Eminem 60 Minutes Interview w/ Anderson Cooper

I have always been a fan of Eminem, it’s something about his story and authenticity that intrigues me.  Am I a fan of everything about him and his lyrical content?  Nope, but I pray for the guy.

Everyone has a story, this 13 minute segment from last nights 60 minute interview with Anderson Cooper highlights some of Eminem’s story.  Story of a fatherless, bullied kid who repeated 9th grade 3 times, dropped out of high school, got high, abused drugs, got addicted to drugs, was 2hrs away from dying, father who is now 3+ years sober.

This dude has major Saul to Paul potential.

God is not through with Eminem’s story, My story or Your story.

Share  your thoughts on this interview, Eminem’s comments and anything else about the controversial rapper that you would like to share.

  • I constantly wonder what would happen if that guy met Jesus. He has the potential to change the world. He is a genius and a true artist.

  • So cool, it’s always great to listen to artist to talk about their process or get an understanding on how they acquire their ideas. I get his songs on my ipod (clean) 🙂 to keep me sane. Love his intensity and passion. No doubt if that guy came face to face with the Cross…..look out.

  • I think the words that he shares are very powerful. Something many can relate to even if they have not went through the same scenarios in their lives. With the odds he faced, family problems, school problems, drug problems and finding a way to get out is an encouragement to those in tough places. Do I agree with all his lyrics? No. However, I feel there is much people can learn from his life.

  • I’m a fan of Em & AC! I missed this interview. Thanks so much for sharing.

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