It’s All About The Dessert!

Dessert is defined as: A sweet course, treat or dish; served after the main course.

As I was thinking about the holiday season and all of the desserts that I am going to consume; I was reminded of what dessert really is by definition.  It’s that sweet course or treat after the main dish.

In life that main dish could be college and the sweet treat could be obtaining that degree.  The main dish could be your role as a leader and the sweet treats are the lessons that you learn daily.  The main course could be that step in obedience in making the commitment to tithe, the sweet treat is the opening of the floodgates of blessings that God pours into your life.   The main course could be the struggles of life, darkness, insecurity, sin… and the SWEET TREAT is the truth, life, grace and forgiveness through Christ.

You get the picture!  dream BIG. think BIGGER.

The bottom line is to always be mindful and thankful that even though the “main courses in life” may not always be good or our favorite dish…  there is always opportunity for dessert.

It’s All About The Dessert…

“Some people complain that roses have thorns, I’m thankful thorns have roses.”

  • Are you able to anticipate the sweet treat after the main courses in life?
  • What is your favorite dessert during the Holiday Season?  I’ll go first: Pecan Pie (a little crispy on top and not extra goo-wee.)
  • God always sends me lots of dessert moments!

    Forgot to send you my easy recipe for Peach Dump Cake!
    Pour 3 cans of peach slices in a 9×13 pan, dump a yellow cake mix on top and smooth it out flat. Sprinkle with cinnamon and nutmeg. Cut up a whole stick of butter and lay the little pieces all over the top. Bake at 350 until browned!
    Next you’ll have to try my new Pumpkin Spice Latte muffins! Also too easy! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  • I would say right now I’m going through the main course and I’m having liver with no onions(yuck). But as I learn to “Let go and let God” I’m beginning to smell that sweet potato pie with the whip cream on top!
    In the mean time, Kendra I’m gonna try that Peach Dump Cake, sounds easy enough for me to tackle. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  • I love it that you always FIND the positive things in something, this quote is amazing.
    “I’m thankful thorns have roses”

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