What Separates You…

Mi Thoughts: Just doodling some random thoughts on my iPad.  What do you think?

  • Doodle takes some skill. Faith requires action, God isn’t moved by our needs he’s moved by our faith. Fear always tries to shrink our fear. And so the battle continues for all of us right?

  • Catrina Thomas

    I think that there is a combination of both opportunity and fear that separates one from where they are and where they would like to be. The word CAN’T is used way too much. I was taught that CAN’T never COULD do ANYTHING. I sometimes forget this. The opportunities are often limited as well.

    Also, when you perform the priority analysis
    and realize that where you want to be isn’t top priority right now,you are then forced to work towards your goals at a much slower pace. It really doesn’t matter how fast you get to where you want to be…just get there. I will arrive…

  • Fred

    When you say “no” because of the fear, you unknowingly say “no” to the opportunity.

  • I am standing next to the word Fear with an eraser

  • Catrina Thomas

    I came back to look at this doodle again and my husband looked at it too. I think that I interpreted the diagram wrong. The doodle is “asking” are you allowing FEAR to keep you from pursuing an OPPORTUNITY. Yes, fear is what keeps me from aggressively pursuing THE opportunity. It doesn’t take much to pursue AN opportunity, but it takes a lot of faith to pursue THE opportunity. I like what Kyle said, ” I am standing next to the word fear with an eraser.”…Love it!!! False Evidence Appearing Real(FEAR). I will work on the FEAR factor.

    I got it this time…I hope

  • Adolfo

    One thing missing: Often there are people that focus on the past so much, they live life facing backwards, and therefore never see the opportunity ahead of them.

    “False Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR)” Love this! Going to R&D it: Rip-off and Duplicate!

    Excellent message and oh so true. Far too often it’s a small amount fear that keeps us from moving ahead. I fall victim to it myself. The real secret is showing people hoe to overcome it…

  • Catrina Thomas

    Adolfo- I R&D it too. I heard it while watching television

  • jimmy hankins

    Speaking of, I’m almost afeared to ask; Is it a #1 or a #2? Oh, please, don’t you people know me by now? I meant the iPad. (grin)

    Seriously though, there is a difference between jumping off a cliff just to see if gravity still works and because you were told to. That difference being who is the master of your fear, IMHO.
    It’s one of the big three in my life. The hardest addictions to break are the built-in ones. I’d love to say it’s a flaw in the design, but I’m familiar with the manufacturer. So it’s my fault. Which just sucks! (grin)

  • Nice doodling, Scott. Doodling with a cause. Ha ha. So true, though. Fear is often a big dividing line for most of us. Thanks for sharing!

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