Do You Have Something You Want To Promote?

I receive daily requests from people who want me to tweet, help promote or share information about a great ministry, cause, product or idea.  I try to share as many as I can, but I inevitably can’t share them all.  It’s not because I don’t want to share them all, but rather because it would be too much.

I decided to dedicate this post for people to be able to share information about great ministries, products, ideas, books, CD’s, Kickstarter projects, blogs, websites, documentaries, businesses…   I don’t care what you promote, as long as it’s good stuff and not inappropriate.

It’s simple, leave a comment below with links and as much information you would like to share about whatever you are promoting.  If you have a question about what someone is promoting, simply reply to their comment and you can talk amongst one another. If you know someone who has something to promote, let them know about this opportunity.

Thanks again for reading!

Do You Have Something You Want To Promote?  Go Ahead and promote it below. Shamelessly!

  • Interested in theological education? Learn about Central Baptist Theological Seminary. We currently offer courses at our main site in Shawnee, KS as well as in our Wisconsin and Tennessee sites.

    Central Baptist Theological Seminary prepares women and men
    to transform churches and communities by educating
    and forming them as Christian leaders who are biblically knowledgeable, theologically articulate, spiritually healthy, humanly sensitive and professionally competent.

    Check us out at on Twitter at @cbtskansas or on FB at

    We hope to hear from you.

  • Promote your church event for $5. Concerts, VBS, picnics, etc. @churchevents

  • CrossPointe Church in Olive Branch MS, Memphis TN Metro area is proud to announce the 2011 “Mid-South Worship Summit” will be held at our Church Sept 17th 2011 featuring song writer and worship leader Dennis Jernigan. Visit our website for more information as well as a short video from Dennis explaining the conference!

  • Nathan Holliday is a local singer/songwriter from OKC with a vision to reach the lost with music. With the release of his debut album Out of the Darkness this fall, Nathan aims to cross boundaries between the sacred and the secular. “My desire for this project is for the music to be appreciated by both believers and non-believers. God has burdened my heart with a vision to reach the lost through music”, says Nathan. “From the title track, ‘Out of the Darkness’, to the album’s conclusion with ‘Melody of Angels’, this project echoes everything from the creation story to the rapture. It is a story of good over evil, light vs. darkness, sin, salvation, and love.

    “I want to change this fallen world with the gift, talent, and burden God has bestowed upon me. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen. However, I hope you don’t just listen to my music. I pray that you feel Christ’s Spirit, love, grace, and peace permeate your speakers and transform your soul.”

    Visit Nathan’s website for info:

  • Two simple things, I want to connect with all of you awesome people either on twitter, facebook or via the blog and if you dig, check out the music on iTunes. To do that simple swing by here.


  • I started a blog series on Confessions of a Pastor. In this series I will be continually adding content dealing with the things I struggle with, wrestle through, and question. It is a transparent glimpse of a Pastor’s issues: here is the link

    Thanks for this opportunity to share!

  • Christian House Sitters is a worldwide ministry bringing Christian home owners and house sitters together all income goes to support and feed needy children. Please visit our site for details

    Or read our blog

    God bless you


  • Scott,
    First THANK YOU! It’s such a joy to read your blogs and be challenged by you consistently!

    I host The ATTIC:Teen Talk Radio every Monday night at 8:30pm CST at It’s raw, real, and relevant for teenagers around the globe! Each week, we promote a Christian music artist and have an author, pastor, speaker, etc on for the 90 minute show. Callers can ask questions or make comments at 1 (877) 497-5895. I am THRILLED to have YOU, Scott, as our special guest on the show REAL SOON!

    I am also the founder of which is home to devotionals, podcasts, and all around GOOD STUFF as it relates to teenagers! Check it out!

    Thanks again!
    –Steve Austin

  • Thanks for the opportunity to share, Scott!

    I am reflecting, writing and working on missional worship and imaginative leadership at my site. Stop by and weigh in:

    Stay connected…


  • Soler Powered Solutions provides established business owners, entrepreneurs, home-based startups & creative artists with a proven, turn-key business plan. We guide and mentor, enabling them to create a primary or secondary residual income stream that will make it possible for them to stop trading time for money and empower them to start making their vision come to life. If you are coachable and are ready to start your own business, message me today at

  • I am a local entrepreneur from Oklahoma City. I graduated from a private Christian college in North Georgia and I bought out a Allstate agent here in the NW OKC area. We represent Allstate Insurance Company, a company that has provided asset protection to American’s since the 1930’s. Our goal is to provide you with valuable protection in all aspects so that when an accident or unfortunate incident occurs your life changes as little as possible. We provide Home, Auto, Life, Business, Renters, Motorcycle, Boat, ATV, etc…the list could go on forever. We are here to educate you, protect you, and most of all serve you! Everything about contacting me for a quote, referrals, or even employment (WE ARE GROWING) is in my FB Page Link which is attached! Thanks!

