By Any Other Name

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By Any Other Name

If you were to ask any number of church leaders who they considered to be a great leader in the Bible, there are certain names that would come up time and again: Moses; Joshua; Peter; Paul; and – of course – Jesus. But for me, there’s one name that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with all the rest.


…what? What do you mean “Who?” You know: Abihud. He’s right there. Matthew 1:13. Go on. Check it out for yourself.

What’s In A Name?

If you look closely at the genealogy of Jesus, note that it includes a great many names that tend to roll off the tongues of Biblical scholars: David. Solomon. Abraham. Isaac. Jacob. A deeper investigation will show that a number of the progenitors of the line of Joseph, Mary’s husband, were kings. Royalty. Prophets. Priests. All great leaders in their own right.

And then, we have the Abihuds. The ones whose names do not seemingly carry the same weight of importance. Admittedly, the “Big Names” outnumber the “Small Names,” but they’re there nonetheless, contributing to a bloodline that culminated in the birth of the earthly father to our Messiah.

Leaves of Grass

For all we know, Abihud may have been the first-century equivalent of a desk worker who thinks that no one is noticing them…but God did. He may not have been the “go-to” guy in the Temple when they were looking for a lay leader to step up, but Abihud may have been as obedient in his life as Abraham was. God saw within him something that was built for glory, something that showed he would honor the path and journey his life was to take him on.

God saw something in him that mattered, and God took care of his legacy.

God honored and used him in a mighty way, simply because he lived the life he was supposed to live, doing what he was called to do. What he may have been called to do was to simply be the best husband, the best father, the best Abihud he could be, and he was.

We tend to look up to the “Big Names,” the ones with the three-book deals, the podcasts, the DVD series, and we want to try and use them as the template for what makes great leadership. We want to emulate the ones whose names we think will matter. We forget that God uses the Big and the Small, but more importantly, we forget that God can and does use the unique “us” of who we are.

And that Abihud was as good as leader as David, who was as good a leader as you are, can be, and will be.

“That you are here – that life exists, and identity;

“That the powerful play goes on, and you will contribute a verse.” – Walt Whitman

  • Awakened!

  • Catrina Thomas

    “God saw something in him that mattered and God took care of his legacy.” This spoke to me. I’m so glad that “God can and does use the unique “us” of who we are.”

    What I want to spend the rest of my life doing will not get me a lot of cheddar or recognition, but I will be fulfilling my mission. I’m always trying to figure out things on my own, which leads to frustration. I stepped out on faith this week and emailed a stranger who has a lot of knowledge in what I want to do. This person was so helpful and now wants to meet with me for additional mentoring. I get a little intimidated whenever a person has(Dr.)in front of their name. I’m never sure if they will be snobby or very caring. Great post!

    HELLO, My name is Catrina Thomas..I’m sure that you all have heard of me LOL

  • Stella

    Thank you Scoot, really well said. sometimes we forget that even he small things also matter.

  • SO. stinkin true// I know i’m {not} alone when I say that I wouldn’t mind being a big name, but being faithful in my little world is what HE actually requires.
    Great post!

  • David Cook

    Well I must say that I hate being faithful in the little things. It gets in the way of all my dreams and aspirations. How can I make a legacy for myself if I busy at my boring job and playing with my kids when I am home. What about me and my dreams? Doesn’t God care about making sure that I “make it” in this life. Doesn’t He know where my hope comes from?

    Okay now that I am done being honest with myself, it’s time to get real. All of my above statements are realistic and yet so false. I hurt, because I am so hurt already feeling so small and insignificant. I don’t know how to even grasp letting go of all the pressures to perform and achieve. God Help Me, Please!

  • Em

    What a great way to say we all matter. Everything we do does matter. No matter how “big” or “small”. Thank you for making it clearer!

  • Thanks for that.

  • Bryan

    Great thoughts Sonny… I love that God chooses who He uses, because I’m afraid that as many people underestimate their ability to influence the Kingdom as overestimate.

    Also, its great that a guy with the name Sonny Lemmons chose to blog about someone’s name. After reading it, I am convinced yours is a name we will hear more of.


  • John

    Great Post Sonny.

  • Harriet

    Thanks Sonny! What a great reminder of the importance to do what we are called to do and to be who we are called to be. It is often the little things that do make a difference.

  • Great job my friend. I think sometimes we forget that at all points in our lives we play both the big and the small. There is no such thing as an insignificant person. Great job at summarizing a very relevent and true point. Proud of ya man.

  • jimmy hankins

    My fav is the unnamed centurion. Granted, I’m not much of a “synagogue” builder, but still, he gives me reason to hope.
    When I first started messing with you aliens online, it was because of a grudge. I wanted to hurt you like I felt you had “hurted” me. (grin)
    Despite my best efforts to hold your flaws against you, your God kept reaching right through you into my soul telling me that love isn’t about pain and misuse. I really resented that.(grin)
    I still get amused at your lack of patience with me, but now that I’m old and crusty and have learned that what I want isn’t up to y’all, I still hope. Which is no small thing. At least to me. (grin)

  • Great post Sonny! Really addresses my struggle with significance over the last couple of years. Significance comes from being obedient to God and letting him do the rest. Thanks for this!

  • Thank you, one and all, for your comments. And for reading this. It means more than I can say.

    As an “Abihud” myself, I find myself at times trying to aim for the stars all the while ignoring the whole world physically around me. This is a lesson in humility, honesty, and not being afraid to be the me I am supposed to be that I need to be reminded of time and time again.

  • bcl

    I’m a little late to the game, but thanks for the encouragement. The majority of life seems to be made up of the ordinary of our days and what we make of those ordinary moments, and humanity is a collection of us “small” people — working together to do something bigger. Well said, Sonny.

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