Be Present

What does it mean to be present in this hyper-connected, fast-moving, multi-responsibility, technologically-advanced, distraction-based, ever-evolving, multi-tasking, dollar-driven, multi-focused world that we live in? That’s a hard question, with a very simple answer.

The simple answer is “Be Present!”

Present is defined as being, existing, or occurring at this time or now; at hand; immediate or current.

To be present is to focus on the here and now.  To give focused and undivided attention at the current moment or place that you find yourself.  This is easy to get away from and takes focused attention to make it happen.  A few things that I do to try and be present are:

  • I finish all cell-phone conversations before I go into my house, on the drive, in the garage… but not in the house.
  • I try to complete all assignments, tasks, appt.’s between 8-5 and not allow them to carry over into family time.
  • I put everything on my calendar, in order to make sure my priorities are straight and look back and see what kind of undivided attention I gave people, places & things.
  • I answer e-mails in divided chunks of the day and not as they come in.
  • I like to plan; however I embrace the tension of not looking too far ahead and I rarely look back.

I could go on an on with things that I’m trying to do in order to stay focused and be present; however the bottom line is it takes focused effort.  If you don’t focus on being present, you won’t.

The theme of this years Catalyst Conference in Atalanta is Be Present. Not just be present as in attendance, but rather focusing on being present in our lives.   I will be present and personally I’m looking forward to hearing the list of great speakers. I will definitely be present when Dr. Cornell West speaks.

What are you doing to Be Present in your life?  Will you Be Present at Catalyst Conference in Atlanta this year?
  • One that catches my eye is not being on the cell when I walk in the door at home. I finish my conversations before entering. This is so I can be present. I’m still learning not take work home with me or be to involved on my phone or computer. It’s important to be present in all that I do but I definitely want to work hard at being present at home.

    Scott this is definitely a “Go Win” post.


  • What a great post. I am struggling with that now, and my wife brought me being on the phone to my attention.

    At my new job one of the norms that we agree to is to be “fully present” during meetings. This means no texting, twittering and facebooking. This was new to me, but it did help me focus. It also helps that i teach class and can only answer my phone at certain times.

  • If you look at sports teams that have a tradition of winning and being the best, you will find a head coach that surrounds himself with the best assistant coaches in the business.

  • First of all, great blog. One thing that has really helped me is task management software. This keeps my team and the people we work with on schedule without endless conversations about what needs done. You basically create tasks and milestones to a project. Each task is assigned to a person and they can log into the site/program and check off their task once it is done. Being organized the key to not bringing work home with you.

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