I Have A Dream Speech ~Martin Luther King Jr. #MLK

This is the full version of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “I Have A Dream” Speech.  This is worth 17 minutes of your day, in order to reflect and look ahead at the same time.  I tear up every time I watch this.  I’m watching it with my sons right now.

Dr. King was introduced as “The Moral Leader Of Our Nation.”  Wow, what a great introduction.

  • Thank you for posting MLK’s speech, Scott. Tears are flowing…. beautiful and powerful speech.


  • Scott, still so very powerful. I used the video today and linked back to your “church and MLK” post. Hope others will consider it, my friend.


  • I started a tradition last year of listening to this speech on MLK day. When Gabe is old enough, I’ll include him on listening to it. Powerful stuff – sad that I don’t know any more about him than surface level information.

    We need more leaders with this kind of self-less passion. Incredible stuff.

  • …still prophetic. It gives me chills.

  • Agreed, it’s spellbinding! Every time I hear it, even in a distance radio program —it captures my attention.

  • Oh, almost forgot………Have you ever heard his comment on “service”? It’s posted on my website. This comment and the one at the bottom of the same page (home) get the most hits on my site. Love your article on tweeting church.

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