God Is Moving… Leaders Are Responding!

It’s been nothing less than amazing to see, hear and feel the response to God’s message of seeing His church more unified.  As I travel around the country and hear stories from around the globe about what God is doing as it relates to diversity in His church, I get really excited for the future of the church.  I truly believe that this a move of God that leaders and the Body of Christ are responding to.  In recent times, it seems to be more prevalent to see stories of “Church Diversity” in the headlines.  Here are some examples of the stories: Southern Baptist Eyes On Black New Orleans Pastor, Assemblies Of God Growing Faster Than U.S. Population (attributes increase to ethnic diversity), Time Magazine: Can Mega Churches Bridge The Racial Divide?, Am I Too White To Be Your Pastor

Over 45 years ago Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “We must face the sad fact that at the eleven o’ clock hour on Sunday morning when we stand to sing, we stand in the most segregated hour in America.” My prayer has been that we don’t look up 45 years from mow and find Dr. King’s quote to still remaining true.

I receive e-mails, notes and calls on a regular basis from either ChurchDiversity.com or through social media about what God is doing in their church and personally in the Spirit Of Diversity. Below is a simple message that a pastor sent me yesterday.  I love the heart of this message: God Is Moving… Leaders Are Responding!

  • It’s great to hear that we are moving in the right direction. I just read the report on the Assemblies of God growing because of diversity. As a pastor this offers hope to me. I want to make sure that we are moving in that direction because if diversity makes us uncomfortable then being in heaven is really going to feel awkward!

  • That’s awesome man, it’s tough choosing to swim against such a strong tide, the status quo, something that’s been kept on the hush for so long but its evident God’s people wont allow it to be silent in their hearts any longer. Praise God for that.

  • Love the part where he says showing it was not enough, he had to speak it!

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