“Sunday Morning”

Church Diversity Book Trailer #2. Sunday The Most Segregated Day of The Week.

  • Bravo Scott!

    It is my prayer this video and your book will awaken us from the slumber that the Homogeneous Unit Principle has cast upon us. It is not just a nice idea for the local church to be multi-ethnic (if demographics allow), it is necessary and biblical.

    I’m so excited for your book to come out! Proud of you!

    Pastor Derwin

  • My favorite of the two. Love it!

  • Catrina Thomas

    Both trailers are great. It is difficult to actually choose one over the other. We used to drag that song out at my former church..didn’t think that it would ever end.LOL

    We are going to purchase this book and we hope to get your signature on it. We are rolling coins now. j/k I would help to get the word out about your book, but I’m not on any social sites. I will try to see how well I can do by word of mouth.

    If God is for you,who can be SUCCESSFULLY against you? You will do great things.


  • Funny enough – I was seriously going to email you today to ask how/where to pre-order the book. And lo and behold, there’s the link. 🙂 I didn’t even need to ask to receive. 🙂

    And this video is powerful – I actually like it much better than the first.

  • Catrina Thomas

    I’m glad that Sonny mentioned the link. I just pre-ordered 3 copies with B&N. Now I know where to send other people to pre-order. Thanks

  • Wow, this trailer was incredible, love it. Split screen but shared experiences except Sunday, BOOM!!

  • Great video! Looking forward to the book.

  • Great Video. I definitely want to get the book. Will it be available in iBooks?

  • Great stuff man!

  • Chad McKamie

    you were right, this is POWERFUL! excited to see how God is going to use you to bring awareness to this issue.

  • Josh Britt

    Great Trailer. I can’t wait to read the book. You are doing great things!

  • the funny thing is that was so me growing up. i had white friends and we would do everything together but go to church on sunday mornings together. i don’t think it was intentional but it just didn’t happen.

    i’m excited about the book.


    Go Win

  • WOW!!
    That’s a grand-slam, my friend.

  • This is so true, but thank God my Church has some of almost every nationality and is anointed! Free Chapel Church in Orange County! Pastor Jentzen Franklin. God Bless!

  • Great trailer Scott! Loved it!

  • angel

    thats a dang shame…heaven now, is so diverse, people are gonna be so surprised lol! Cant wait for that!!

  • Dave Marrett

    I thank God Scott that I am part of LifePoint.TV in Tampa Florida that is nailing it week after week with diversity! there are as many white faces as black faces and every shade in between! 1000’s of God’s people coming together in a collision of celebration regardless of color every single week!

  • Wow. I cried while watching this one, Scott – the boys remind me of my son and his best friend. Powerful video.

  • jimmy hankins

    Fortunately for the non-diverse, “come as you are” applies even to y’all. (grin)

  • Melvin Harris

    Great video. Looking forward to the book.

  • Powerful message and wonderful video! I’m looking forward to the book.

  • Awesome! I love it! Is there a way to get this vid in a downloadable format? We are having a focus on church diversity next month at my church and I would love to feature this video.

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