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10 Reasons People Will Follow A Leader

We have all worked for various types of leaders with various types of leadership gifts; however every once and awhile we get to work for that leader whom we would follow anywhere.  One of the ultimate compliments an employee can pay to their leader is “I would work for you or follow you anywhere!”  This doesn’t mean that it’s all about that leader, it simply means that particular employee was bought into how that leader carried the organizational vision and how that leader impacted them personally.

I have personally made that statement to a leader that I have worked for and have been humbled by having individuals that I have worked alongside pay me that same compliment.  I have a hypothesis on the reasons why someone would make such a bold statement.

10 Reasons People Will Follow A Leader Anywhere:

  • 1. They have a mind of their own, not a “Yes Man or Yes Woman.”
  • 2. They always maintain a high degree of integrity.
  • 3. They don’t have temper tantrums; yell, scream, cuss…
  • 4. They truly care about their employees personally, what’s happening in their lives outside of the organization.
  • 5. They are committed to developing and making every team member better.  They maximize the gifts of their employees, don’t micro-manage and free-up their employees to soar.  Under their tutelage employees are better leaders both personally and professionally.
  • 6. They always let their employees know where they stand, no surprises.
  • 7. They are willing to receive input and feedback from employees throughout the organizational chart.
  • 8. They balance confidence and humility.  Did I mention they are confident!
  • 9. They can remain appropriately calm under pressure, under fire, under the gun…
  • 10. They produce results and success; They’re Winners!  Although they are successful they understand that their commitment to this world is beyond their role, beyond their degree, beyond their success… Their mark will truly be identified as someone who genuinely cared about people and made positive impacts in the lives of people.

It’s great to have leaders whose leadership impacts you positively enough that you would utter this phrase”I Will Follow That Leader Anywhere!”

Have you worked for that leader?  Have you been that leader?  Share your thoughts on this list or add additional points to this list.

50 Ways Twitter Has Positively Impacted The World

Twitter is an amazing tool whose positive impact proliferates around the world.  There is a wide range of overall positive implications for Twitter and it all depends upon the experiences of each individual Twitter user.

The bottom line is that Twitter has made an extremely positive impact on the world in a very short amount of time.

How has Twitter positively impacted the world? In order to find out, I decided to go directly to the source.  I sent out the following tweet: How has Twitter positively impacted the world? First 50 @replieswill be a blogpost. Ready, Set, Go!

