The Christian Version Of The Drive-By Shooting

This is the christian version of a drive by shooting, I think innocent bystanders may have been injured. Watch this video and share your thoughts!

I found this link from my man @holycowcreative and he got it form @jesusneedsnewpr. (HT: to those guys for the name and link)

  • There was a time when I thought that would have been cool. Not anymore. Wow. My heart aches.

    • Scott Williams

      It’s definitely sad

  • I appreciate her heart behind it… was it effective? Probably not. But she may have planted a seed in someone. We may never know.

    • Scott Williams

      I agree, the sad thing is the type of seed that may have been planted. We may never know.

      Thx for your comment

  • Eric

    I couldn’t watch this whole video, I skipped through tho. There are so many things about it that upset me made me cringe. How can anyone think that it is effective to go around with a megaphone and telling a bunch of drunk people that they need to repent and that they will not enter the kingdom of heaven. They are drunk and not in their right minds and your message is going to be lost on them. I think you are more likely to turn people away than to draw them in.

    Imagine how effective Jesus would have been if instead of loving the prostitutes and accepting them in their weakness he went around on a camel or donkey and told them they we sinners and filthy and immoral, I don’t think he would have had the impact that he had. These students are blinded to their sin and don’t know the truth but there is a right way to bring them along and show them truth. To me the methods shown in this video make me ashamed to associated to this kind of Christianity. Love the sinner, hate the sin.

    How about we start accepting people for who they are and allowing the Holy Ghost and God to bring conviction to them instead of telling people they are wrong and evil. Lets try going to campuses and getting to know these people and show them that we can still enjoy life and have a fuller life through Jesus Christ.

    • Scott Williams

      Well said… thanks for your detailed comment.

  • Josh Sorenson

    This is the stupidest thing ever, people like this cause people to hate Christians. You can’t just walk down the street and say people are sinners, you have to build a relationships and then you do stuff like this. Without respect for the people you are just a troll in this case.

    • Scott Williams


  • I believe the best way to win over others is through relationship. And love – not criticism.

    • Scott Williams


      there is a theme working

  • Steve McBrien

    This is shocking and what is even worst is they have their child with them! This is a perfect example of people who miss quote the word of God and make them selves judge and jury. How can people turn from sin when they have no idea that they are sin? You have to explain to someone they have a sickness before you can cram down their throat the cure or they will never understand or accept it! The title of this video is “right on”. I felt embarrassed for them, they are the perfect example of why we have hard time reaching this generation!
    Great Post Scott!

  • Scott Williams

    Thx Steve… my man @holycowcreative shared the title. it really felt like a drive-by

  • Scott, my mouth was involuntarily open in disbelief for most of this video. In-your-face evangelism never works, it only stirs up hatred and gives Christianity a bad name. Making disciples is about sharing the love of Jesus with others, not judging them. Thanks for sharing!

  • Mark Murnan

    Interesting responses to this “drive-by.” What amazes me is that no one remarked on the urgent need these lost young adults had to be saved! The idea that “in your face evangelism never works” is simply untrue; people are saved as the result of hearing the gospel and repenting for their sins.

    What saddens me most is that dozens of those attending frat parties are “graduates” from church youth groups that heard endless messages that Jesus loved them, and yet, here they are, engaging in drunkeness and sexual immorality. Consider the likelihood that many of these young people have made “decisions for Christ” in the past. Yet, here they are.

    Perhaps getting out of the car and conducting a bona fide “open air” would have been more effective. What is not effective is critiquing from the sidelines, while these precious souls are dead in their trespasses. Just sayin’.

  • Jordan

    That makes me so upset. I found Christ in college and then He called me to join a fraternity and share Him in my relationships with my brothers. From first hand experience, those kinds of people will immediately give you the cold shoulder if you start proselytizing like that to them. Christ shared Himself in relationship, not by cowardly driving by them and shouting at them and judging them.

  • The idea that a seed may have been planted does not justify means that Jesus never would have used. My grandpa used to say, “There’s good biscuits in the pig slop, but we don’t eat ’em.” In over 30 years of ministry, I have never once met someone who came to Christ through these tactics. I have, however, seen many, many people who were wary to come to my churches because they associated us with the bullhorn equipped knuckleheads. A good rule of thumb for evangelism, if you have to use a bullhorn, you’re doing it wrong….

  • I respect the boldness that is shown in the video, but I question their technique. There seems to be no problem using their vocal chords, but I think their wallets would be of better use here. I don’t know any college student that would turn down some free grub. Feed their stomachs. Show compassion first, and allow them to see Christ through a servant’s heart. The tactics on the video will only turn off college students who “think they know it all”.


  • Look, I’ll go ahead and say this upfront: What I’m about to say is completely perpendicular to what everyone else has said thus far. However, I think, because we as Christians have an idealized way (in our minds) of doing things, we are required to demonize the others. With regard to the street preaching type of evangelism, we find ourselves opposed to it, perhaps, for a number of reason (i.e. we were evangelized a different way, therefore it is the best; we evangelized someone else apart from street preaching, therefore it must be (not only imperfect, but) evil.

