Win Shane & Shane’s New Album “The One You Need” Before You Can Buy It

I have some great give-aways today.  Today’s BIG give-aways include some cool stuff from some friends of mine, christian artists Shane and Shane. If you are not aware of their music, you should be, these guys are the real deal.  We recently hung out and I just love these guys genuine hearts and passion to share their gospel and impact the community.

Shane and Shane has sold over a half a million records and now they have a new project which is their first studio release in two years, The One You Need. Available Oct. 4, the project’s debut single and title track is quickly becoming a hit.  As a matter of fact just yesterday, on my way to an client appointment, I had to sit in the car and finish listening to “The One You Need” before on The Message satellite radio station before going into the meeting.

After a brief hiatus from recording, Shane Barnard and Shane Everett have returned to the studio with two years worth of new material, all self-written and self-produced. The duo, who has been playing together for 13 years, has joined efforts with Fair Trade Services, home to top artists including The Afters, MercyMe, and Derek Webb, for this new album.

The Shanes, now both married with children, created this latest record through the lens of fatherhood and community. In fact, Barnard penned the title track—a poignant letter from daddy to daughter—a week before his daughter Lucy was born. Having also recently assumed the role of worship pastors at their local church, The One You Need additionally contains songs intended to minister to those hurting around them.

Although it doesn’t release until October 4th, I already have the new album in my iTunes (I got the hook up… keep reading, you can also get the hook up).  It’s an awesome project that really compliments the Shane’s unique style and unique sound.  Some of my personal favorites include: Grace Is Sufficient, Your Love, Praise Him, Miracle and the title track “The One You Need” which is featured in the above video.  As a parent it will break your heart and make you re-focus at the same time.

Do You Want The Hook Up? We are giving away 4 different prize packages, click here to check out what is included in Package A, B, C & D.  Package A includes everything from a signed copy of the alum to 2 FREE tickets to any ticketed Shane and Shane show and more.

Winning is easy as 1 – 2 – 3

  • 1. Leave  comment stating that you would like to win a copy of the album, in your own words of course.
  • 2. Re-Tweet my tweet about winning a copy, or simply copy and paste the below tweet info. to your Facebook or Google+ status if your aren’t on Twitter.  If you don’t have Twitter, Facebook or Google+ simply leave a comment and we will pray for you to move into the new media generation.  🙂  Seriously leave a comment and let me know that you don’t have either Facebook, Twitter or Google+.  Here is the tweet you can copy and paste or you can simply find @scottwilliams on twitter and re-tweet it.  Win Shane & Shane’s new album “The One You Need” B4 You Can Buy It. (Also Tix to a Show)
  • 3. Go browse around the and check out more about the project.
  • Note: 4 Winners for packages (A-B-C-D) will be selected from the comment section and will be announced on Monday August 15th.  You can leave one comment each additional day that you follow steps 1 & 2.  Be sure to change your tweets up a bit.   An individual could have 4 entries if they tweeted and commented each day. Increase your odds, participate daily!

I will randomly choose 4 Names to win these packages with the help of or another random means from those who complete the above steps by 4:59 pm central time 8/15/11.  I will announce the winners the evening of 8/15, right here on this post. Good luck and share this info. with your friends.

The Winner Are As Follows… thanks to everyone for entering!

Package A: Andrea MacBean
Package B: @Matreames
Package C: Dana Ferguson
Package D: Steve Gagne

  • dude i really enjoy this band, count me in.

    for (var i = 0; i<4; i++) {
    r = Math.floor(Math.random()*adArray.length);
    randomWinner[randomWinner.length] = adArray[r];
    That'd do it in flash if i typed it all correctly! … nerd…

    • What would you doooo, for a new cd of shane and shane? (sing to Klondike bar song) I would jump up and down a couple times. I would hug the nearest bunny rabbit. I would show appreciation to them for their creativity and their apparent love for the gospel in their songs. I might even jump off of a bridge if it was a small one that led into the same kind of water that little john in men in tights jumped in. I don’t know. I listen to their last cd “everything is different” all the time. I love the powerful lyrics.

  • John W

    I love these guys! Winning a copy would be great!

  • I would love to win a copy of Shane & Shane new album. I have recently discovered their music and I love it!

  • rollerpimp

    i would like to win the S&S album as easy as saying my ABCDs.

