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2011 “The Year Of The Social Media Consultant”

Around this time of year, there are always lots of predictions about what the upcoming year will bring.  Do to the evolutionary and ever-changing nature of social media, there are always lots of predictions about Social Media.  Personally, I have lots of thoughts about what 2011 will bring for Twitter and Facebook.  I could make a nice little top 10 list; however I think it’s important to point out only “One Thing.”   The one thing 2011 will bring out in the world of Social Media.

2011  “The Year Of The Social Media Consultant.”

Social Media is no longer just about having a presence for businesses.  Having a presence is the basic starting point; however the need for leveraging social media is crucial for personal and business brands.  Brands are now faced with asking these questions:

  • How is my brand being perceived?
  • How is my brand being received?
  • What are people saying about my brand?
  • How can I change the perception of my brand?
  • How do I respond to comments, perceptions and thoughts about my brand?
  • Do I need to re-brand?
  • Who can I go to for advice?
  • How can I navigate the social media waters for my brand with a personal touch?

The questions of How, What and Why is a very lengthy list that keeps going and going.  The answer to these questions will be found in the minds of The Social Media Consultant.  There are tons of experts, gurus, and software programs out there, but that’s not what I’m referring to.  I’m talking about a real life strategy firm or individual. Many will try and only a small percent will succeed.  Cream always rises to the top, or at least that’s what I’ve been told. 🙂

Brands don’t want to rely exclusively on software, as it looses the human touch and human strategy.  They don’t want the wanna-be expert and gurus.  They want and will need an individual or firm to walk alongside them. They need someone or some people to help them navigate through the questions and someone to place their brand in the finest position for optimal success.

Imagine if your business or any fortune 500 company had Seth Godin or a Seth Godin like firm help them to answer the above questions.  It’s difficult to measure the bottom-line impact and value of consultants and strategists.  There will many successful consultants and consultant firms that will emerge in 2011.  If you don’t believe me stay tuned to a Facebook post or Twitter update near you.

2011  “The Year Of The Social Media Consultant.”

What do you think?

Share your thoughts on this prediction or any other Social Media Predictions that you have for 2011.

11 Ways To Guarantee Success In 2011

Update: 6 Months Later – About 6 months ago I shared the post below titled 11 Ways To Guarantee Success In 2011. I always like to take a look at my progress towards outlined goals on a quarterly basis; however 6 months in, is always a great place to reflect and look ahead.  Read this post below from the perspective of the Goals, Aspirations and Plans that you had for The New Year 2011 and where you currently stand as it relates to achieving those goals. Remember No Excuses!

As each New Year approaches everyone is generally so excited, because “This is going to be the year that {fill-in-the-blank} happens.”  Fitness Center memberships are off the chart, people want to stop smoking, go to school, get a better job, go to church, get involved, manage their money better and the “Self-Help/Life-Improvement” list goes on and on.  All of these things are great and well intentioned; the problem is they don’t last.

The quote, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” is definitely applicable when it comes to this time of year and New Year’s Resolutions.  According to the research from Proactive Change, nearly 50% of American Adults will make at-least 1 New Years resolutions and the majority of these resolutions won’t be maintained for more than 30 days.  The study also shows that 75% of the resolutions will be broken in the first week and by the end of the year 97% of New Years Resolutions won’t be kept.

Personally, I have set many goals for this year and the majority of them revolve these two words: “No Excuses.” I really believe that 2011 is going to be the year of BIG things happening, No Settling, No Excuses! Not only is it going to be “A BIG Year” for me, but I believe it can be “A BIG Year” for you as well.  Here are 11 Ways To Guarantee Success In 2011:

