Leadership Tools For Success

Over the years I have been on the providing and receiving end of Leadership Tools For Success. The way I view Leadership Tools For Success is this:  We all have tools for success, often times we either have to learn how to use them or we have to dig deep down in our inner toolbox in order to find them.

Leadership is about allowing those you lead to utilize the existing tools at the top of their toolbox, while encouraging them to dig around to the bottom and find tools that they may have never realized they had. Again, as leaders we must provide opportunities for our team members to utilize the existing tools, while encouraging them to dig deep in the toolbox and find new tools.

The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.” ~Harvey Firestone

Is leadership development the highest calling of leadership?  Share your thoughts and experiences on leadership development and the Leadership Tools For Success.

  • I couldn’t have said it better myself. So many people view leading as a way of controlling people instead of a way of helping people grow. I have been taught and believe it to be true that a good leader is training people to one day replace him/her.

  • The hardest thing for me to do is see the tools that I posses. I think I know what they are but struggle between the lines of am I being arrogant or am I lying to myself? It helps me a ton when others come along side me and can coach and mentor those tools in me.

    I think mentoring is the best leadership training system out there

  • Scott

    Then there’s the challenge of the small church with a pastor and volunteers only. Lay folks are not always interested in leadership training.

  • If you are going to accurately measure success, ultimately feeling truly satisfied with your life, you will have to define what success means to you. Base your definition on what you think, not what society thinks or what you see on television – not what your mother, brother, sister, father, aunt, uncle, cousin or spouse thinks – not what your boss, teacher, pastor, counselor, neighbor or friend thinks, but what you think.

  • Hello Scott,
    I believe it is one of the highest calling of a leader. It is key for leaders to raise up the next generation of leaders.

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