  • I would LOVE to win one of the packages! I’ve heard a track via a friend who already has the album and it’s so so good! 🙂

  • Retweeted the tweet!

  • Count me in for Shane and Shane’s new album. Too cool… I’d be excited to win any of the 4 packages!

  • Physio

    Hi. I’ve retweeted the phrase and I hope I get picked because Shane and Shane is awesome!

  • I want to win Shane and Shane’s new album please! 🙂 I’m going to tweet it now 🙂

  • Kelly Bryant

    I love Shane and Shane so much! God has obviously given them a great talent and a heart for leading people to Him through music. I pray that they will be greatly blessed back. I would LOVE to get picked for this prize, just sayin. 🙂
    And I am retweeting it 🙂

  • LOVE shane and shane! And would love nothing more than their new CD!

  • LOVE Shane & Shane! And would Love nothing more than their new CD!

  • Definitely would love a copy of this album; especially after their awesome worship during the Influence Conference in Phoenix last week. So anointed!

    Great giveaway!

    (follow @shaneandShane and @getinfluence on Twitter!)

  • Scott, i’ve been loving this band since 2005. Seen them live…and i wouldn’t mind getting free tickets to their next show 🙂

  • I would be overjoyed to win a copy of Shane & Shane’s latest CD! I’m like their #1 fan… or at least in the top 100.

  • I WOULD LOVE TO WIN THE NEW SHANE & SHANE CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (can you tell i’m excited??) Please pick me for it!!! i’m a broke college student and there’s no probability of my purchasing non-school related articles of entertainment at the moment…lol Thanks so much!:)

  • i want to win

  • dustinkipe

    I love Shane & Shane

  • David

    Loved Shane & Shane at Dare to Share this year. Would love to win a copy of the new album!

  • Like I said yesterday… PLEASE PICK MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would find tremendous happiness in winning a copy of that cd!!

    I adore Christian music that has style and pizzazziness. 🙂 If i win i’ll dance for exceeding joy and bubbliness! pleasie, pleasie, pick mesie mesie!! 😀

  • J Williams

    I would absolutely love to win a copy of their new cd…They are awesome! Put me in the running!!

  • Scott Weller

    I really enjoy listening to Shane and Shane. I would love winning one of the packages.

  • New CD would be fantastic!

  • YES! The shanes are my heroes, I patterned my worship after them, gungor, and John Mark McMillan. If I had a choice, I would like Option A, simply because I want the “organic acoustic” version of the album. I love their acoustic versions, sometimes I feel those are better than the originals.

    Thanks for having this contest, you are more awesome for it.

  • Shane & Shane? Yes, please!! I’m in. Awesome giveaway!!

  • Just tweeted again! Listened earlier to some good ‘ol S&S =D

  • Dearest Scott and his blog,

    I shall alas admit to the fact, and indeed resign to it, that this winning is solely determined upon random chance, and luck of the draw. However, this does not, nonetheless, deter my declarations that winning this Shane & Shane CD would be positively delightful if it were to happen to myself. I shall, therefore, state all the more excitedly and with full joy that if I were to be chosen, I would be quite delighted and forthcoming with shouts of adulation. I, once again, have submitted yet another post, and shall send virtual bird songs through the twittersphere of your musical drawing.

    Sincerely, Andrea

  • Victor Cifuentes

    Love Shane & Shane, can’t wait to hear the new album. Would love a chance to win it HERE!

  • Tweeted again! Really would like to win =D

  • Physio

    I’d like to win! Have tweeted again.

  • “Oh, oh, oh
    I would love this CD!
    Please, please, please
    Oh, please pick me!”

  • Kara

    Love Shane & Shane! Would love to win a copy!

  • Physio

    Have tweeted. so excited for tonight!

  • Did the last tweet for the contest, can’t wait to see who the lucky winners are. They’re gonna be blessed!

  • I “yearn” to win this CD. It would be “the answer” to making all my “bad days better” as I work away in this “barren land” of cubicles. I “beg” that I win Package A because “I want it all”.

    “This is who I am”,

  • I did it again, I am super excited for this.

  • “This is my last entry
    to win the CD.
    I would be really excited
    if Mr. Williams picked me!”

