How Twitter Saved #BlackFriday

Upon finishing the amazing thanksgiving feast at our home, it was finally time for all of the Thanksgiving festivities to come to an end and all of the BlackFriday preparation to begin.  On my way to take my mother home, my mother in-law (who is staying with us for the Thanksgiving holiday) asked me to stop and get her a newspaper with the sales circular ads.

She was in the process of planning her BlackFriday shopping spree.  This year she will be doing her BlackFriday shopping without my wife who has conceded to the fact that, “She no longer wants anything to do with that madness.”

During one of my pit stops, I sent out this tweet: “Just dropped my mom off at her house… Now on the hunt for a newspaper with the crazy #blackfriday sale ads.” I then proceeded to stop by 7-Eleven, Wal-Mart Market, Wal-Greens, Shell, 7-Eleven #2, Valero, The Post Office and 7-Eleven #3.  No newspaper were to be found anywhere and all of the store clerks seemed to be perturbed by the question, “Do you have anymore newspapers?”

At this point I had done my duty as a good son-in-law and had to forfeit to the fact that there probably wasn’t a newspaper available in the entire Oklahoma City Metro. Meanwhile, I got this Twitter response from @amyurbach: @ScottWilliams have one that I’m getting ready to toss into the recycle bin of you can’t find one.”

Aha… It looks like Twitter was going to save the day, not only the day — but #BlackFriday.  @amyurbach and I DM’ed back and forth and I made my way over to her and @ericurbach’s home to pick up the newspaper.  Amy blessed me, I blessed my mother-in-law and the wheels on the bus go around and around.

That’s How Twitter Saved #BlackFriday.

How has Twitter helped you or saved the day?  Are you indulging in the #BlackFriday Madness?

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