Some Things Transcend Language (Korea’s Got Talent)

This video transcends the need to speak a particular language.  I don’t speak Korean 한국어/조선말, but I do speak the language of this video.  This is powerful!  9.5 million views and counting.

Take the time to watch this audition for Korea’s Got Talent.  Grab your Klennex!

  • Jack

    If the story wasn’t bringing tears to my eyes (and it did), the singing certainly did.

    I think 6.5 billion cheering him on is not out of the question.

  • What an amazing story! Thanks for sharing.

  • This was a tear jerker, but what really struck me and was convicting to me was the judge’s comment at the end of the video. She said of him, “Regardless of his hard life; he passionately runs toward what he really wants, and even talented ones rarely have that passion.” Wow!! I wonder will that ever be said about most of us who have much easier lives and more available opportunities. #Convicted.

  • Isaak Kwok

    Sorry to burst the bubble. According to friends from Korea, the guy is actually an acting student at the University and not what he is made out to be. Apparently, the judges are in the know and are also acting the shock and all as well. The only people not in the know is the audience.

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