Am I Too White To Be Your Pastor?

Pastor Patrick Kelley of RiverPointe Church asks the question, “Am I Too White To Be Your Pastor?” He actually posed this question throughout the streets of his suburb of Houston.  Pastor Kelley also sat down and talked with former NBA Player Reggie Slater to talk about this same topic.  

This question raised a lot of eyebrows and help facilitate a great conversation about #ChurchDiversity.  I love Pastor Kelley’s heart for diversity and I will be speaking at RiverPointe Church this weekend.  If you are in the Houston area, stop by and visit.

If you would like to check out the news article of Pastor Kelley asking the bold question, you can click here.

I guess I could simply close with this question, “Am I Too Black To Be Your Pastor?”

  • Hi Scott,

    I really enjoyed the video.

    It all boils down to us taking the time to get to know others and realizing that we have so much more in common than we think.

    Let me be the first to answer your question. Are you too black to be my pastor? Color has no bearings on who and where the word or message comes from. As long as it right, then I have no problem. The same goes for a white pastor.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  • Gail Dudley

    Scott, I am glad you replied with your question. I do not think a “White” male pastor is to white to be someone’s pastor. I do believe the better question is the one you have asked, “I am too Black to be your pastor.” My husband is a seminary professor and he taught a class in June called, “The Black Church.” Powerful class and students were lined up trying to get in the week long intensive. No ~ not black students. He raised a great question, “Why is it easy for black people to go to what people consider a white church, but very seldom do you see the reverse?”

    Like what you are doing here, Scott. Raise the question!

  • Hi Scott:

    I really enjoyed your video. I wonder, am I too Jewish to have you visit my blog? 😉

    Sometimes I feel like “all you Christians” are so hooked up. Like on Twitter, if you ID yourself as a Christian, you immediately get 1000 followers. I’m Jewish, I’m .1% of the population. It doesn’t make for a giant following “just because of faith.”

    That said, I think that — as an educator (and a momma) — one has to work very much like a pastor. I found you from Rob and Ricky’s fun contest. I decided I would reach out to the “other team” — as I didn’t know any members over there, but I knew everyone on “the other side.”

    So it is nice to meet you.

    Renée aka: RASJacobson

  • It was easier for folks to say yes to the White pastor than the black pastor. It has always been easier for other races to follow a white pastor but, it has not been that easy for other to races to follow a Black Pastor.

    How many assistant pastor are white on staff with a black senior pastor compared to how many blacks or other ethnic races are on staff at a church where the senior pastor is white, very lopsided. Our music reflects the same thing………Help us today Lord!!!

  • Colette Edwards


    I wanted to tell you what an awesome job you did at River Pointe Church on yesterday! Your message was timely and refreshing. My family started attending the church 3 months ago and our lives have never been the same. We were in search of a church to call home. One that could meet the needs of my husband, my 6 year old son and myself and we found that at River Pointe.

    I remember the first service that we attended, it was on a Saturday. Desperate to find a place that we could all feel comfortable, where the word was made plain and where we could leave at the end of the day with easy, practical life applications, I got myself and my son dressed and off we went.

    My husband on the other hand was a bit skeptical. We would have to drive a little further than normal and Saturday service??? I am sure he thought, “she must be losing her mind!”

    But what my son and I found was so refreshing, a place where we felt so welcome…we could not get enough!!! After that first service my son said to me the later that evening, “Mommy, are we going to church tomorrow?” My reply, “we just went today.” What my son said brought both joy and laughter to my heart…”Now, is that really fair to God?” I could have jumped for joy. My son loved it, now I just had to convince my husband.

    Later that evening as I searched the church’s website and Facebook page I thought I would carefully approach the matter with my husband again. I began to show him pictures of the church and then he asked, “Is the pastor white?” I said yes, and?

    Well, to make a long story short my husband attended a few Sundays later and we are so happy! Now all three of us attend faithfully with my husband making it a priority for our family. We love the relaxed, laid back atmosphere and are excited about the diversity. I wish that more people would step out of their comfort zone and experience Christianity for what it is really meant to be. For us it is not about the color of the person sitting next to us, but more about what we get out of the worship experience. God commanded us to “Love ye one another” and that is what we are striving to do daily.

    I thank God for Pastor Kelly and the River Pointe Church because they were there when my family needed a good church home the most!


  • Randal McMann

    We need to ask the question what wrong with Whites or White Christians following or submitting them self under a Black Spirit Filled Pastor or Black Leadership. I’m not surprise of the Few Comments I see following this topic. Yes, Blacks will follow other Races, but Whites will never own up to their own hidden sins to deal with their inner turmoil in dealing with a Power Position of being under a group of people who never cause them any harm. This is a Christian Blog, why is it so quiet? Where are all the comments? AM I TOO BLACK TO BE YOUR PASTOR?

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