Stop Lusting After Your Pastor!

I remember having a conversation with a pastor friend of mine who happens to be a female.  She was sharing the various unique things that women in the church struggle with and things they have confided in her.  One of the things that she shared made me have one of those “hmm” moments.  She stated that many women that she’s talked w/ in various churches struggle with the fact that They Think Their Pastor’s Sexy!  Not to be confused with the popular country music song “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy.” Not only do they think their Pastor’s Sexy, but they struggle with their mind and eyes wandering into inappropriate places.  It becomes a challenge because they tend to have these lustful thoughts as their pastor is speaking. The same can be true for men with a female pastors or lust in general.

Many pastors teach the concept out of the book Every Mans Battle called “Bouncing Your Eyes” in other words don’t keep your eyes focused on someone of the opposite sex for too long.   Keeping your eyes moving can keep you out of trouble.  This is something that is stereotypically geared towards guys… but what about the ladies?  There is a book called Every Womans Battle, although I have not heard anything about the content.

After my conversation with my female pastor friend; it’s probably fair for me to make the assumption that there are women sitting in pews and seats of churches all around the country that may be struggling with the inability to “Bounce Their Eyes.”  As their eyes are fixated on their “Sexy Pastor,” who happens to be in front of them for relatively lengthy periods of time each and every week.  The fact that their pastor is a man of God, tells great stories and seems to be rather put together only increases the the sexiness factor.

The thoughts running through their head might be something like this: He’s Hot, I like that suit, Are those True Religion Jeans, He’s so spiritual, I wish my husband treated me like that, He’s so Handsome, He is really smart, Nice Hair, He dresses so fly, I can tell he’s been working out, He’s so considerate, I know he’s married but, I would, I wonder if I can share that with him, I bet he… After thinking these thoughts, their mind wanders for a moment or two or three or four and unfortunately, this cycle can repeat itself on a weekly basis.  The Bible says this:”But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” Matthew 5:28  Ladies this passage applies to you as well, so please Stop Lusting After Your Pastor!

God created us with a unique ability to train and control our eyes, actions and mind. Exercise your ability and gain control.

(disclaimer – there will be a future post… Stop Lusting After Your Congregation)

Do women get a pass? Is this a problem? How does play into the overall adultery scheme of things? Share your thoughts.

  • Catrina Thomas

    Yay,I finally get a pass on something LOL I don’t have this problem and it would be considered taboo if I did.

    No,I don’t think that women should get a pass. We need to be held accountable just as much as the men. Yes, it is a problem. Some women go to church just to see their pastor and many are bold enough to tell you that. Just saying

    I think that it depends on how far the person goes that will determine whether they have crossed the line of adultery. If they are just acknowledging that their pastor is attractive, dress stylish and don’t take it any further,that should be okay. If for some reason they’re imagining being in the bedroom with him then they have crossed the line.

    Personally, whenever I see an attractive man, usually on television..I be like, God is good,that brother looks magically delicious and then I have to bring myself back quickly before my mind goes further than it should. It doesn’t make it right because I acknowledged that God is the creator of him. LOL

    I think that it is just a matter of staying in prayer and reading the Word. I don’t believe that there is a person out there who is so holy that it can’t happen to them. You really have to be willing to take control of your thoughts and feelings. If you don’t, your thoughts and feelings will take control of you. You have to play tug of war to win and try your hardest not to get dragged to the other side.

  • Well, based on my stunning physical attributes (not) and my thick mane of manly Fabio-like hair (not) I think my congregation is pretty safe from this one!
    However, I have been in situations where it was a problem. Usually in counseling type situations. Pastors need to be aware of closeness to females when working together or counseling. And don’t say, “Not me…” I’m pretty sure every guy who has ever fallen sexually said the same thing.

  • This is so very true, and I was wondering when an article like this would be written. I blog as well, and sometimes it is hard to address the “taboo” topics such as this one. It causes so much controversy, but needs to be said.

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  • I think this will become more and more of a problem as what a pastor looks like is barely beaten out by a pastor’s delivery/message is….

    And no, women dont get a pass, but its less about bouncing the eyes than not believing the lies that chicks tell ourselves and the rabbits we chase in our minds. The best way to battle pastor lust is to flame those fires at home. I can attest, there isnt someone that can hold a candle to my hubs when his flame is blazing at home.

    We could always go old school and hire preachers of the churches of my youth and then NO ONE would be lusting 😉

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  • Lust is a problem and always will be… just turn to God and let him heal and rebuild you into His image!

    Wayne Sutton – personal prophecy ministries.

  • jimmy hankins

    ‘“Bouncing Your Eyes” in other words don’t keep your eyes focused on someone of the opposite sex for too long.’
    The most amusing thing about this “christian exercise” in futility is that it so elegantly sums up what is wrong with the modern church. Avoidance as a good thing. Earth girls and christians. (grin)

    I’m noticing your blogging cycle starting to slow down. Yes, we WILL kill a “social medium” just to encourage you to react like the world. Try again. (grin)

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