I Am Not A Racist Anymore!

Whenever I first began to wrestle with thought and calling to be a part of seeing the church more unified, I really wrestled with the idea of how the idea of Church Diversity can be a felt need for a broad affinity group.  In other words I didn’t want this message to simply be for ministry leaders, but rather congregants, Christians and non Christians at-large.

As I’ve began traveling around the country and sharing the message of unity in the church and the idea of embracing church diversity, it’s been great to see the genuine care and concern for change.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to share the message of loving all people and diversity at my good friend Shawn Lovejoy’s church, Mountain Lake Church. Mountain Lake is located just outside of Atlanta in Cumming Georgia (Forsyth County).  It was the first location that my new book Church Diversity : Sunday The Most Segregated Day Of The Week has been sold.  It was great to hear all of the stories of baggage, awkwardness and people genuinely wanting to be a part of changing the face and heart of the church.

My prayer has always been for God to let this message penetrate the hearts of His people.  My prayers have been answered over and over.  I was answered again this morning when I received an e-mail from someone who attended yesterdays service and bought a copy of my book.  I think this story is a powerful illustration of how quickly you can break down racial challenges with truth, openness, confrontation, biblical correction and love.

Here was the note that I received:

Scott WOW man! You were awesome yesterday at church. I just wanted to write you and tell you thanks for coming to MLC yesterday. Our church and me needed to hear that. Our community is a prominently white area, it has been for a while and with that comes alot of racism.

I am not going to lie you opened my eyes yesterday. I have grown up in forsyth county so I have been put in that “black people are bad” crap all my life. And I believed it. I have used some words that I don’t want to write but hearing you speak yesterday was intense!

God knew I needed to hear that. I was going to lay out of church yesterday but something told me I needed to go, and I did not know we were going to have a guest speaker. I will not look at race the same way after yesterday. My family went to northpoint mall after church and I found myself saying hey and holding the door for black people. Usually I don’t do that. I guess you can say I am not racist anymore. And I am not going to allow myself to get to that point again.

The people I hang out with that are, well lets just say they will see your book in my car and they will be invited to church. If they come or not is not up to me but I am inviting them.

Dude you changed my outlook on alot of things yesterday man, and I thank you for that. You are an awesome man of god and I pray that other people left MLC yesterday looking at their life and saying wow why am I this way? I need to change that about me. Again THANKS scott. Love you brother! God bless.

This was encouraging & inspiring to me…  Share Your Thoughts?

  • BRAVO Scott!

    For such a time as this God has raised you up!

    Can’t wait to get you to Transformation Church!

    Pastor Derwin

    • Scott Williams

      Can’t wait to get down there… what God is doing through your leadership and ministry is inspiring.

  • Praying that hearts will be open and that real change can be seen and felt in the body today! Thanks for saying what needed to be said. Bless you.

    • Scott Williams

      Thanks for your kind words, thoughts and perspective for the book. It’s greatly appreciated.

  • Thanks for sharing the letter. I know of Forsyth County Ga. having participated in one of the marches held there in the 80’s. As we stepped off of our buses we were greeted by a group of white people in a red pickup with a big rebel flag. Their signs made it clear that we were not welcome in their county. In fact those marches were triggered when a group of blacks stopped to change a flat tire and were run out of Forsyth County.

    That this was the first county where your book was sold shows God’s plan for dealing with the issues that hold us in bondage. The letter you shared shows that God is still working to change hearts and he is succeeding. Thank you for making yourself available to by used by the Lord to change lives.

    • Scott Williams

      I heard it was crazy and Oprah did a special there 25 years ago.

      • Crazy might be an understatement. Definitely an eye opener for a then college student from the north.

  • Samson

    That was an amazing example of the transformation! You are doing great work, Pastor Scott!

    • Scott Williams

      Thx, great to see how God is using little seeds to birth plants of freedom and transformation

  • Modern Reject

    I so appreciate this post. I have met and known people like this, isolated in their racial bubble, believing the lies they have been fed.

    I am praying that this will be just the beginning of the kind of impact your book and subsequent ministry will have.

    Your voice is so necessary and God is moving.

    • Scott Williams

      Thank you, I just want to a little piece that will help provoke the conversation

  • Catrina Thomas

    What a powerful testimony! God is just that powerful. He uses people to get His work accomplished. You have accepted this assignment and God is going to bless you beyond measure for it. God’s message is going to spread because of the impact that your message had on the man who sent the email. You’re changing the world one step at a time and creating world changers in the process. God is good!

    I prayed to the Lord recently and I told Him that I was ready to stop existing and start living. I told Him that I would do whatever it is that He would have me to do. I hope that He doesn’t send me to Africa. j/k

    Church diversity is such a beautiful thing. I had a hallelujah moment at our most recent outreach. I had a lighter skinned man handing me sandpaper and a much lighter skinned man pouring paint for me. It was just beautiful. #yourworkisnotinvain

    • Scott Williams

      Awesome… Thanks for sharing

    • Brandon

      Catrina, I am actually the person who wrote this email. God has changed me so much since sunday. And I plan to help pastor scott spread this word to people. Like scott said in church sunday it is not a white church and it is not a black church, it is GODS church. And that is so true, and I didn’t see it that way until I listened to his sermon on sunday, and yesterday lol. I am so thankful god put him in our church that day and I am glad I was there to hear him speak. I can’t wait to see what god has in store for him, me, our church(s), and his kingdom. God is AWESOME!!! Thanks for the kind words 🙂

  • POWERFUL… simply powerful. Wow.

    • Scott Williams

      I agree, that type of quick transformation can only happen w/ the work of The Holy Spirit!

  • What a great testimony and story, so awesome to hear how this vision of Gods intended unity, not uniformity is beginning to make a difference thru you Scott.

    • Scott Williams

      Thx for your contribution to the project

  • I blogged about this issue just the other day. I was discussing it last night with the little house church I have been attending.

    Diversity is not just a word I try to implement it affects the way I live my life. This flows into where I worship and how.

    • Scott Williams

      Diversity is a verb! 🙂

  • Samantha

    This made me cry. Such an important message and powerful testimony. SO many “believers” are fooled into thinking they will be making it into Heaven but you can’t get there with hatred in your heart. God isn’t a fool and He sees EVERYTHING. God bless you for all that you do!

    • Scott Williams

      It is a powerful story… It really shocked me, I had people come and say similar things after church but not this much detail.

  • I love what you’re doing Pastor Scott! I just came on as the Student and Family Life Pastor at a church off of the “Selma Highway” in Alabama. I’m hoping you get a chance to make it down to Montgomery soon. We need this message in a big way!!

    • Scott Williams

      I’ve had several people tell me that about alabama

  • Daniel

    The “jesus” the plantation owner prayed to, to bless his cotton crops, and the Jesus the slaves prayed to, to free them from their chains are completely different; yet I still see these two “Jesus'” being worshiped every Sunday…

    • Scott Williams

      Only one way!

  • AWESOME! Keep sharing the truth about this. The church does need racial reconciliation on both sides and I believe your book is going to lead the charge in the next great Revival in America! Repentance and Revival go hand in hand! I love how God is using you to shed light on this in churches all across the us!

    • Scott Williams

      Thanks for the kind words…

  • Jared Angell

    Did you record it? If so, could I get a copy?

  • wow, scott, this is awesome!

  • Alberto Flores

    Pastor Scott, simple question. What is the diference between a Multi-Cultural Church and Multi-Ethnic Church? Thanks! From Miami, FL

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