7 Deadly Sins Of Twitter

Although Twitter is an amazing tool to: network, develop relationships, find information, share information, promote your business, promote your brand, make the world smaller, minister to people… It’s not all good!

What I mean by Twitter is not all good is the fact that the tool itself is great; however the element of humans using the tool can create problems. Twitter can actually ruin your life if you don’t guard yourself and become aware of the fact that if you choose to drive down the Twitter Highway there are some potholes and deadly sins to avoid.

Here are the 7 Deadly Sins Of Twitter and These 7 Things Can Ruin Your Life!

  • 1. Porn- If you find yourself being intrigued by the revealing Twitter profile pics. or dating sites and start clicking to learn a little bit more, this is a sign of trouble.   The next thing you know, that click will lead to another click, that will lead to you clicking a link of a tweet that looks something like this “Check out this video of me all alone.” This my friends is the first pothole to a road that will ruin your life.
  • 2. Secret DM’s– If you are married and find yourself having secret DM conversations with someone of the opposite sex, That can be trouble. What I mean my secret, are those seemingly innocent conversations that your spouse doesn’t know about.  Always leave your Twitter account accessible to your spouse.  I recommend universal passwords for both you and your spouse for all Twitter, Facebook, e-mail and Social Media accounts; in other-words all log-in and passwords are the same.  (My entire family uses the same password for everything.)  If you find yourself remotely questioning the potential of one of your Twitter conversations or relationships; share the conversation with your spouse and block that person immediately.
  • 3. It’s All About Me- Twitter can be a very competitive form of Social Media, as a matter of fact there man of the new apps. or infomercial DM’s are relative to ways to increase your followers. Many people are guilty of checking their number of followers and having a desire to increase our number of followers. It’s important that the desire to increase our numbers or influence doesn’t turn into the “It’s All About Me” syndrome. Don’t be so consumed with your numbers that you get big headed and think you’re the Big Man or Big Woman on campus. Value and respect your followers and appreciate the numbers that you have, because in Twitter World it’s not all about you, it’s all about the people that follow you. An easy way to check yourself is to daily recognize that your account, followers and entire Twitter Profile can be deleted with one bug, virus or error.
  • 4. Time- It can be easy to get sucked into the Twitter time consuming capsule. Ask yourself this question “Do I find my time on Twitter interrupting my productivity time at work or becoming a hindrance to my time with friends, family, spouse… In case you are in denial, naive or oblivious to your time problem; ask the people closest to you, do they see your time on Twitter as a problem?   There are many tools to help you with your productivity and potentially help you avoid this deadly sin.   Here is a list of the Top 111 Twitter Tools.
  • 5. Multiple Personality Disorder– Often times people develop a Twitter Personality that is different from their normal personality. This is a hard road to travel because you can find yourself expending energy and fueling the Twitter Personality that’s not the real you. These personalities begin to compete with one another and trouble is on the way. Ask yourself this question “Is my Twitter Personality the real me?” Be yourself and don’t get caught up in the fake Multiple Personality Disorder Game… It will ruin the real you!
  • 6. Envy- If you find yourself full of Envy, as it relates to the influence that other Twitterers have then you are traveling down the road of bitterness. Many times it’s the subtle statements, thoughts or comments that communicate your heart is beginning to fill with Envy. Comments like “I Can’t believe so and so has that many followers” or “Why do people follow them and they tweet the stupidest things” or “There is no way they should have that much influence” or you start referring to @guykawasaki as @girlkawasaki. You should encourage and celebrate others in the TwitterWorld who have been blessed with influence. Envy is the tribute that mediocrity pays to genius, hard-work and success.
  • 7. CopyCat- Don’t simply copy what others in the TwitterWorld are doing, Be Yourself. Do You! It’s A Statement… Not A Question!

Share your thoughts on any of the 7 Deadly Sins of Twitter or add some additional to the list.

  • Great stuff here, Scott. Particularly #5. I know some people who are completely different people in real life than who they project to be online, and on Twitter in particular. And I agree, at some point you lose yourself somewhere in between who you are and who you’re trying to convince people you are.

  • I just had a convo about this earlier. I can’t seem to grasp forming these online relationships. It’s cool for surface pleasantries, but these are just pseudo relationships. Any man who is trying to “holla” at me via DM doesn’t warrant my time. The blessing and the curse of social media depends upon how we utilize it.

  • You had good points and I liked your style! Do you!

  • Great read. But same passwords for the whole family? No offense, but I think my family would back me up on saying we all value our privacy.

  • I’m all about my husband knowing my passwords (he already does) but my kids? No…. My husband and I chat over email privately so I’d like that to stay between us.

    I love #5. It would take so much energy to create an online persona. This is a great reminder that we need to be authentic people online and off.

  • Ben

    Love it! Number 6 always gets me. It’s so easy to want what you don’t have because you think it would be so much better. What we don’t know is at what cost some “influencer’s” have gotten where they are. We should encourage those of you who have influence to continue on creating what is valuable so that we may benefit from your blessing. It’s kinda a “beating selfishness with selfishness thing”. 🙂

  • StacyHag

    Same rules apply to Facebook?

  • StacyHag

    & it’s funny how I know people who are guilty of #5 and I catch myself making comments about them as mentioned in #6, lol!

  • Scott, I agree that all have the potential of messing people up. I have a question for you, though. Do you find that you use Twitter more when you’re busy or when you’re off and not busy?

  • Ha! I’m sooo me that I can’t imagine creating another personality for Twitter. I tried it on another site for sharing news articles years ago, but I just couldn’t force myself to say the mean things that I created the pseudonym to say. I guess that I’m all Angela all the time!

  • Very good and true. Thanks for the check…

  • DeeOKC

    I definitely think these also apply to FB!! Good points.

  • Mind if I share this?

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