The @replies  are as follows: 50 Ways Twitter Has Positively Impacted The World

  • 1. ScottWilliams It’s made the world smaller & more connected. You can quickly disseminate world-wide knowledge, prayers, info., The Gospel… Game Changer!
  • 2. janicegeorge It gave people the to not just be heard, but to hear from people they may have never otherwise had the chance
  • 3. dkrichards improved community & communications
  • 4. pastorcbrown …by allowing more healthy, kingdom focused relationships to form between national/international church leaders
  • 5. childsplayx2 It redefines the idea of “community.”
  • 6. janicegeorge It gave us a platform to instantly reach hundreds if not thousands. These relationships have the power to be life changing.
  • 7. StephenLBloom Opened discovery of so much amazing information I would NEVER have found without people’s tweeted links.
  • 8. TJList Twitter has opened doors, made introductions, and challenged paradigms.
  • 9. matthoag Ive gained wisdom from people i might not have met otherwise
  • 10. iamkrissy Twitter has positively impacted the world by allowing people from other countries to get to know each other better
  • 11. scottinnj Twitter has helped join a network of prayer warriors who are nuts for Jesus at @worldprayr.
  • 12. lorizimbardi A plea for help from our Care Ministry brings a quick response for those in need. Can’t imagine doing this ministry w/o it.
  • 13. Rachel_Shine We have entered a world where “RT”, “@replies“, & “followers” allow us to feel validated. or rather, provide a new avenue for validation.
  • 14. bradhuebert Twitter creates its own world. Whether time spent in that world impacts the physical world is up to us.
  • 15. soulricua It’s a way for people of different cultures to come together and learn. When someone is
  • 16. joshlipscomb Twitter helps to capture, share, then recall thoughts & events in my life that I would normally just be forgotten.
  • 17. LynnWashington Twitter has become a minute-by-minute source of news and entertainment
  • 18. CyndiAKADisneyq where else can you get out a prayer request to 1000 in just a few seconds?
  • 19. alronberg Twitter helped me get to USA to #nywc which impacted my passion for life and making a difference in the world!
  • 20. jasonrmoye given normal people a chance to talk to people that they would normally not be able to contact.
  • 21. nataliewitcher Oh man, the prayer chain that comes out of this sucker is unreal!
  • 22. AroundHarlem Twitter has given the voiceless a voice.
  • 23. blessedbriliant [only for those lucky enough to be retweeted or followed] RT @AroundHarlem: @ScottWilliams Twitter has given the voiceless a voice.
  • 24. MyWiredStyle Provided instant global connection in 140 characters or less and this connectivity provides relatability~
  • 25. adamherod It’s made great leaders more accessible and connection to like minded people easier.
  • 26. FLYYSINCE84 Great networking tool!
  • 27. kareepyeatt Twitter has created a community with people from all walks of life.
  • 28. digitaldetours I’ve met some amazing people that I may not have had the chance to otherwise. All thanks to #Twitter!!
  • 29. seancbowen Helped @ninethirtyone fulfill it’s mission of Helping people experience Jesus.
  • 30. Rachel_Shine It’s made me feel more connected to the community in which I live. As the commercial says,”Creating the fabric of our lives.”
  • 31. mkokc it’s created real friendships in former strangers. Love that didn’t exist before.
  • 32. PaulTurnerToo I think Twitter has become our mini diaries filled with mini thoughts that create stories and timelines
  • 33. breyeschow twitter has created an agile space where people are able to connect and discern the meaning of faith, community and the holy.
  • 34. livn4hm Connected individuals together for spiritual enrichment beyond the walls of the local church.
  • 35. blessedbriliant Twitter has truly made the 6 degrees of separation in real-time
  • 36. mikeell On Monday Twitter (In 6hrs.) raised 1 year of tuition for a 7th grade girl/mom in Guatemala coming out of an abusive home..
  • 37. ericcarroll Getting prayer needs out there & also giving people opps w/CEOs, etc. they wouldn’t have otherwise.
  • 38. cathilinch By connecting people in relationship who would not otherwise be connected.
  • 39. BrianVasil Twitter breaks major news faster than the biggest networks.
  • 40. mikeymo1741 It’s made the conversation global, not bound by distance or time zones.
  • 41. kevinbeers Fast & easy information sharing, real time updates & fund raising capabilities to propel “tribes” of people into movements
  • 42. baltimorec // allowed the “little” guy to connect with the “big” guy.
  • 43. billwolfe it creates an easy way to continue to pursue the Great Commission
  • 44. miller_schloss Twitter has taught us to express ourselves more succinctly.
  • 45. DaveIngland (FB) i just experienced the power of twitter uniting people to pray for my brother-in-law who had a heart attack. awesome!
  • 46. Monica Lewis (FB) The viral marketing capabilities are insane.
  • 47. Michelle Smith Humphress (FB) Twitter beat CNN with major breaking news– ie Michael Jackson’s death.
  • 48. Michelle Smith Humphress (FB) Twitter allowed the Iranians to speak their minds and communicate with the free world about their shady elections.
  • 49. Joe Donaldson (FB) It has made the world even smaller.
  • 50. You- In a few short minutes you can have an aggregate list of respondents from around the globe share feedback on any given topic. i.e. How has twitter positively impacted the world?

How has Twitter positively impacted the world?  Share your thoughts on any of the above responses or add to the list!

Savior (Christian Hip Hop Video)

New video from The Exodus Movement.  These guys are local to Oklahoma City; I love their heart for God and heart for “The City” #OKC.

