BIG News. BIG Ideas.

It’s time for some BIG News as in kinda BIG News.  I have been thinking through some BIG Ideas for for 2011 and I have a few working.

Let me share a couple of the BIG Ideas with you and we will get them kicked off today.

  • BIG Idea #1.  BIG GiveBack – I am going to give away a months worth of FREE advertising on  1 FREE 125×125 Advertising Spot $200 value.  My thought is to help promote some businesses, ideas, blogs, books, CD’s, causes, charities or whatever else you share, that I agree to promote.  The concept is simple, I’ll share a blogpost about the Big Giveback and anyone can share why I should choose their endeavor.  I’ll choose one, you provide the graphic for the advertisement and we will do again the next month.
  • Consider this post as your opportunity to begin sharing this month.  I’ll select the winner on Thurs. January 20th. I’ll announce the Winner on January 21st and the ad will go up on Feb. 1st.  Once you share simply Tweet or share on your facebook status that you just shared a BIG Idea for the #BigGiveBack at  I encourage readers, to comment or give feedback on any of the ideas that you like.
  • BIG Idea #2. BigGiveAway – Last month I did a #BigGiveAway of an iPad in conjunction with promoting my man Wayne Elsey’s new book, Almost Isn’t Good Enough.  This #BigGiveAway received thousands upon thousands of hits on the link provided and many more hits in general.  We had over 700 comments, 700 Retweets from the site and many more RT’s and Facebook postings. To top it all off Sonny Lemmons won an iPad. Check Out the Post Here. My thought is that I’m going to offer this as another advertising opportunity. Here are the details, you provide an item that you want to promote in conjunction with a #BigGiveAway with a value of at-least $600 and you give me one of the things that you’re giving away.
  • For instance an iPad to give away and an iPad for me to have.  You could give away a branding, logo, design package or website package and you give me one of the same.  I will either keep what you give me for personal use or I might decide to #GiveBack and bless someone else.  This promotion will feature a blogpost on Friday and the promo will run from Friday until Monday with full promotion.  Everyone will have a chance to win and the winners will be randomly selected.  This will happen once a month, with the first opportunity kicking off in February.  Only 11 slots left for the year.  Of course I have to agree with what you are wanting to give away.  If you are interested in doing the #BigGiveAway shoot me an email above.

If You would like to be considered for the #BigGiveBack leave a comment below and share it on your Facebook or Twitter.  Consider the 3C’s: Be Convincing, Creative and Compelling.

If you are interested in the #BigGiveAway click on the email link at the top of the blog.

  • Scott, I’d like to give a free weekend away in the “quaint” town of Piggott, Arkansas at a “rustic” cabin. It has indoor plumbing and is well-guarded day and night. We recently installed the window, so there’s natural light now too!

    All the winner would have to do is be willing to sit through 18 hours (over a 3 day span) of really inspirational seminars on multi-level marketing with forex trading. They also have to be willing to do a wee bit of “septic treatment” each time they flush the toilet at the cabin.

    All this, and MORE (a free copy of the August 1988 issue of Popular Mechanics is included) for FREE! I would just need a “handling fee” of $4800 made in 4 easy installments of $1600 each.

    I realize that others may be discouraged from participating in your plan now that they see what they have to compete with, but hey, I’m just giving that way. I simply hope to inspire others!

    • Indoor plumbing in Piggott? Wow! That’s impressive! (I have kinfolk there… used to visit back when the only place in town to hang out was the A & W.)

  • Hey Scott!

    I love the idea… Here is my ad pitch:

    Dime exists to serve churches by making finances simple. We come alongside church plants and established churches and take over their accounting responsibilities so that they can release their volunteers who bite the bullet to handle accounting to do something that they are actually passionate about. We are also able to handle this for far less than it would cost to hire on staff. Basically, we deal with the accounting so that a church can pursue the calling God has placed on it. Our website is check it out!


  • Scott, here’s my pitch for the big giveback. Last year my second book 5 Ministry Killers and How to Defeat came out (Bethany House). It’s basically a book of encouragement to pastors to pay intention to their inner world. If they do and take the necessary steps, fruitful ministry awaits. Be glad to send you a copy.

    More at

    • I’m reading Charles’ book right now, and it is extremely good!!

  • Love the bold and generous ideas. I’ll pitch for For my new music worship record #MyKing. One of the reasons for the pitch is that I am a worship pastor with a desire to serve the Kingdom by writing and sharing worship music. I don’t have the “Major label” support like most of the artists you and I follow but I do believe IN this project and my desire is to get it in the hands of musicians & worship leaders to hopefully share with those they lead as well.
    I’ve shared the iTunes link here…thanks for sharing thru the BIG IDEA…
    Live love,

    • Cherisse Miller

      Okay, this is my Big Idea that I will share for you 2011 and if you pick me as the winner than it will be an even greater inspiration to get it started. A few months after I got married in 2004 I started writing a book called Young Brides based on six college friends that all got married or engaged right out of college in the same summer. All of our engagements, showers, weddings and life experiences have fallen close together and some worlds apart. But I would like my story to be developed into the Life Church, Prep for Marriage-It’s about more than the ring-The wedding is over-What happened to the honeymoon-Life skills-What’s the plan-The Good, the bad and the ugly-Life…Journey of marriage that couples can attend classes to strengthen there own marriage by learning from others and fight to work through things, focusing on God, family and love to survive. I will volunteer and share my story and help build a program to help others learn what we each have learned the hard way.

  • I can’t match that trip to Piggott, Arkansas, that Brandon offers, but I can offer up a copy or two of my book,Ramblings From the Shower | Integrity, Faith and other Simple Yet Slippery Issues. I’d love to hear your take on it anyway.

  • I am glad to give away a unique logo design, or a $600.00 discount for grant writing (you can view my grant writing website at Gina Burgess.

    This is a great idea! Thanks for the opportunity ;>

  • FWC or #Dubb-C is a small non-denomination church that has been in the Jackson, TN community for several years. We have a good strong congregation of multicultural people that are worshipping together. Even though I have moved back to OKC then to Dallas in the past year and half. Every time I go back I feel back at home and remember how much this church is reaching the community. To this day I haven’t found a church that feels like home like this church has. When I used to come to the nw campus of lifechurch especially helping with the set for the movies was very close but still the #Dubb-C is home. Hope this would be another step to help it continue to grow. Thanks again. Sincerely Obed Thomas aka The SoundGuy

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