    Steve 🙂

  • Stephen

    Pray for me – I’m not on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

    But…I do love me some Shane & Shane. I’ve been a huge fan of Shane & Shane since before they were Shane & Shane. Anybody ever heard of the band “Turning Circles”…or how ’bout “Shane & Caleb?” If there is any doubt about how much I love Shane and Shane…I even named my son “Everett” (after Mr. Shane Everett of course). I REALLY want to win this! Pick me please!

    • Yes, I have heard of both. However, I doubt I would name my child after them. That is the epitome of fandom. you beat me.

  • I love me some Shane & Shane! Pick me!

  • Joshua Simpson

    It may sound simple, but I have always loved Shane and Shane as well as the new song “the one you need” is the most perfect song for my feelings toward my daughter who just turned 4. Its simple, I love you this much but I understand I will fail you but Jesus will never fail you.

  • Dearly Beloved,

    We are gathered here today to behold which of these fine commenters shall be bestowed a copy of the new Shane & Shane CD. (of which I hope to be chosen!) Everyone who wishes to win a cd, speak now or forever hold your peace.


    May peace follow you all the days of your life, and may you dwell in the house of the LORD forever. Amen.

  • Jason Spitzer

    I would really like to win the new CD. Please count me in and pick me!

  • Danielle Browning

    I’d love to win a copy of Shane & Shane’s new album! I LOVE their music – they’re so anointed! I’ll buy it either way!!

  • amykay

    we LOVE shane and shane. i had to literally force my husband to sit down and watch the video for ‘the one you need’ because we have a 1.5 year old baby girl and he didn’t think he could emotionally handle it 🙂 i would love to have a tool that can make him cry at the drop of a hat please!

  • Jeremy Shinall

    Would love to win the new CD from @shaneandshane!

  • Charles George

    Winner #4! Winner #4!

  • Robyn corcoran

    Their music has changed my life!! The Lord uses them in such amazing ways!! I’d love to win this amazing opportunity!!

  • Doug Cutting

    There are no words to describe how much I want this. I the biggest fan of the Shanes in the Rochester, NY area. PLEASE PICK ME!

  • Kelly Kretzer

    I recently discovered Shane and Shane and adore their new song and their musical style. I would love to win this giveaway and get to know their music better. May God bless them for using their spiritual gifts to His glory.

  • Kathleen Campbell

    I would be SO grateful to win the new CD! Absolutely love the new cut! My husband and I have a 7 year old daughter, so it really hit home:) We are huge fans!!

  • Albert Lew

    Whether the “Kitchen Sink” or even an instant download, I would LOVE to get my hands on this new S&S CD! First saw them live 5 years ago and love the harmonies they bring to each song they put out. Amazing stuff!

  • Daniel Johnson

    I want a CD!! My favorite group!

  • I would like to win a copy of the album in my own words, of course.

  • I would be quite interested in winning one of said packages. Thank you kindly. Consider your tweet further retweeted.

  • Caleb Barrett

    I would LOVE to win the new album!!!!!!!!!

  • I just wrote this note to Shane & Shane ~ perhaps this might qualify for me to win a CD or package, of course, randomly 🙂

    I will re-post asap – I really hope it’s not too late to be entered. I cannot have enough of them to worship along with, in my car with my kids.

    Hey Shane & Shane…
    I thought you might be interested in knowing how one of your shows changed the trajectory of my life.
    In the Spring of ’09, Austin, TX.- I saw an FB ad for a free Shane & Bethany D.concert that took place in a school, hosted by Ecclesia Austin, I believe. My husband & I went & sung along to many familiar songs. I cried at many of them but esp. when I heard “Turn down the music”, & then again when they played a promo video @ intermission for Stop Child Trafficking Now. I had no idea this was happening in the US.

    I went home, researched it more online, watched ‘Taken’ & ‘Human Trafficking’, and then was invited to an SCTNow ‘More than a Tea Party’, where I met, with a hundred other ladies, the founder, Ms. Lynette Lewis and heard some terrible stories of US – and Austin cases. At that point, I knew to much to do nothing. God had been preparing my heart for years for this very cause, seeping in me…sowing in me the knowledge of his potential given to every little girl and boy. This potential, among many other sacred attributes, has been stolen from millions of children, US & abroad. I shake my head in disbelief and frustration that selfish addiction and the love of money could drive humans to this low – could drive them to steal a child’s God-given destiny & enslave them in sexual servitude. At the Tea Party, I signed up for my first “Stop Child Trafficking Now” Walk in Austin & walked that 5k with 600 others in the fall of ’09…quite an empowering & impacting event for me.