  • 1. Put God First- Seek Him, Read His Word, Pray, Serve, Give, Listen to God’s Whispers…
  • 2. Make Family a Top Priority– This should be a “No Brainer,” unfortunately it’s often neglected.  Involve your family, make time for your family, have a family night… Be The Family!  Gather together and set individual and family goals for 2011.
  • 3. Set SMART Goals– Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Based.  There are variations of this Acronym, click here for more.
  • 4. Simplify- Stop making things so difficult, do what’s right and do what’s necessary.
  • 5. Don’t Talk About It… Be About It- If you say that you’re going to do something, Do It!
  • 6. Get Accountability– Share your goals, visions and desires with someone and ask them to hold you accountable.  Don’t just ask them for accountability, let them truly hold you accountable.
  • 7. Assessment– Re-valuate and assess the status of the various aspects of your life.  Evaluate monthly and make necessary adjustments at-least quarterly.
  • 8. Try Something New- Get out of your comfort zone and try something, do something and fail at something.  Life is change and Failure is inevitable.
  • 9. Just Say No– Not only should you say “No” to drugs but there are plenty of things that you have said “Yes” to in the past, that you need to say “No” to in the future.
  • 10. dream BIG. think BIGGER.– My blog and overall life tag-line is “dream BIG. think BIGGER.”  Thinking is the next step after dreaming and is the action of making your dreams reality.
  • 11. No Excuses – “No Excuses!” is my motto for 2011, you should make it yours. I wrote a blogpost about No Excuses, click here to read it.

One thing that you can definitely guarantee is this: “If you aim at nothing, you are guaranteed to hit it.”

2011 is going to be “The Year of No Excuses!”  I’m expecting BIG things for 2011, how about you? Share your thoughts, goals, resolutions, strategies, failures…

2011 Motto – “No Excuses!”

At the conclusion of each calendar year I start to plan, plot, dream, think and prepare to make things happen in the upcoming year.  I have a “System for Success” that I line out, that contributes to making things happen in the upcoming year. I’ll probably write another blogpost, sharing my “System for Success” or “Strategy for Success.”  There isn’t really a formal name for it, it’s just something that I do.  2010 was definitely a year where the Strategy or System was definitely working.

As I was thinking of a quote or something to share this morning, the simple thought of “No Excuses” came to mind.  I will often use this in leading my family, my team and as good ol’ encouragement for others.  What is “No Excuses” all about?  It’s simple “Stop making excuses and start making it happen.”

I remember my college days when I was pledging to become a member of my fraternity (Alpha Phi Alpha).  We used to always recite this little saying, over and over and over.  “Excuses are tools of incompetence, used to build monuments of nothingness. Those who specialize in using them seldom amount to to anything… Excuses, Excuses!”

This week my family will gather at the table to set individual and family goals and game-plans.  I will encourage everyone to dream BIG. think BIGGER. with the caveat of “No Excuses!

2011 is the year to make things happen… No Excuses!

What is your motto for 2011?  Will you adopt the “No Excuses” motto?

dream BIG. think BIGGER.

Elevation Church Christmas Outreach from Elevation Church on Vimeo.

This video from @stevenfurtick and Elevation Church inspired and encouraged me today…  I hope it inspires you.

Be Strong, Be Courageous, Be Brave…  Believe!

~dream BIG. think BIGGER.


in-ter-rup-tions — Acts or instances of being interrupted, cessations or intermissions.

Throughout the course of our days, weeks and lives we experience interruptions.  Life is full of interruptions, some of them good and some of them — Not So Good.  Interruptions include, but are not limited to: social media, relationships, money, decisions, thoughts, work, clicks, time-outs, arguments, seasons…  Reading this blogpost is even an interruption.

Remember it’s not about whether or not you will be interrupted, it’s a matter of what interruptions you allow in to impact your life.  2011 can be the most amazing year imaginable — if you simply learn when, where, how and whether or not to be interrupted.

Choose your interruptions wisely.

~dream BIG. think BIGGER.

The Winner Of The iPad Is…

The Winner Of The iPad and Books are as follow…  Watch The Video!

