Coolest, Classiest Sports Fans Ever! Thunder Up

Oklahoma City has to have some of the classiest and best sports fans there is. This was the support and rection to the fans after the #OKC Thunder were eliminated by the Dallas Mavericks.

These fans are outside of the fence of the private airline terminal, on a very late evening after the game. Definitely worth 10 minutes of your day, especially watching the player reactions.

#FistBump to my man @Exodus195 for shooting the video. Over 32k views.

Share your thoughts on the video and how awesome the #OKC Fans are. What other professional sports franchise have over the top fans?

  • Rapid technological progress almost makes me sad. I bought a Canon S11 for less than two years ago. It felt like it was the best in the world then, now it’s less than exciting to say the least, although it is still the same camera. Have a nice Monday!

  • Great post! Keep it up the good work and also keep posting.

  • Well as personal I think that the motivation and support of every team in this world are the fans ’cause they’re always with them give them their love and good thoughts and it has an effect on the performance of the team.

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