What Used To Work, Is No Longer Working!

I’ve been traveling quite a bit lately, and with traveling comes a lot of learning and people watching.  One thing that I have noticed is that every time I’m in the airport there is a little booth where people are trying to get you to sign up for some credit card associated with frequent flier miles of some sort.  We’ve all seen them, as people walk by they start yelling, “Hey sir or ma’am get your card, earn some miles, get a free flight…”

The problem with their “talking & yelling” approach is that no one is listening, people continue to walk by and avoid the booth like the plague.  Dave Ramsey is probably delighted to see everyone walk swiftly past the airline credit card people.

I personally think they need to STOP Talking, Nobody Is Listening.  They need to try a new approach.   What used to work, is no longer working.

That’s the story of life, leadership, relationships etc.  Sometimes we need to STOP Talking, Nobody is listening.  Try a new approach: “What Used To Work, Is No Longer Working!”

I went back and forth on whether to title this post STOP Talking, Nobody Is Listening because that seemed to make sense.  I decided to take my own advice and titled it,“What Used To Work, Is No Longer Working!”

  • Some do give-a-ways at sporting events…that’s annoying too!

    • Scott Williams

      I’m sure there are a number of people that buy in, thy did free t-shirts in college. Try something new. 🙂

      • Growing up in LA, they had, in no particualr order: Bat Day, Cap Day, Calendar Day, Kids Day. But not the incessant constant giveaways every one has today. They had musid in the back ground from Helen Dell and the Dodger organ. The game was the thing. Now, do you really think it is better with the loud music, commercials and giveaways on the giant screen in between innings, the cheap giveaways, loud music, etc. That has changed and you say it is better? then someone please inject me with a humanity fix.
        What next? Fans beating up each other to near death because someone has a different cap on? I bet the guys who did that had pink or black LA hats on. Not true Dodger Blue hats on. Oh different is so much better, NOT

  • BAM!! Scott, most churches continue in the same rut year after year, unwilling to admit or address that old structures are no longer working.

    • Scott Williams

      Amen and Amen… hey are culturally relevant to a culture that has long past.

  • I’m new to your website and a new follower of your’s on Twitter and i must say you have very uplifting life relating info going on ! I just recently realized that the topic above is very true and i am heeding the advise to Stop Talking ,Nobody is listening i just began to apply this in my life,relationship and already in just a few days i see results although i have to pray to keep this up so far so good .

    • Scott Williams

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Keep going!

      Thanks for following as well.

  • One alternative, instead of talking to someone, is to ask them questions and let them talk. By asking the right questions, you can often make them think about what you want more than if you had tried by “force”

    • Scott Williams

      so true and ask the questions in a new way…

  • Ed Taylor

    Amen, Donald. That’s what Jesus did whenever he was one-on-one, so probably a good plan.

  • I think in some way you can say that about almost everything.

    It is time for a new way to do things, and I think we are starting to see that. Which is very exciting

    • Scott Williams

      Yes and Yes

  • Scott:
    I just saw your tweet re: rather try and fail than sit on sidelines unwilling to take the risk. Already awake, it woke me up a bit more, and I decided to look into the consciousness behind the tweet (Lauri Rottmayer RTd it and that’s how I saw it.) Well, to continue this long tale-I am one of those many folks who with ample, good, sufficient, and indeed it would seem at times overwhelming evidence are wary of anything which has the word ‘church’ attached to it. So, that having been said, I will add that twitter has brought with it, to me, a broader perspective, a new range of open-mind, and that allows me to cast out some of the fear that otherwise had been blocking me from having conversations with people so aligned with denominations (not just churhces, but temples, missions, any sort of indstitution which seemed to exclude the possibility that any one outside the fold might have anything of value to say)….
    Well, that is a relief.

    • Scott Williams

      Wayne thanks for the encouraging note… Glad you clicked through.

      I’m glad social media is bringing you a broader perspective, because that’s definitely what it does for me every day.

  • I agree that we all need to know when to make changes. If we dont change, we die. Growing takes going forward.

    But, I dont wake up each morning and ask what can I change today. I ask, what needs changing today? I start with me.

    It is also good to remember that We Need to go back to the things that DID work before. You know what they are. I believe Jesus called it First love?

    • Scott Williams

      Amen and Amen

  • Just had lunch with one of my coworkers about leadership structures that expired 25 years ago still being used to lead this generation. Absolutely concur with you on this article.

    Is it the responsibility of the leader to notice or the populous to make enough noise that they demand change? (of course, it’s both but what’s the case for one over the other?)

  • Scott Williams

    Both, for those that settle for not saying anything are as much the problem as those promoting the out-dated.

  • Lamentions 3:22 It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not.23 They are “NEW” every morning….

    Try something New too.

  • new is needed 🙂

  • change is healthy. however, proceed with caution – not all change is good change.

    go Win!

    • I love that heady. Change for change sake is not always healthy.

  • jimmy hankins

    i’d comment, but i’m busy working on my vision app. (grin)

  • Joe Charles

    I agree with Greg to a point. However, and this isn’t a “new” thought, (in fact, not even original to this thread), while change for the sake of it is not always good(even detrimental at times), when we cease to change, we begin to fail. We as leaders must remain relevant while not losing sight of the end goal. Whether it is in business, or church, or education, or personal relationships, we must keep our finger on the pulse of what reaches or “moves” our target audience.

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