    So we then use words like “how sad?” or “my heart aches” or “made me cringe” to describe what, in the end, is our opinion of how right we think WE are in discrediting this way of evangelism. The truth is that God can use anything METHOD to reach people with His MESSAGE. We are so arrogant as to think those people did not have the right approach though you may have “respected their boldness.” Have we forgotten that the Gospel IS offensive. If people aren’t offended, perhaps you did not go far enough. Someone said, “In-your-face evangelism never works!” We’re forgetting, however, that “there was a man sent from God, whose name was John.” (Jn. 1:6)

    Simply put, I reject the idea that says, “Although we love the same MESSAGE, your METHOD is different than mine, and therefore wrong, and so my heart aches,” as if you know the results of the outreach. Do you not see that you’re being as “backwoods fundamental” as you think they are? The methods can vary, the message cannot. It’s all love. And if you were offended by this, you can just chalk this up as a “drive-by” too. God bless.


    • Mark Murnan

      Nicely stated, Josh. For those of us who regularly witness, share our faith, serve in ministry, hand out gospel tracts, AND preach open air, there is NO method that can be overlooked. Tens of thousands die each day. While many are building “relationships” their friends and thousands more are dying. Quit posting and go share the gospel of salvation. And when you’ve shared the gospel with those you’re in “relationship” with, go share it with someone you’re not friends with yet. “For I am NOT ASHAMED of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes.” It’s not your wonderful personal skills, your warmth, your tender sharing. The gospel is repentance for sin and faith in Jesus Christ. Nothing more, nothing less. Soli Deo Gloria.

  • I have seen and heard a lot of good and effective college ministries. This does not look like or sound like one of them. I have seen people like this blow in and blow out of town. The must effective ministries I know changed my life started with a small Bible study and an invitation from a friendly guy. Over time discipleship took place. Thanks to the churches that sponsor outreach to college students. Thanks to the Navigators who walk up and down the dorms and frats offering an ear to listen and sound teaching. Thanks to the Gideon’s who stand on street corners and hand out Bibles. My personal thanks to Dan Nordo- for following up with me on a Bible study sign up sheet. It opened my eyes to what Christianity can be.
    The Billy Sunday’s and Billy Graham’s of the world are an example to us all. May we all mature and bring forth fruit. We may not all be Evangelists but we are Christians filled with the fullness of the Power of God.

  • Denise Beverly

    I saw someone do this in my hometown at Christmas time. They drove by this poor sad young man sitting on a bench waiting for the local shelter to open for a meal. They stopped 6 feet from him, pointed the megaphone at him and proceeded to “blast” him with the gospel. The sad thing was it was a church van. I called the pastor of the church the next day and told him how I felt about it. I told him that they would have been much more effective had they got out and sat down and shared quietly with that young man. I feel certain he was alienated as well as the group of other homeless people who were waiting across the street for a meal. so sad.

  • I obviously do not agree with this method of evangelizing or reaching out. Saying that, most people who have the truth do not share it. I do admire the fact that they know people are dying in sin and they want to do something about it. Most people who have the “right” method of evangelizing, aren’t out there on days like that (viewed in the video) telling people about Jesus, or even inviting them to church. It’s sad to see examples like these, but it’s even more sad that people aren’t doing enough while we sit and critique the methods of those who are doing something.

  • Sinead

    I’m not making judgement here, but I never heard a story of salvation or life transformation come as a result of this type of evangelism. I have heard countless others in cases where love, time and relationship were in play. Does anyone have a personal story/experience to share where they were spoken to through a megaphone and there, gave their life to Christ?

  • I don’t know if anyone has said this but we have to remember that at we are just as guilt as the heathen. The ONLY difference is we accept Jesus’ sacrifice and free gift of forgiveness.

    We can’t forget sin is sin and it’s something we are ALL born with. We saints can get so wrapped up and self righteous it makes people hate us. JesusNEEDnewPR!!!!

  • Awesome discussion.. but I personally would like to point out some stuff…

    * That these Christian group (or family?) was brave enough to go out (people could come to them, overturn their car, tear them into pieces, feed them to the lion, etc..) and tell those young people to repent because…

    * They saw that these young people NEEDS to be saved… but…

    * They didn’t preached the Gospel… ONLY when the Gospel is preached then people get saved… because…

    * The Gospel is about God giving his Son to suffer and die as payment for our sins, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ as victory over death…. and that God did this “while we were still sinners”, cause God loves us (Romans 5:8)…

    * That on Luke 19:1-10, Jesus came to the house of a sinner… ate with them and spent “time” with them…

    * That still, even though we might not agree with those people on their style of “evangelism”, God is still POWERFUL that He can use these people so others will get saved…

    God bless..

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