The BIG Announcement #2

#3. Top 11 Posts Of 2011 (From March 2011)

Nearly 8 months ago I made “The BIG Announcement” which was a little play off of LeBron James making the decision to leave Cleveland and head out to South Florida and Join the Miami Heat. My “BIG Announcement” wasn’t that I signed with the Miami Heat, it was that I had signed an awesome book publishing deal with New Leaf Publishing Group, to publish my book Church Diversity – Sunday The Most Segregated Day Of The Week. It releases in April, you can check out the trailer for the book here.

It was about nine years ago that my wife and I walked through the doors of this new church that some friends had invited us to.  This church was much different than the churches that we had grown up in and the one that we were currently attending.  This new church had rock n’ roll type of music, no choir, no gospel music and for the most part we were one of only a few minority families.  We began to like everything about this church and God was speaking to our family in an new and fresh way.  That church was, I think it was actually Life Covenant Church at that time.  We are much cooler now. 🙂

Although we loved our new church, we had this nagging question.  What is the heart and passion of this church as it relates to diversity?  As we didn’t see many other minorities.  I remember having lunch with Pastor Craig 9 years ago and I asked him that exact question, “Where is your heart as it relates to diversity?”  His response was, “I have a heart for diversity, will you help me.”  Fast forward 4 years of my family serving, connecting and loving  Fast forward another 5 years and I had the opportunity to lead and be a part of a team that launched, grew and developed a campus that truly embraced diversity.  Our staff was diverse, our worship team/platform was diverse, our congregation was diverse, we served a diverse community and a diverse group of people were surrendering their lives to Christ.  Diversity matters to God, the local church is the hope of the world, We Are Church Diversity!

Today I’m making another “BIG Announcement” to the community. After nearly 9 years of being a part of and five years of serving as the NW Oklahoma City Campus Pastor, my family and I have decided to move to a new season of ministry.  This new season was prompted by God’s calling on my life to share His message of Church Diversity with the global church.  With the full blessing of leadership, we have openly and bitter-sweetly accepted this new season.

  • I absolutely love what God is doing at
  • My family is better because of Pastor Craig’s leadership.
  • The 5 years I served at the NW Oklahoma City Campus have been some of the best years of my life and I truly love, like and would go on vacation with every person that’s ever been a part of the n-dub staff.  I can’t even express how great it has been to be a part of such an amazing team, campus and community.  Thousands of lives have been changed at the n-dub since the doors first opened.
  • I have already made this announcement to the congregation, but my last official weekend will be this weekend.
  • I truly believe that the best years for my family and the n-dub have yet to some.

What will I be doing?  Where will I be going?

  • My family and I will stay right here. (Edmond, OK)
  • I have launched a consulting company and will be providing consulting to churches, non-profits, businesses and governmental agencies. We will focus on organizational growth both internally and externally. (Strategy, Leadership Development, New Media & Diversity)
  • I will be traveling, speaking and promoting God’s message of diversity in the church.
  • I will be doing some work for Outreach Magazine over at
  • I will be scheduling a select number of weekend preaching dates.
  • I will be spending some QT with my family.
  • We will be making plans that will allow my wife to be a (SAHM) Stay At Home Mom.

I am really looking forward to this new season of dreaming BIG and thinking BIGGER. All of the doors that are being opened, could only be opened by God, He is definitely doing the orchestrating and we are being obedient!

The best days have yet to come…  dream BIG. think BIGGER.

“For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” ~African Proverb

  • Scott,

    I have doubt about the great things God is going to do in and through you and your family! I’m very excited for you guys.

    God has called and gifted you as a unique leader with much to bless the church and world with through your book, consulting, and preaching!

    So, when you coming to hang with me and Transformation Church in Charlotte!


    • Scott Williams

      Thanks Derwin and thanks for your willingness to fight for diversity in the church. I’m scheduling for April and beyond, let’s talk!

  • Very exciting, Scott!!! Many blessings on your new endeavor!

    • Scott Williams


  • Blessings to you, Scott. I have no idea what’s involved with your call, but I know a call when I see it.

    I’m curious (or nosy) about one thing, though. You said:

    This new church had rock n’ roll type of music, no choir, no gospel and for the most part we were one of only a few minority families.

    (emphasis mine)

    No gospel? Either I’m missing your definition of “gospel,” or it’s a typo.