I think Christian Hip Hop is crucial in winning an entire generation to Christ.  Hip Hop is truly a worldwide cultural expression and artistic form.  When I was in Equador on a mission trip, I remember being in the local village and asking the kids what music from the US they like and influences them.  Their response was, “Michael Jackson, Eminem and 50 Cent.”  I actually pray for Eminem, because I’m a fan of his natural, raw, real, storytelling, rappin’ skillz.  I pray for his road to Damascus, Saul to Paul experience — it will be a great win for kingdom influence.  I’ve read that some Christians are working with Eminem and that he remains open to the Gospel.  The evolution of his music shows growth and a deeper need to do and say what’s right.

Support your local Christian Hip Hop artists and Christian Hip Hop in general — they are reaching a segment of culture that many will never be able to.

Church Diversity Trailer “The Shoe Shine Man”

This is one of two book trailers for Church Diversity – Sunday The Most Segregated Day Of The Week. This one features “The Shoe Shine Man.”  The second one which will be released shortly, tells a great story.  

I am so grateful for the opportunity and I’m really looking forward to sharing this message with the world. It’s amazing the reception that the message of “Church Diversity” is being received by pastors, leaders and Christians at-large. is launching very soon… stay tuned!

It’s The Little Things That Matter

Above is a picture taken yesterday of me giving my oldest son Wesley a hug after I baptized him and my youngest son.  (You can see Jayden in the background).  It was such a special moment for my wife LaKendria and I. It seems like since the kick-off of 2011, God has been reminding me that “It’s The Little Things That Matter.”

Leafing both of my sons to Christ and baptizing both of them was one of the most amazing experiences ever, on the other hand It’s The Little Things That Matter:

  • It’s how we raise our sons
  • It’s making all of the little school events and sporting events
  • It’s the daddy time, barbershop and Sonic Happy Hour
  • It’s sitting down at the beginning of the year and setting family goals
  • It’s the LifeKids volunteers that speak into our sons lives
  • It’s telling them “yes you can”
  • It’s making them a priority over work and stuff
  • It’s letting the stay up a little late and breaking the little home rules together
  • It’s the annual family ritual of watching American Idol together
  • It’s the craziness of being cooped up in the house after a week of snow days
  • It’s the…

Be thankful for the Big Things and Precious Moments at the same time learn to appreciate, create and celebrate the little things.  Enjoy the little things, you may look back one day to realize they were actually the BIG things.

It’s The Little Things That Matter

5 Characteristics of a Next-Level Leader

There are many different thoughts or definitions of what a Next-Level Leader is or what that word-pairing actually means.  In this post I will provide my personal definition of what a Next-Level Leader is, in addition to identifying 5 Characteristics of A Next-Level Leader.

The definition of a Next-Level Leader is this- A leader that not only elevates their personal leadership to the Next-Level, but elevates the leadership of their team members, peers and competition to the Next-Level.  They challenge those around them to dream BIG. think BIGGER

Below are the 5 Characteristics of A Next-Level Leader, Next-Level Leaders always do these things:

1.) Challenge Things- They challenge things because they are supposed to be challenged.  They not only challenge the thoughts/methods of their leaders, but they challenge their own methodology.  They realize that their boss puts their pants on just like they do and embrace the fact that just because a person a supervisor doesn’t mean they are necessarily smarter or better leaders, or that they can’t add value to the conversation. Challenging things is not about being combative, but rather raising every-one’s leadership game to the Next-Level.  It’s okay to respectfully disagree.  Don’t get the willingness to challenge things confused with being obstinate.

2.) Ask The Right Questions- They always ask the right questions… They begin sentences with “What If?, Have You Ever Thought About?, This Might Sound Crazy, but do you think we can…”  Anytime they have the opportunity to sit down with a Next-Level Leader that they desire to learn from, they have a list of questions and not a list of answers.  They take their leadership game to the Next-Level by asking the right questions.

3.) dream BIG- They are always dreaming and imagining.  Some of these dreams may seem to be a fairy-tale to some, but not to a Next-Level Leader.  A Next-Level Leader will schedule an appointment to dream, they go to Starbucks and dream, they close their office door and dream, they take a vacation alone to do nothing but dream.  They take their leadership game to the Next-Level by dreaming BIG, encouraging those around them to dream BIG, writing their dreams down and making those dreams a reality.  They dream BIG. think BIGGER.

