Oklahoma City Is Shut Down #OKC #Snowmageddon

Everyone in the state of Oklahoma has been patiently waiting on this fierce snow storm that everyone is calling #Snowmageddon.  The meteorologist were able to convince the entire state to shut down before one drop of snow had fallen out of the the sky last night.  All state offices and schools in the Oklahoma City area were closed.

It is very cold (wind chills -18 degrees) and the snow is still falling as #Snowmageddon arrived overnight.

Are you experiencing #Snowmageddon in your area?  Do the schools and state offices in your area close because of snow or the anticipation of snow?

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  • Elaine McColl

    Hi Scott….greetings from Halifax, Nova Scotia. We are geared for snow in this area and schools/offices rarely close except for extreme temperatures and lots of snow (over 30cm – 12+inches). I love snow and when the plows and salt trucks get out getting around is manageable. I especially love “snow days” and when they come we love to bunker down – watch some movies, eat lots and enjoy the blessing of being warm! I am glad all are safe and that common sense prevailed in OKC.
    God Bless!

  • In upstate NY Winter = tons of snow. Still, schools tend to close, especially for ice. This year it has been particularly tough. We’re supposed to get dumped on in the next few days. 18-30 inche of total snow fall in 2 days. Not as bad as the 2 feet we got in 24 hrs one year on Christmas but pretty close, Hopefully there will be no ice to go along with this mess.

  • No snow falling here (Knoxville, TN), but when it does–Hoo Boy!–we go crazy.

  • Greetings from Worcester, MA…we’re getting 20 inches and the kids still had a 1/2 today, but will probably cancel tomorrow. We’ve had 60 inches already this season. Pretty common to get snow so town plows are out and things get cleared pretty quickly for the most part. Definitely not the whole state shut down.

  • I’m in MI and schools and some businesses close if we get enough snow but we don’t close much ahead of time. Depends on how much snow we get too. We’ll probably get a lot tonight and many people will still go places and such tomorrow even though some places are closed. We don’t go crazy and shut everything down here.

  • Scott, Springfield, MO shut down the schools and almost every business in anticipation. Before we even knew what was going to happen. We did get a blizzard, but I would hardly call it #Snowmageddon. I think the storm we had in 2002 was worse. But, okay with getting snowed in from work. 🙂

  • crazy pic Scott!!

    can’t believe all the snow there. I actually live in SNOWMAGEDDON, however I know it doesn’t count for us in the Rockies. We have about 300 inches so far this winter and the schools never shut down and we still have food in our WalMart. Schools shut down if it gets to 30 below…which never happens. Stay warm my friend!

  • I posted a video for the snow in our area…don’t worry, it even goes away here. Keep warm and have fun with the snow.

  • Here in ATL we had our Rainpocalypse last night. Pretty heavy. No snow, though.

    We’ve had our fair share of snow over the last 6 weeks.

  • -18 degrees would shut me down too but I was raking leaves here in Tampa yesterday.

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