Church Diversity Trailer “The Shoe Shine Man”

This is one of two book trailers for Church Diversity – Sunday The Most Segregated Day Of The Week. This one features “The Shoe Shine Man.”  The second one which will be released shortly, tells a great story.  

I am so grateful for the opportunity and I’m really looking forward to sharing this message with the world. It’s amazing the reception that the message of “Church Diversity” is being received by pastors, leaders and Christians at-large. is launching very soon… stay tuned!

  • Awesome promo. Proud of you Scott!

    • Scott Williams

      Thx Chad, I always appreciate your encouragement.

  • JoeAnna Thompson

    Waiting anxiously to read Church Diversity – Sunday The Most Segregated Day Of The Week. Great trailer!

    • Scott Williams

      Thx… I really appreciate you!

  • Josh

    Love it cannot wait until the book comes out. The church and all pastor need to think about this issue seriously.

    • Scott Williams

      Thank you sir

  • Love it man. Freakin’ love it.
    So very proud of you.

    • Scott Williams

      I remember when yours dropped, It’s nice to have it all completed. I still remember you tweeting about the package arriving at your door. It’s hard to realize how big of a deal that is until you knock out your first one.

      Congrats, we need to catch up. I want to see if you are keeping austin weird. 🙂

  • Way to go Scott! That video trailer is very, very good.

    Your story was engaging. Outstanding!


  • Scott Williams

    That means a lot coming form the evangelism linebacker

  • Scott ~

    Can’t wait for the book to come out. The church needs to wake up and open up – WE are the body.

    Way. To. Go.

    • Scott Williams

      Thank you Tami!

  • Love the trailer – good stuff Scott! Look forward to your book release!!

    • Scott Williams

      Thanks Mary Beth… Me to!

  • Nice job, Scott!

    • Scott Williams

      Thanks Cindy Beall!

  • Very cool man! Can’t wait to read the book.

  • Great video. Great story. Cant wait to read this!

  • “It’s God’s church.” What a powerful statement. May we come to truly live it every day.

  • Forrest Reed

    The trailer is awesome! can’t wait to read your book

  • Absolutely lovew the promo, the black and white color, coming and going as a hinted theme to the book.

  • Proud of you man. Really excited for this message to reach the masses.

  • jimmy hankins

    I’m becoming a little concerned about the lack of diversity in Christian Book Writing. It seems to me that Christians are the only ones writing them. Talk about a lack of diversity! What? Oh. We’re spose to be doing attaboys? My bad. (grin)
    On a serious note; If diversity becomes about diversity, your message becomes moot. No matter how diverse the choir, yer still preaching to it. IMHO, as always. (smile)

  • so good, scott!

  • This is so DoPe man and I can’t wait to read it, so ready for it to come out, Blessings my dude…

  • Alejandra

    Cool promo!

  • Kevin Eloy

    That was awesome…I am really excited to read it!! Keep up all the great work…

  • Nicely done Scott. Congratulations and best wishes for a successful book launch Sir.

  • Great message, Scott! Learned that lesson first-hand visiting Brooklyn a few years ago: only white guy in the congregation and yes, that “stupid” question was in the back of my mind. But when an elder asked, “will you take Communion with us, son?”, and I got the answer.

  • So excited for you Scott. Can’t wait to read it!

  • Great promo! Proud of you. Excited about the book.


  • jimmy hankins

    Full disclosure time: I actually like and admire Scott a lot, and there’s nothing he can do about it. I’m going to buy his book and read it. How else can I make fun… uh I mean “review” it properly? So what u think scotty? still wanna pray for me and be mah friend? (grin)

  • Love the promo! Can’t wait to buy it! Now you are going to have digital copies or is that a dumb question these days? Either way – I’m in and will be spreading the word!

    Great job.

  • jimmy hankins

    Denise, I’d suggest the model…oh wait, that’s only for fantasy and scifi. Nevermind. I know. I should stop. Must be the season of the witch…
    See how I did that? Windows 7 phone add reference…ah, nobody gets my sense of humor.(grin)

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  • I do not know what the book is going to cover. I hope to read it. I must admit that I am leary of the title and the premise and the quote attributed to Dr. King.
    It took to the end of the trailer to feel hopeful that what will come will be an explanation of how it is supposed to be as opposed to how it should be. It is God’s church and any attempt to segregate it is a sin. But I also cringe at the term, diversity. i look forward to seeing where God takes me as I read the book

  • Jody Glaze

    Well I am so proud of your leap of faith and so honored that we know you. Thank you for all you have done for our family and now what you are doing for your family. Stay safe and continue to be true to yourself and God.

    Jody and F.L. Glaze

  • great vid! Definately interested… Will probably be reading it!

  • That’s awesome. Looking forward to the book. I think this is an especially key focus for churches that involve multiple campuses. I think a lot of cities are still segregated into parts of town that are predominately one race or another. A unified Church across a city (whether it be multiple campuses of one church or a bunch of churches working together) can change the face of that city. Imagine that happening and then the same thing happening across a region, state, the entire nation, and beyond. God’s work through His Church can change the face of the world.

  • Rick Lachner

    Brother this is an awesome video. I didn’t respond sooner but am impacted by this. We need to realize in all things we are God’s church.

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