4.) Learners- They are always learning from: books, blogs, their industry, history, other industries, culture, failures, their followers, other Next-Level Leaders.  They have a mantra something like Will Rogers’ Mantra (I never met a man I didn’t like) The Next-Level “I Never Met a Man, Woman or Situation that I didn’t learn from.”  They elevate their leadership game to the next-level by realizing that learning is fundamental.

5.) Produce Next-Level Leaders- Next-Level Leaders produce Next-Level Leaders.  Next-Level Leaders contribute to the world of leadership by truly caring about those that they lead and always developing Next-Level Leaders.  They never confuse Management with Leadership.  Managers manage people and things… Next-Level Leaders produce other Next-Level Leaders.  Simply put: “If You Are Not Developing and Producing Next-Level Leaders… You Are Not A Next Level Leader.”  Next-Level leadership is not about how tall your tree can grow, but rather the type of fruit your tree can produce.

I start with the premise that the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.“~Ralph Nader

What has been your experience working with a Next-Level Leaders?  Share your thoughts on any of these 5 Characteristics or Share your definition of a Next-Level Leader.

The Principle of Who What

GUEST BLOGGER: Today’s guest post comes from Help Staff Me and Vanderbloemen Search Group who united in January 2011, in an effort to serve the church with all their staffing needs.

The Principle of Who What

I love dreaming, and I love being around dreamers. It’s electric to be in a room with someone who is challenged and charged by a vision far bigger than he can accomplish on his own. I’m energized by these people and their dreams, and I love the challenge of figuring out how to make them happen.

You’ve probably heard the old adage, “It’s not what you know, but who you know that matters.” I believe this is true, but I think it should be taken a step further. It’s not what you know, or who you know, but it is knowing who knows what.

When I hear a dream, I don’t think, “What should happen next?” I’ve learned to ask, “Who knows what it takes to make this happen?” With this perspective about the way dreams are fulfilled, I’ve made it a habit to build a strong database of leaders, vendors, friends, and colleagues who can make dreams happen.

How do you apply the Who-What Principle? It’s simple: Start keeping track of everyone you meet. To be a true dreamreleaser, you’ll need to stop just relying on your memory to keep track of people. Here are the 4 questions to identify people who can make dreams come true:

1. What industry are they in? (Such as marketing, leadership consulting, construction, missions, curriculum development, media, team building, etc.)

2. What niche or expertise do they have in that industry? (For instance, one person may be experienced and gifted in marketing a sermon series, but another can help you craft and market a book.)

3. Who referred this person to you? (How well does the referral source know this person? Is there a long and successful working relationship? Are there any red or yellow flags?)

4. What success have they had? (How has the person helped others fulfill dreams similar to yours?)

We often say that ministry is all about relationships. That’s also true when we construct a team to fulfill the dreams God has given us. The who is every bit as important as the what.

The Authenticity of Facebook and Twitter

One of the most important interpersonal skills is the ability to be authentic.  Authenticity is simply defined as —the quality or condition of being authentic or genuine. That seems like such a no-brainer and easy thing to do; however authenticity is more difficult to come by than not.

In order to have healthy, productive and legitimate interactions, individuals must learn how to become authentic.  Start by asking yourself questions like, “Who Am I Really?”  “Who Was I Created To Be?”  “Am I acting this way because I’ve been trained to or is this really me?”  Any of these type of questions will help individuals begin to be gut level honest with who they really are.  Until we truly know who we are and become comfortable with who we are, we will have a tendency to lack authenticity.

The lack of authenticity does not only affect our daily face-to-face interactions, but it bleeds over into online interactions.  We begin to develop the inauthentic Twitter and Facebook John or Nancy, which is a more courageous version of the In-Real-Life John or Nancy.

