivity. Thanks Scott!

  • Always creative…Thank you for the opportunity. God bless you!

    100 Praying Women

  • Thanks for the opportunity!!

    God Bless You!

  • Zari Banks

    I provide educational assistance for students who are struggling in school.

    • Dan

      I do crazy things for social justice. Here is my guide: Matthew 25:35-40.

  • Thanks Scott!

    I provide professional coaching with a personal touch. Ideal for anyone who wants to become better with who they are – personally, professionally, in ministry, as a leader, creatively, young or old. Free sessions available now – Skype services available for all.

  • I’ve just started my blog which really is simply the ‘unwrapped’ adventures of a dirty footed Jesus Follower! come and check it out!

  • My blog is primarily about what’s new and interesting in church design and church culture, along with projects and churches I have worked with nationwide in my role with Visioneering Studios (http://www.VisioneeringStudios.com). Check out my blog, or our company website or drop me a line via Twitter (http://twitter.com/jodyforehand). Thanks Scott, for offering this opportunity!

  • Thanks for creating this forum to let others share their blogs. For me, my blog is about my Random Thoughts along the journey. It is a blog to express myself and to hopefully encourage others.

  • Thank you Scott! My blog, The Queen’s Castle, features entertainment, movies, photography, music, and much more, while also putting a spotlight on Nashville’s events.

  • Hey Scott, thanks for the opportunity to share. As you know, my biz is Real Estate in the OKC Metro area (OKC, Edmond, Moore, Yukon, etc), but what my team and I are really passionate about is helping the great people in our city really enjoy it… showing them the awesome things going on in OKC and how to improve their surroundings, how to be involved, and how great it is here.

  • I remember participating in this before… but I don’t remember what came of it… ? I appreciate the backlink however! 🙂 thanx!

  • Thank you Scott. I am a missionary in the Philippines preaching the Gospel to the unreached. I invite everyone to check out my blog to find out more and what God is doing here to transform lives.

    Together we can take the Gospel to all Nations. Join me.

    God Bless

  • Thanks Scott! TouchPlate is a blog about social media, digital marketing, traditional marketing, and related topics. I always reserve the right to post about parenthood, music, or anything else that might be rolling around in my head at the moment. 🙂

  • Thanks so much, Scott!! I so do appreciate this opportunity to share my blog! 🙂

    I’m a professor and author of intimate relationships and sex. (It’s a living.) I’m a mom of 4 grown sons, and have been married for almost 30 years.

    My philosophy is simple….I think everyone wants to DO family and marriage and loving and living to the best of their abilities….but they sometimes just need a little help (or a lot of help). My blog, DOING Intimate Relationships, helps couples to understand what’s really going on in their relationships.

    Sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, sometimes academic, always heartfelt and compassionate. Stop by and let’s chat!

    Again, thanks ever so much, Scott!
    Kelly 🙂

  • Just an ordinary girl with a sordid past allowing God to use everyday circumstances to speak to others about His grace, His forgivness and His extraordinary love.

  • Thanks for the opportunity. I’m not sure how I would categorize my blog. I feature a regular Monday post by debut author Billy Coffey, and another one on Wednesday where I feature writers from other blogs I happen across on the interwebs. Otherwise, it’s just me being me. The central message might be contained in the quote on my header: “The creative spirit cannot be enslaved by the oppressive chains of reason and logical thinking.”

  • I write across genres about what the Holy Spirit is teaching me. I’m also a novelist who desires to bring people in closer relationship with their Creator.

    Thank you!

  • Learning. Literature. Life. I write about: anything I run across that blows my mind (from the world’s largest particle accelerator to the world’s most isolated people), great books, and personal experiences.

  • Thank you Scott for giving me this opportunity. On my blog I write about me – a sinner who is trying my utmost to live in His ways. I just want to share my God-given gifts and talents and be a blessing to others. I just want to encourage others through his word.

  • Thank you.http://mercygrass.com.. my blog on my online thoughts and reflections on my daily missionary life.

  • Thanks for this chance. Wish I could have got to it sooner. Anyhow, I’m a pastor and my blog is just a reflection of my thoughts about things. I also do book reviews every now and then with a book give-away here and there.

  • I am a dentist and a dental student, and promoting news about dental world.. I work everything independently, doing lil bit of coding, designing website, active in social media, and of course a lot of dentistry.. i can even treat your dental diseases if you are in NY


  • MusingMom6

    Musings of a Modern Mom
    Just Another Day In Paradise
    Share the Bible with MusingMom

    I started blogging in January, 2010, to share my faith, experiences, what I have learned, what I want to learn, and to grow to be the person God intended me to be.

    Each of the blogs reflects me at each depth of my person. My surface, my spirit, my soul.

    I’m glad I found this by way of @alisahope, who tweeted the link.

  • Thanks for this opportunity to find blogs to follow! I blog about my rustic lodge style decorating business, my dogs, traveling, and other things I enjoy.

  • Hello,
    I’m 20 and currently in seminary. On my blog i write about current happenings at school, theology, thoughts about sundays sermons at my church, book reviews and the occasional GIVEAWAY! so go check it out! Thanks!

  • Thanks very much for this chance to post. I blog about anything that springs to mind at the time. Music, movies, food and social issues and loads more!

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