    • Well, the emphasis would’ve been mine if the comment system had accepted the underline tag. Oops.

    • Scott Williams

      LOL I fixed it, no Gospel Music…

  • Anita Soler

    Scott, I am praising God that you’ve been handpicked by Him to carry this message and teach us what God’s word calls us to in regard to true diversity in the body of Christ. I cannot wait to see the love explosion in the Church that results from your obedience. I am so proud to be your friend!

    • Scott Williams

      Thanks Anita

  • Scott:

    This is amazing, awesome news. I am so happy for you and your family – especially now that you can and will be able to spend more time with them…and at Sonic… 🙂

    I know this had to be one of the easiest and hardest decisions you’ve ever made, and I applaud you for stepping out in faith. I can not wait to see how God honors this stage of your journey, as you continue to honor Him.

    • Scott Williams

      Yes, we may start going to the barbershop & Sonic twice a week. 🙂

  • Jessica Woods

    We are stoked for this new chapter in your life and pray blessings over every opportunity God puts in front of you. The Woods family loves you!

    • Scott Williams

      Thanks, we love you guys also!

  • Rodney

    Love ya Scott, one phrase you gave me when we first met was “do you”. I will never forget that Excited for you and your family.

    • Scott Williams

      It’s a statement and not a question!

  • Stella

    Wow, thats so good. Liked this
    With the full blessing of leadership, we have openly and bitter-sweetly accepted this new season.

    May God continue to use u in this new season

    • Scott Williams

      Thanks stella… it is oh so bitter-sweet. one thing about bitter sweet is that sweet comes after bitter.

  • Congratulations on the big announcement.

    • Scott Williams


  • Naomi Whitaker

    We’ll certainly miss you, Pastor Scott! I love your quiet, yet determined demeanor in ministry and your heart for God and diversity in His Bride. This is also part of my vision for the Bride of Christ as a whole. I look forward to seeing and hearing more from you in the church community, and am excited for you in this new leg of your journey. Blessings to you and your beautiful family!

    • Scott Williams

      Thanks Naomi, amen and amen

  • That is awesome Bro! I know God is gonna do some amazing things with you and your family! I will be praying for you as you start this incredible endeavor! Much love!

    • Scott Williams

      Thx Jason, I always appreciate you

  • Scott,

    Keep doing your thing for the Lord. I am excited to see the great things that are yet to come from you. Thanks for showing the way with your example of courage and strength.

    • Scott Williams

      Thanks buddy… learning this thing called obedience

  • Catrina Thomas

    Hello Scott,

    I totally neglected my blog, but I had to log in to give you a #fistbump after reading your blog today. I read your blog religiously, but I never comment. A blog post you did titled “Stop Hating on Joel Olsteen” made me not want to give my opinion….a guy by the name of Jimmy was attacked by your viewers in my opinion. I thought to myself, well I will just keep my opinion to myself because my opinion isn’t up for debate.

    Back to the point…I think what God has called you to do is very amazing. I truly believe that it is going to change you, your family and this world for the better. It is amazing to me because you are taking a stand for something that you believe in while continuing to spread the good news about Jesus Christ. You have inspired me this day. I’m so happy for your success for 2 reasons: (1)You are supposed to be happy for other people and not “hate” on them (2)I know that me, my husband, our son, our future grandchildren, and all of those who exist on this planet will benefit from your bold stand. I thank you in advance. I will continue to read your blog. God bless you.

    Dream BIG, Think BIGGER….I’m a work in progress

    If you’re wondering who the stranger is writing to you, I’m a member of People’s Church in Oklahoma City.

    • Scott Williams

      Thanks for the heartfelt comment and thanks for reading. Please comment more often, your thoughts are valued and appreciated.

  • Catrina Thomas

    I will try commenting more. I have no problem with trying to come up with a sound argument for those who want to challenge my opinion, but it can be draining. They often leave you with more questions than you have answers for which can be a good thing…

    P.S. Congratulations on the book as well…HUGE accomplishment

  • Will be praying for you my friend. I know God has big plans in store for you, LaKendra and the boys. If you guys are ever in the area please let us know. Still hoping to make it out to Oklahoma one day.

    • Scott Williams

      Thx Cyndi… Let me know if you ever come to Oklahoma

  • Don

    Trust in the Lord, follow His lead…He will never let you down and will take care of you. Way to step out on faith, brother. Look forward to where God will take you and how he will use you.