    Spring of ’10 came around & my family of 4 was looking at the possibility of moving back up to Oregon where I’d lived & loved for 30 years. I looked up Portland SCTNow on Facebook and saw the admin’s contact info, called her and asked her about getting involved in Portland’s chapter…maybe even in a leadership position. She was so excited, as she said “that would be perfect. I am moving up to Seattle soon and have no one to take my place yet as Portland Ambassador”. The only kind of leader I’d been before was a cheerleader (and “mommy”), and with great intimidation, and the fear of God that had risen in me, I applied for the volunteer Portland position.

    My husband had no solid business leads as a web designer & I hadn’t heard back from SCTNow, when we sold everything of ours that couldn’t fit into or on top of our Scion XB toaster of car, and we moved from our 2k sqr-ft home in Austin to Portland in June ’10. Stayed with my parents, & then an apartment, replying on God alone to provide finances & wisdom to plan & organize 2010’s main fund raiser, The SCTNow Portland Walk.


    It was the toughest adventure, and the most rewarding job I’ve ever taken on. But 526 people decided to join me that day and together we raised $19,660 that went toward programs & missions that lower the demand for child trafficking.

    The predators here in the US – the #1 destination for trafficked children- that are looking for our most vulnerable kids to exploit and rape – their days are numbered. As SCTNow has officially partnered with Homeland Security and with Facebook, we are not just tracking hundreds of new predators every month in high-risk cities, but pulling down new facebook profiles every day – profiles that were created to network & grow their child sex rings.

    We’re now getting ready for the 2011 Walk/Run – telling everyone we can to register for free…and to raise at least $100 for this crucial cause that is taking the target off the backs of little ones. I’m more pumped than ever about it – when I think about this year’s event being at Oaks Park, the incentive prizes, live music, Whole Foods fruit, PopChips, guest speakers & a beautiful trail course that parallels the majestic Willamette River & the natural habitats of Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge!!

    Here is the Portland Reg. link with all the details:

    In short, I knew that God had a calling on my life, but didn’t realize that it would be an ever growing burden – one that is in fact, light with supernatural vision and PROvision from my God almighty – the one true God of Justice.

    Thank you for staying true to your calling as musicians & worshipers & creative artist-leaders of the body of Christ. Your talent inspires me, as a singer myself. Your message of truth, grace and justice overflows on all your audience, infecting some – choice few- with a passion for God they’ve never experienced before and never want to shake! May this continue to happen with every show, and I pray that He blesses you immensely in all you do for His glory, Shane & Shane. “

  • I love Shane and Shane and have big fans for a while. I would LOVE the new album!! I have followed them since college. I still dust off Rocks Won’t Cry every so often. 😉

  • Lauren p

    I would love a copy!

  • Lauren p

    I would love a copy! Yay!

  • Rebecca Harris

    I would love to win!

  • Drew Mahan

    Shane and Shane are my favorite artists! Joey, the drummer is awesome too. PLEASE let me win. I am in between jobs and my income has greatly decreased. No extra money for an album. Thanks for the consideration!

  • Geneyem Barrett

    oooh I sooo love the Shanes and I’m always excited for their new stuff

  • Geneyem Barrett

    i retweeted as well @geneyem

  • April B

    What a great prize! I’d love to win!

  • Abi

    Pick me, pick me! I live in New Zealand and I’m probably the fartherest person away to enter this competition!!! AND I’ll retweet (@smabbi)

  • Scott Williams

    The Winner Are As Follows… thanks to everyone for entering!

    Package A: Andrea MacBean
    Package B: @Matreames
    Package C: Dana Ferguson
    Package D: Steve Gagne

  • Sweet! Thanks bro!

  • Congrats all! 🙂

  • EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! *really high-pitch squeal of joy* THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! OMYGOSH! Me so happy!!!! what do i need to do?? I shall await the next email with exceeding excitedness and enthusiastic anticipation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I just had a serious SPAZ out moment in my room as I read that I won! What must I do to claim my package?

    • And they are downloading now! I must get some lunch to celebrate… to the kitchen!

  • hollya

    I just found out this bands name and I love them! I am having the hardest time finding the song I am in love with about walking in garden with Christ! Does anyone know which one I am talking about? Please help me! Thanks

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