“Diversity’s Symphony” Church Diversity Spoken Word

It has been amazing how well the message of #ChurchDiversity has been received around the country and even around the world.  It’s been a true blessing to be able to speak at churches, colleges and conferences all around the country about Diversity in the Church.  It has been great to see churches from 24 states add their name to this list of churches of being committed to Church Diversity.

My buddy Chase put together a couple of Book Trailers that have received over 5,000 views.  I wanted to take the video illustration of the church diversity message in my book to the realm of spoken word, so I called upon two friends to make it happen. I asked my man David Bowden to write an original spoken word piece, not only did he write one, he penned the amazing piece in the above video titled “Diversity’s Symphony.”  My man Samson Varughese from Emanate Media brought David’s words to life in this video.

I love the the richness of this piece, I’ll definitely be using it when I’m speaking at some of my speaking engagements.  If you, your church is interested in having me speak to your organization, church or group about diversity or any other subject, please send Ashley Smith an e-mail ashley(at)bigisthenewsmall.com or fill out a contact form here. We are currently scheduling dates for the end of the summer and fall.

Share your thoughts on this video.  Feel free to share it with your friends as the goal is to continue to lay the heartbeat of this movement on the hearts of God’s sons and daughters.

  • it is awesome piece of art and it goes very deep – good job…

    • Scott Williams

      Samson & David are both talented

  • Chills! Man that was hot. I loved (what looked like) names on the “soap box” as if he’s not just speaking for himself but an entire community a generation of people that hunger for the church to be the reconciled ones that reconcile.

    Loved it.

    Tweeting now.

    • Scott Williams

      That’s right, you pay close attention to details… the birds at the beginning were nice & real. Really good piece, thx for sharing

  • Kevin Bussey

    That was powerful Scott. I wish we had a church like that in Birmingham.

    • Scott Williams

      I’m supposed to be in birmingham soon…

  • Terri Knoll

    totally awesome and totally true!

  • YES! YES! YES!

  • Love the creativity of the video. Very well done. I also love your heart for seeing the church reflect on earth what it will look like in heaven. I did cringe some on the artistic addition to Galatians 3. Especially since Paul is fighting for gospel clarity separating religious sects. I haven’t read your book YET but that seems to distract from what I’ve understood about your message from Twitter.

    • You should pick up a copy… Really appreciate your candor

  • Impactful flow!

  • Impacting flow!

  • Jim Puntney

    John Perkins said it right….”Love is the final fight”

  • dope! we need this guy at We Tell Stories Poetry Night to drop this one. go Win!

  • Gail Dudley

    Excellent piece!

  • Awesome! Well done Scott.

    • Thx bro. I’m getting lots of interaction from Africa since TBN taping

  • Scott, Chase, David and Samson – well done friends. This is a GOOD word and probably the most necessary, persuasive, re-configuring call for His Church worldwide – at this moment. I’m with you 100+ friends! May the Spirit open Souls to hear and receive.

    • May the Spirit open Souls to hear and receive.
      ‘Amen & Amen

  • Brilliant. Applies everywhere in the world.

  • Kevin Bussey


    Let me know when you are in Bham. I would love to meet you.

    • Hopefully soon, have talked to a couple of churches there… just need to get it on the schedule

  • i am moved… incredible. i echo rich’s thought’s on the “soapbox” loved every detail. incredible work.

    • Thx for the comment and thoughts on the details… they did a fine job

  • Love it bro!

  • Kelly MacDonald

    Church Diversity doesn’t stop at your doors, that’s where it begins… Jesus said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel…. So GO!!

  • This is great!

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