John Ortberg Interview: “The State Of The Church”

Perspectives: John Ortberg and Scott Williams from Monvee Video on Vimeo.

It was great to sit down with one of the great authors and ministry leaders John Ortberg.  John asked me some candid questions about the state of the church and the state of Church Diversity.  I have always appreciated his wisdom, leadership, writing & influence from afar…  It was an honor to sit down and hear his heart and field a few questions.

Share your thoughts about anything we discussed in the interview, or feel free to share ask any additional questions that you may have.

  • This was a great in depth interview with two great guys with wisdom beyond my years. It would be my desire that somehow “diversity”. would make it’s way into vision statements and core values in our churches everywhere.

  • Good interview sir!

  • SZ

    How soon we forget southern white churches did not allow outsiders under Jim Crow laws. Hope they repented cause if not they busted hell wide open.

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