A Question For Every High Capacity Leader

Every High Capacity Leader Should Ask Themselves This Question:  Am I encouraging, developing and producing other high capacity leaders?

“The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.” ~Harvey Firestone, Founder of Firestone Tires

Is the encouragement, development and producing of other leaders the greatest measure of success for a leader?

  • This is pretty awesome to think about, especially from a biblical perspective. Some examples I love to think about are: Elisha has twice as many recorded miracles in the Bible as his spiritual father, Elijah. Moses’ successor was Joshua…Moses did not go into the promised land, but Joshua did. Jesus, the Son of God, said that we who believe in Him would do greater works than He did (John 14:12). So it seems that God’s way is to actually raise up people that will do way more than we ever will. Blessings!

    • Scott Williams

      James- very well said. Thx. for the comment… I just checked out your blog. Good Stuff!

  • One of my favorite quotes: “Good leaders create followers; great leaders create leaders.” ~Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

    • Scott Williams

      Thats a great one!

  • I beginning to learn more and more that God has something special for me_ it is closer than I think. Hope and faith is a must!

    • Scott Williams

      I’m glad you are having those revelations… keep dreaming BIG and thinking BIGGER.

  • Scott, I think the true sign of leadership is the leaders it develops. One classic example I think of is Walt Disney. Disney created an empire but he was brilliant at spreading his ideas in such a way that it gave his team ownership. The Disney company isn’t perfect, but it has produced great leaders that understand the quality of the Disney dream and it has never deviated from that mission, regardless of how it merges with the technology of the day. Good post, bro!

    • Scott Williams

      Thx and disney is a great example… employees are cast members and part of the cast!

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