Ray Lewis Talks Pride, NFL Lockout, Evil, Football & Community

Nice interview with Ray Lewis putting the NFL Lockout into perspective. Real Talk from one of the more real players in the NFL. ┬áIt’s just 3 minutes… Enjoy!

  • Trent

    If “you” take away our game? Did he really say that? Players fault. Nothing else to say. YOU, Ray Lewis and the other players are the ones taking the game away. I find it interesting that he does not consider his trial for murder as evil. Society should DEMAND better out of these players than this.

    • trent — you really think this is the players fault? The owners are ones who are greedy and unwilling to make the right moves.

  • Real talk. Yeah, Ray does that well. I pray he continues to be Jesus’ hands and feet to the community he is involved with. He oozes that “it” factor.

  • Passion, fire comes out his mouth. If he had a an energy drink, I’d get some. Pow. Man.

  • All I can think of is that Old Spice commercial right now.

  • Thank you for sharing this interview. Its interesting how one of the top NFL veterans’ words speak volumes about how the players feel during this lockout.

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