Chicago Pastor Gives MLK Like Speech At Rahm Emanuel’s Inauguration

Pastor Charles Jenkins of Fellowship Church in Chicago gives an amazing and inspirational speech asking God for wisdom and guidance for the City Of Chicago. This speech was delivered at the Mayoral Inauguration for Mayor-Elect Rahm Emanuel.

This speech was well crafted, well delivered and well needed for the City Of Chicago. The even better thing about the speech is the fact that it was delivered by a great man of God, gifted leader and visionary with a true passion for the City Of Chicago.  Charles is a great friend of mine and Chicago is blessed to have this young visionary leader in Windy City.

The speech is the 1st 5:13 of the video segment.

Share your thoughts on the speech.

  • Love the speech! Our city does NEED guidance. Glad he mixed in some humor with the Chicago Bulls thing.

  • LeAundre Hill

    Awesome job in representing the Kingdom and Chicago

  • What a terrific inspiration and encouragement that there are those still confident and willing to “confess and ask for guidance”.

  • Femi


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