    • Scott Williams

      Thx for the reminder

  • Congrats on the new season of life and the book.
    Sounds like some very exciting things are in the works

    • Scott Williams

      Dude, you know I appreciate your heart on the subject. Thx for your boldness

  • O Dude, Ray Charles could see that coming! Love ya bro!

    • Scott Williams

      My man Artie… That’s my line. But I say Stevie Wonder. I think I might start saying Jamie Fox, that way people will have to think.

  • Bro, like Peter, you’ve heard Jesus say: “Don’t be afraid … it’s me … Come!” and you stepped over the side of the boat to join Christ in a miracle.
    ~ you’re walking on the very thing satan wants to drown & destroy you with!

    Keep you eyes on Jesus – keep walking! We need you ‘out there’!

    I’m praying that Christ releases you into the best season of your life, marriage, family and ministry. I’m looking forward to grabbing a Sbux or Sonic w/ you some day, somewhere in the journey!

    You’ve got an ally in the D!

    • Scott Williams

      Love you Chilly, we’ve been doing this blog/ministry thing together for about 4 years now. Glad to have you as my friend and brother.

  • Dave

    Excited for you! Keep moving toward that dream!

    • Scott Williams

      Thanks… go to keep moving

  • January 1st, 2011 marked the beginning of a new phase of my life. While it takes an incredible amount of faith and sheer nerve to walk in obedience to God’s call, it leaves you disoriented nonetheless.

    My prayers are with you. God will cover every insecurity, vulnerability, and doubt. He will prove Himself so convincingly that you will sleep better than you ever have and wake up with more peace than you ever thought possible.

    May He order your steps even better than He has ordered mine.

    • Scott Williams

      Amen and Amen! Thanks Tim, let’s talk soon, like this week.

  • I am thrilled for you, Scott! Live the dream…

    • Scott Williams

      I’m glad that my 1st date in this Journey will be at SouthBend Church

  • love that God continues to set people up like yourself to carry this message. I’m looking forward to reading and responding to your book when it releases in April. Thanks for being a tremendous voice on this issue. I’ve seen you handle it biblically and humbly. That is an awesome testimony bro.

    • Scott Williams

      Thx Rich that means a lot… one step at a time

  • i’m so excited for you, scott! …..and so sad for me! like you said, it’s bittersweet. you will be greatly missed at the ndub!!!

    • Scott Williams

      Thank you for being a friend, great ministry leader and the best photographer that I know. LuvYa! Thx for everything

  • May God’s hand of Providence show up in a mighty way, may his glory prove itself to you over and over again as you take this new journey and follow him in faith. May his spirit cover you and your family.
    I pray love over you, my support and blessings for you and your incredible family, we are due to connect again.

    • Scott Williams

      Yes sir… you just have to be patient! I remember walking your journey with you bro. I appreciate you!

    • Scott Williams

      Yes sir… you just have to be patient! I remember walking your journey with you bro. I appreciate you!

  • Dream BIG. think BIGGER!

    • Scott Williams

      I know a guy who helped come up with that tagline. 🙂

  • Scott,

    Congratulations to you and your family on this next step in God’s journey for your life and ministry. I look forward to reading your book and hearing about all the new things you are doing. It was great to connect with you at Velocity and I look forward to crossing paths again in the future.


    • Scott Williams

      Loved connecting as well… Glad God allowed us a few extra minutes to connect at the airport as well.

  • That’s great what you’re doing. I’m excited for you and can’t wait to see what happens with this change. Keep dreaming!

    • Scott Williams

      and thinking BIGGER!

  • I had a feeling God was about to do something special in your life. It’s exciting to see this happen for you, Scott. I’ll be praying for you & your family during the transition.

    Glad to know you.

    –Terrace Crawford

    • Scott Williams

      It has been great to get to know you as well.

  • Man, I’m proud of you and so thankful for the message you’re bringing to the church. If I can help you in any way (like plug your book or plug your services or give you a foot rub… your choice), just let me know!

    • Scott Williams

      I have it in writing, you will be getting a call, email, text, DM etc. I always appreciate your support.

  • Henry Amador

    Hey Scott,

    I know this is a huge step of obedience for u. But when ur walking in obedience, u r walking in blessing! I just moved here from Texas(ur favorite state- Go Longhorns!) to okc 2 & 1/2 years ago and I’ve been really blessed by ur blogs! So I know u r a true man of God

    Blessings man!