    • Sorry folks, the link is attached by clicking my name above. Or you can go here…

  • Book: Walk in your Workmanship

    “As you prepare to read this book, Walk In Your Workmanship, as any competent, professional, motivational speaker or personal executive coach knows, the most difficult thing is to find the key in someone that turns an individual from just a simple understanding to actually changing the way they think and behave. We truly believe in the power of prayers and miracles.”, excerpt from Foreward.

    Thank you Scott..

  • Very simply, I’m madly in love with Jesus and madly in love with His Church. I have given over 30years to serve and build it…and will continue till the day I go to heaven…

  • For fans of @ScottWilliams’s #ChurchDiversity:

    By Their Strange Fruit:

    Exploring how Christianity’s often-bungled relationship with race and racism affects modern ministry and justice.

    “Our mission is to facilitate understanding across racial divides. In particular, we strive to be a safe space for white folk to gain a better understanding of systematic injustice.

    By approaching racial justice and reconciliation from a Christ-minded perspective, we access the relational model that Jesus sets forth, and recognize that racial brokenness hinders our witness to the world.”

  • The massive departing of youth and college students from church and God seems to be in part due to lack of Biblical knowledge of their parents. >>> Free and easy resources to study the Bible on your own. YOU CAN DO IT!! You SHOULD do it!

  • God wants total well-being for all children. Hear more about this on my broadcast, The Great Shalom. See You can comment there, too.

    Also, helping train teachers speak faith over their young students, by training and consulting in CDCs and Christian schools. Clock hours available for licensed centers in Texas. See

    Hey, thanks, Scott!

  • Become an indispensable blogger!

  • Thank you for the opportunity Scott!

    If you are tired of dealing with the same issues and you are desperate for change…Pray-ers Bear Fruit is a must read!

    It shines the light on the hidden man of the heart, exposing what’s blocking your progress. Through my book I take you step by step through the process of change so that you can discover the kind of life you’ve always longed for.

    Some people say, Don’t Judge a Book by it’s cover. I say, “You be the judge. Read it if you dare, your life may be transformed!”

    Pray-ers Bear Fruit is available by visiting my website or wherever fine books are sold.

    Kathy R Green

  • Here is my blog where I post creative articles:

  • I blog. I Twitter. I have an FB page and group. The latter for parents of teens. I am even on Google+

  • Thanks for this opportunity Scott.
    Connect with a hip hop group that is in love with Jesus. Go to our website @, to book us for your church event, camp, or conference. You can also listen to our music and read our bio on who we are from the site.

  • First off, thanks for this oppurtunity Scott. You are the best. I blog, tweet and have a facebook page. If I had to describe my content I would call it Christian inspiration and challenging. My Twitter name is @Reuel_Williams my Facebook page is StrivingForMore: ( )
    And my Blog is now at: but I just started that yesterday so for older posts please visit

    Thanks for the Love

  • Thanks Scott…This is HUGE!

    I have recently started a new Sports Ministry called Game Changers. We minister to athletes, coaches and their families. We also connect the local church to their community through hosting sports missions trips. To find out more information check out the website at

    Thanks again.

  • Myobi Technologies is a new company/service that is specifically catered to exposing and distributing the works of musicians, filmmakers, and self-published authors internationally on mobile web devices.

    This WordPress blog is to gather subscribers for the pre-launch of the site, intended for engaging and the offer of trial offers for the site’s services. Come comment and network with other artists in your industry!

    Also, “like” our fan page found on the site.

  • Thanks buddy for the opportunity to post!

    If you know anyone that has lost a child, this post is for them.

  • Just launched my newest eBook on August 1st:

    It’s available in PDF format:



    We also have a blog where people can share their faith story. Faith story submissions are taken here:

    Thanks for the opportunity to put in my shameless plug. 😉

  • We are putting together the Management Training Directory at

    It features management training vendors, courses, products, websites and blogs.

    You can help us by adding a listing:

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