2 Keys To Business Success

The older I become the more enamored I am with great customer service.  I enjoy giving individuals, managers or organizations positive feedback and compliments when their service is exemplary. Currently my family is on a quick vacation to Kansas City.  We took the boys to the Great Wolf Lodge, an indoor water park and themed hotel.  The experience was great and the boys absolutely loved it.

We spent 2 days at Great Wolf and I purchased an additional night hotel stay from Hotwire.com.  I have been pretty successful with Hotwire.com in the past, even though you don’t know where you are staying until you book.  I found a 3 Star hotel for a great rate. I primarily chose this location because it had a 95% customer approval rating. Customer approval ratings are a great indicator of what you are getting yourself into. Once I booked the Hotel, the Drury Inn popped up as my location.  Wha?  I’ve never heard of this place it sounds like it might be our first bad experience.

We checked in to the Drury Inn and have been utterly impressed.  What has impressed us the most boils down to the: 2 Keys To Business Success

  • 1. First Impression: We have all heard it, and it’s definitely true… “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  The receptionist was amazing, with an over the top personality.  She let us know about all of the hotel amenities that were available to us, and every staff member in the lobby and hallway gave us a friendly greeting.  The place was clean and we felt good because of our first impression.  It doesn’t matter if you have an Internet business, blog, church, clothing company, restaurant, Dr.’s office, hotel, water park, coffee shop, bank, pyramid marketing company, mechanic shop…  Your first impression is critical.
  • 2. Follow-Up: About 30 minutes after arriving in our room, the friendly front desk clerk called to make sure that everything was great in our room and to see if we needed anything additional.  This was a great touch and if we did have a problem they had an opportunity to immediately fix it.  As we were eating breakfast this morning the manager came buy our table and asked if we needed anything else and wanted to make sure that everything was great for us.  I watched her work the room and making sure all of the customers were taken care of.  This is one of the most important aspects customer service.  If your business didn’t make a good first impression or provided less than average overall experience, your follow-up can turn that “not-so-good” experience into a great one.  Often times businesses, ministries and organizations are one follow-up away from having a repeat customer, instead of a “one-and-done” type of experience.

Many of us have heard or had 1st hand experience with these 2 Keys To Business Success from organizations like Chick-fil-A and Zappos. I know I have!  On the other hand, I had never heard of the Drury Inn; however I’m now a fan of this older hotel located off of I-35 in Kansas City.

Making a great first impression and having great follow-up are 2 Keys To Business Success. They are never a substitute to a having great product; however they are the ultimate compliment.  They not only compliment a great product, they are an integral components to having a great product.

Share your thoughts and experiences with these 2 Keys To Business Success.  How have they positively or negatively affected your patronage of a business, brand or product.

  • Jonathan Pearson

    I’ve stayed at a Drury Inn and had the same experience. It’s great to get value AND service, but service increases the value of anywhere.

  • Follow up is an expression of wanting to do things better! I think that is what makes it so refreshing for a business to follow up, we rarely experience businesses wanting to do things better. The quest for “better” is what we experience in companies like Apple, Garmin, Drury, and Zappos. Great thoughts here! Would love to hear how you see these things as effective tools in leadership in ministry?
    I Also love that KC treated your family so well.

  • Excellent article. Great perspective.


  • This is 100% on point. As a new business owner – I learn this more and more everyday.

    Thanks for the reinforcement.

  • Dee Larry

    Indoor Water Parks are the perfect mini vacation for my family! Not only are my kids obsessed with water parks, but they’ve also been disappointed numerous times by cancellations due to bad weather for planned trips. That’s why we plan day trips as well as weekend trips to this AMAZING indoor water park! Now we all count down the days until we go and never have to worry about rain! I couldn’t recommend them more!

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