    Would love to have lunch with u or something sometime.
    Dream Big. Think Bigger.

  • Jim Botts

    Hey Scott,
    How bittersweet! To step beyond and all the amazing people God had allowed you to serve, and to step into a new calling of taking God’s Multi-colored message into His world.

    Rose and I love and appreciate you very much. If there’s ever any way I can help you out, say the word and I’ll be there. I find it all so ironic when I remember the rocky start we had in our relationship. God has a great sense of humor.

    Jim Botts

    • Scott Williams

      Thank you sir, that was funny in the beginning. I love you and Rose as well. appreciate your candor, insight and wisdom.

  • Scott,

    I am so excited for you and your family as you step out in Faith, to follow the calling God has placed on your life! I know that He is going to continue to blow your mind and use you for even greater things to come bro.

    Thank you for taking time to spend with me last summer at the N-Dub campus, while me and a bunch of crazy, Church Online Volunteers were vising your campus on a MeetUp/TweetUp. The little bit of time I got to spend with you and the pic of our #fistbumps for real, are one of the greatest memories of my summer visit to the great state of Oklahoma.

    We love you, support you fully and want you to know – if there’s anything I can ever do for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

    Blessings My Friend and #Fistbumps Too,

    Danny Y

    • Scott Williams

      I enjoyed the live #Fistbump & appreciated seeing it on facebook… Thanks for the encouragement and kind words

  • That’s Great!

  • Princessjes

    So I heard the announcement, then a couple friends called me to make sure I knew, then I read it… Seriously, it just made me sad but so excited for you! Thank you for giving me a chance, encouraging me & challenging me to lead & love well!

    I know I am only one of many who are grateful for your investment, but it’s none the less sincere, praying God does more than you could ask, think, or imagine!!!

    • Scott Williams

      J-Lo, thanks for letting me be a part of seeing you grow up. You are gifted beyond your years

  • ehag

    So excited for u and your family. The n dub will miss u.

  • Scott Williams

    Thank you sir… Thx for letting me bounce stuff off of you!

  • jimmy hankins

    A few things, and since it’s me writing this comment, you should know my format by now (grin):
    1.First the humor (what? It counts If I think it’s funny!); Now you have no excuse not to visit “my” church!
    2.Then the serious: I like words, but they can be dangerous, big or small. To misquote St. Janice; be careful that diversity isn’t just another word for nothing left to choose.
    3. I’d wish you good luck, but you aliens believe in someone more powerful than that. And uhm…it’s Foxx with two x’s. Blame it on the spellchecker. It’s just sad that I “need” a comment format. (grin)

    Oh and Catrina, I’ve gotten old. I find attackers all cute now. They’re so feisty! Who’s the silly rabbits? Yer the silly rabbits! Yes you are! (grin)

  • Good for you Scott! Looking forward to seeing Church Diversity unfold…

  • This is just incredible. Blessings as you enter your new season of ministry. I pray your message of diversity is heard far and wide.

  • I’m sure you will be missed. Good luck and many blessings.

  • Man, I’m so pumped until I don’t know what to do! I actually had the Church Diversity shirt on the other day. I was thinking back to hanging out with you guys at Catalyst last year. I’m excited for the adventure you’re about to embark on. You’re definitely addressing a relevant issue and I believe you’re making a relevant move to be a voice. Go hard!!!

    Praying for you bro’!

  • tedrick holmes

    Scott, i truly am behind you on what God is calling you to do. I feel led by God in the same calling and if there is anything that i can do to help out in the ministry then i will. This diversity in the Church issue has been on my heart for years and i know that God does not want a Church where you look out into the congregation and every face is the same, there is one type of music, and there is no blending of culture. If we all serve the same God and we all believe in Jesus then we have to make an effort to get outside of our comfort zone and move into Kingdom thinking. If i lived in OK i would have definitely liked to have attended one of your services. If you ever are near Waco, Killeen, or Austin speaking…I would love to hear you speak on Diversity in the Church. God Bless

  • Congratulations. It is always very encouraging to see people leave “security” in obedience and faith. I pray God’s best for you!

  • Ron Edmondson

    Awesome. Just saw this and I’m so excited for you. Thanks for modeling risk-taking by faith. How we need that today!

  • Awesome. Can’t wait to see how God uses you through this. Am completely excited for you! 

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