King Of Glory (Rockin’ Reggae Style)

I really love our worship team led by Stephen Cole and Kaci Baldwin. The team is a diverse group of genuine worshippers that truly love Jesus and care about those they are leading in worship each and every week. One of the things that I love about their worship is the fact that they have fun and they are all “Worshipping” and not simply singing songs and playing instruments.

This weekend they were jammin’ as usual and broke out into a little reggae funk in the middle of a Rockin’ King Of Glory worship tune. Every service was different as Stephen was just free-styling.  One is the beauties of worship is the fact that it’s a universal language and genuine hearts for diversity will help to break down ethnic and style barriers. People were swayin’, bobbin’, yellin’, shoutin’ and jammin’ in the isles.

The above video is a little sample of today’s worship, shot with an iPhone video camera.

What do you love about your worship team? Share some of your favorite worship songs or unique things that you like to see from your worship team.

  • Adolfo Morales

    Seeing it live was even more AWESOME!

    • Scott Williams

      It was good stuff all weekend, even when he messed up at the 11:30 free-stylin.

  • that’s awesome!

  • I love Kaci (and my buddy Josh-Kaci’s hubby)! 🙂
    I’ve been to multiple LifeChurch campuses, and each one offers a unique, exciting, powerful, and transformative experience!
    “Our God” is one of my favorite praise and worship songs right now. I am so thankful for Trent Austin and the members of the Edmond LifeChurch worship team. PTL!

    • Scott Williams

      Great song and we love Kaci also.

  • jimmy hankins

    Normals always think I’m saying something “snarky” when I refer to a service as going to “movie church”. But seriously, y’all are more fun than going to Rocky Horror Picture Show! Well, except maybe for the costumes…

    What? I HAVE to say something snarky. I’m still the paravane! You think it’s bad now? Wait until you have to explain who the funny old bald man doing the Christian hop-in-place dance is. I love when they do that on stage. (grin)

    • Scott Williams


  • tight!

  • I was a worship leader as well, and the most rewarding feeling is when we can feel that the audience is engaging into free worship. Some will lift their hands, some will clap, some will simply stand in silence. We can always tell when they are experiencing God. Regardless of how they respond, it’s all over their face. And it’s incredible. Great vid!

    • Scott Williams

      You’re right… and it is incredible. Thx for the comment

  • Wow! That was powerful- felt like I was there.

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