Win A #ChurchDiversity T-Shirt

I want to thank everyone who has purchased or will purchase a copy of the book #ChurchDiversity : Sunday The Most Segregated Day Of The Week.

I am giving away some Church Diversity T-Shirts right here at  Everyone likes FREE stuff and not only can you win a FREE shirt but you get to represent #ChurchDiversity in style.

If you would like an opportunity to win, follow these simple steps:

  • Follow @ChurchDiversity and like my new ScottWilliams author Facebook Fanpage.
  • Tweet or Facebook this something about Church Diversity the book w/ either this link to amazon or this link to the “Sunday Morning” Church Diversity book trailer and a link to this post Be creative, use your own words, use the #ChurchDiversity hashtag, take a picture of your book, say something simple like: “Read this… #churchdiversity” or “check out this new book by @scottwilliams.”  Again the only requirement is a post and a link with @ScottWilliams in the link so I can easily know who posted in each hour or a tag on Facebook.  Here are a few sample tweets:  Check out the new #ChurchDiversity book by @ScottWilliams & win a cool t-shirt here: or Check out @ScottWilliams new book #ChurchDiversity avail on amazon. or  Check Out @ScottWilliams #ChurchDiversity book trailer here & win a t-shirt here Leave a comment below stating that you completed the above steps and that you would like to win a t-shirt. (in your own words) Please share which design & size that you would prefer. Design #1 CD, Design #2 Stacked Church Diversity.
  • Check back throughout the day to see if you won.  I will be giving away 1 on Thurs. evening April 21st and 1 per hour beginning Fri. April 22nd. 8:00 a.m. CST.  One Tweet or Facebook Post per hour and you can enter each hour.  If you don’t have Twitter or Facebook leave that in your comment below and we will group all of those individuals at the end of the day and choose one winner.

Again check back to see if you won, winners will be chosen from our highly scientific random arbitrary give away system. 🙂

Update: Thurs. evening winner Willy Maxwell

Fri. Morn up to 9:00 winner Michelle

Next Winner Alonseo

  • Hey, hope this works for ya. I would love to show my support with one of them tees!

  • Christine Vergis

    woohoo for diversity in the church! and cool shirts!!

  • I have completed the steps above. I would really like to win a shirt to support the idea and movement of Church Diversity. I would like to have design #2 the stack church diversity

  • I want to win a stacked Church Diversity t-shirt (Large)…Please

  • P.S. I did the requirements (@Jeremypicker)

  • Andrew Wight

    I have completes the above and would like to be entered for shirt #2 stacked… The shirt would be cool, but really the message is more important! Much love

  • Andrew Wight

    Doh! Large plz lol

  • Not sure how this is working, but I sent another tweet this morning… get the word out!

  • Show me the t-shirt!

    Tweeted here:!/jwilkers/status/61403334615117824

    I like the stacked version.

    • XL size, please.

  • Michele

    Amazing bk and only on ch 3 🙂 I would b honored to rock a CD T around @potentialchurch! As u know, #diversity is a huge etho of ours! (stacked sz small)

  • Victor Cifuentes

    Waiting anxiously for my copy of book. Followed all steps and would love to sport out a fresh tshirt too. Can I have one? Holler

  • Brian

    Got my copy in the mail yesterday, and I’m loving it! I’ve completed all the steps. I’d like the CD design in large.

  • Alright, RTed the message and will continue to do so throughout the day until I win a shirt 🙂 Big fan on Facebook page. I’d like Design #2 in a large. I lived in the south all of life (GA,TN,AR and LA, now back in AR) I know the importance of the message here.

  • All steps are done! I prefer design #2 in large. Thanks!

  • Kadence

    I completed the steps! Did I win?

  • Completed and will continue to do so. 🙂 XL in design #2.

  • Listo… Ya complete todos los pasos… Quiero ganarme uno por favor!!!!

  • I did all the steps and I want to WIN!!!

    I would like to WIN size large (because women are diverse, too!).

    I prefer design #2 when I WIN because it states the word diversity – our family and our church ( are both diverse and we like it that way!

    Happy Holy Friday y’all!

  • I followed the steps above, and would love to win a free t-shirt! I like design #1 CD, adult small. I love chapter 3 as well, great book!

  • John

    #FistBumb Bro, awesome, got it all done and shared. Would love to receive one of the shirts….. Design #2 Size Large please. Thanks Man for all you have done for us

  • Meg

    Love the t-shirt designs! They’re pretty rad. I’m a fan of #2…size medium 😉 Also, I tweeted about this. I’m @megaug in the twitterverse. Congrats on the book…can’t wait to read it!

  • I tweeted about the book ~!/TheJohnsFamily/status/61505124736045057

    Twitter name: @TheJohnsFamily

    And I would love to win design #2 in an adult medium!

  • Brad Bates

    Hey Scott!

    Loved the book! As a matter of fact, am reading it again!

    Enjoyed the opportunity to help you but wouldn’t mind having the Design #2 Stacked Church Diversity shirt either.

    I posted the following:

    Want to change the world? Reading @ScottWilliams book #ChurchDiversity is a good place to start!


    One day she will change the world! #ChurchDiversity by @ScottWilliams

    You gotta see the pic I took for the second posting.

    Will continue posting for the next couple of hours.

    Here’s to your book flying off the shelves and changing peoples lives forever.

    Your friend,


  • Brad Bates

    Sorry, Scott…..XL

  • Danny Wahlquist

    I completed the above steps and would love to wear a Design #2 Stacked Church Diversity XL or XXL t-shirt to support you!

  • How do we know who won? Just curious 🙂

    • I’ve been mentioning on twitter and here… I’ll update

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