The lack of authenticity boils down to insecurity, people or so insecure with who they are that they begin to mimic the likeness of others or put on a facade altogether.  What is meant to come off as different, cool, real or strong comes across as “Jake The Fake.”   People can see inauthenticity from a mile away, a tweet away or a status update away… so go ahead and get real with yourself and others.

Authenticity Is A Lost Art, Even On Twitter & Facebook! Honestly it takes more work to be inauthentic than it does to simply Be Yourself.  “Do You! It’s A Statement Not A Question!”

Here are a few simple ways to find The Art Of Authenticity:

  • Be the same person at home, work, church, online… although the context may change the person shouldn’t.
  • Find your voice, not the voice you want but the voice you have.  The voice you want may develop over time, but not until you find the voice that you already have.
  • Ask the people closes to you, if they notice signs or areas of inauthenticity.  Ask them to hold you accountable to improving in this area.
  • Stop asking “How can I be like so and so?” and instead ask “What qualities about so and so can be adapted to who I was created to be.”
  • Make daily steps toward finding The Lost Art Of Authenticity and people may give you the compliment, “I Like Your Style!”

Be your authentic self. Your authentic self is who you are when you have no fear of judgment, or before the world starts pushing you around and telling you who you’re supposed to be. Your fictional self is who you are when you have a social mask on to please everyone else. Give yourself permission to be your authentic self.” ~Dr. Phil

Do you find Authenticity To Be A Lost Art?  Share your thoughts on Authenticity, especially as it relates to Facebook and Twitter.

God’s Valentine

This original spoken word piece was performed this weekend by David Bowden at the NW Oklahoma City Campus of Stephen Cole and the band did an excellent job of incorporating this piece into a “God’s Love For Us” worship set this Valentine’s weekend.

A nice twist on Valentines Day…  We are God’s Valentine!

It was great to see it performed live, I hope you enjoy the video shot from an iPhone 4.

Share your thoughts on the poem and the context of Valentine’s Day.

Win $1K Custom Sermon Series/Graphic Design Package

Once a month we will be doing something called the BIG Give-a-Way right here at For more details on the BIG Give-a-Way and learn how your business or organization can be involved, click here.

Today’s BIG Give-a-Way comes to you from The Treehouse Group, an award winning creative company focused on helping businesses and ministries reach their full potential through graphic design.

We are giving away a custom sermon series graphic package valued up to $1,000.  Elements can include but not limited to the designing of the Main graphic and choose from the design of bulletins, slides, mailers, banners, video elements, social sites, apparel etc.  Printing is not included and the agreement will be with The Treehouse Group.

Winning is easy as 1 – 2 – 3

  • 1. Leave  comment stating that you would like to win the design package. Be creative, share why or simply say “I want to win.” (only 1 comment per day)
  • 2. Re-Tweet my tweet about winning the package, or simply copy and paste this tweet info. to your Facebook status if you aren’t on Twitter.  If you don’t have Twitter or Facebook, simply leave a comment an we will pray for you to move into the new media generation.  🙂  Seriously leave a comment and let me know that you don’t have either Facebook or Twitter.  Here is the tweet or you can simply find @scottwilliams on twitter and re-tweet it: Win a FREE $1k Custom Sermon Series/Graphic Design Package 4 ur church. courtesy @curtis_stephens
  • 3. Go browse around The Treehouse Group’s Website and check out their work.
  • Note: Contest will run through Valentines Day.  Winners will be selected from the comment section.  You can leave one comment each additional day that you follow steps 1 & 2.  I will post a new tweet each morning to be retweeted for that day.  An individual could have 4 entries if they tweeted and commented each day. Increase your odds, participate daily!

I will randomly choose 1 comment to win the package with the help of or another random means 🙂 from those who complete the above steps by 11:59 pm central time 2/14/11.

I will announce the winner on February 15th.  Good luck and share this info. with your friends.

dream BIG. think BIGGER.

Winner Update:  The random winner of the $1,000 Design Package according to is:

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Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2011-02-16 02:08:07 UTC

#3  Joshua Riggs  (Thanks everyone for entering)

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