I know who won the iPad, if someone will tell me who the other winners are, I will hook them up with a FREE copy of Wayne’s book.  I need to get my blog comment system changed, to include numbers next to each comment — Counting Is For The Birds. 🙂  The winners in the 600’s are better off counting from 700 down!

Click here to go back to the original post.

Thanks again for reading and participating, sorry you have to count!  Merry Christmas.

UPDATE – The Winners Are as Follows:

  • 328 – Tiffany Anderson
  • 686 – Maria December
  • 443 – Colby Brown
  • 289 – Victor Cabe
  • 668 – Paul Steinbrueck
  • 157 — Sonny Lemmons (iPad Winner)

Share The #Bible Day #YouVersion

Christmas is just a couple of days away and it’s not only “The most wonderful time of the year…” its the busiest day for application downloads on smart phones and smart devices.  Share The Bible Day will help people engage with the Bible, as well as increase the number of FREE applications being downloaded on iPhones, iPads, Android Devices, Blackberry’s and smart phones of your choice.

My personal favorite Bible app is the FREE YouVersion Bible app that has been downloaded by millions and millions of people.  Those millions of people have engaged in reading the Bible for Billions of minutes.  The App has been in the Top 10 FREE iTunes applications in recent days. (Currently #11 as I type this post.)  How cool would it be for the App to be #1 on Christmas Day when people around the globe open up their new devices and download their application of choice.

Share The Bible:

  • Post it to your Blog, Twitter & Facebook (Use #Bible hashtag)
  • Share scripture through your YouVersion account via connecting to Twitter and Facebook
  • Tell a friend, take a few minutes on Christmas and do your part to Share The Bible

Note: As a little “extra” incentive to get the word out, my friends at YouVersion are giving a few lucky winners who post it online their choice between an iPad, an iPhone 4, or a Nexus S! (Click here for details.)

Read The Bible:

2011 can be your year to get a fresh start reading the Bible. Check out the Reading Plans online at our website, or directly in the Bible App on your device. All you need to get started is the Bible App and a free YouVersion account. Want a little extra support in meeting your goal? When you’re at, sign up for progress update emails for yourself or an accountability partner.

What are you waiting on Start Your Plan and Get Ready To Share The Bible!

Will you share the Bible on Christmas Day?  Leave a comment and say “I’m In!”

You Suffer From Paranoia

Many of you clicked on this post because you found yourself intrigued by the title and others of you clicked asking yourself the question, “I wonder if I suffer from Paranoia?” Read through the simple definition of Paranoia below:

Paranoia 1.baseless or excessive suspicion of the motives of others. 2. a tendency on the part of an individual toward excessive or irrational suspiciousness and distrustfulness of others.

Often times people become so consumed with what people think and trying to please people that they truly suffer from paranoia.  All of their thoughts are from the lens of wondering how others will receive or perceive what they’re doing.  What do my boss, co-workers, neighbors, friends or people that I don’t even know, think about me?  The reality is that people really don’t spend much time worrying about you, because they’re too busy worrying about themselves.

Nobody cares, so drop the baseless suspicion and worrying about what others think.

Someone is monitoring your computer right now.  You shouldn’t leave a comment stating how you really feel, because people reading this blog that you don’t even know, might think that you’re weird or that You Suffer From Paranoia.

Learning To Create Resistance

If you want to be successful, you must learn to create resistance. Not only do you need to learn to create resistance, but you must develop thick enough skin to weather the storms of resistance.

If you want to be great — challenge the status quo.  If you want to make things happen, you must create some resistance somewhere along the way.  Tomorrow’s successes are planted in today’s soil of resisting, opposing, and withstanding.

If you are not experiencing resistance, chances are you’re playing life too safe.

Learning To Create Resistance

Michael Vick’s Second Chance

I’m a fan of second chances; in this video Michael Vick talks about discipline, work ethics, study habits and being a leader. “Leadership, you gotta take control and make the right decisions.”

Great story on Michael Vick and his second chance. Share your thoughts on Vick’s second chance and second chances in general.

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