10 Simple Things That Makes Catalyst Great

I have been to many leadership conferences and Catalyst is by far one of my favorites.  It’s only a couple of weeks away, (Oct. 5-7) in the ATL.   Here are 10 Simple Things That Makes The Catalyst Conference Great.

  • 1. The BIGness – There is something refreshing and inspiring to see 12,000+ leaders from around the country pile into Gwinnett Center ready to be inspired, challenged, encouraged and changed.
  • 2. The Hype – Catalyst is a hype machine, if you can’t attend you will still follow the discussions and read the notes of the various talks.  The #CAT11 Twitter stream and The Catalyst Hype Machine go hand- in-hand.
  • 3. The Speakers – Seriously where else can you get Andy Stanley, Dave Ramsey, Mark Driscoll, Francis Chan and one of my favorites Cornell West all on on the same stage and all for one single admission price.
  • 4. The Entertainment – Where else can you see a guy break a Guiness Book Of World Record by jumping 3 Stories from 35 feet 9 inches in the air into a kiddie pool with 11 inches of water or a man shot out of a canon right before Bishop TD Jakes goes up to speak.  Catalyst is just down right fun!
  • 5. The History – This conference is filled with many years of history and memories.  Catalyst has experienced the longest successful run of any major Christian Conference in recent history.
  • 6. The Connections – Catalyst is a great place to make connection with ministry leaders from every nook and cranny you can imagine.  Catalyst is a social media playground, as you are able to make first time and continued connections with your blogging, Twitter and Facebook friends.
  • 7. The Unexpected – You can always expect the unexpected.  The unexpected will show up in the form of an emotional moment, a speaker not meeting expectations, a speaker making some uncomfortably bold statements, a rising star being born and the list goes on and on. Expect The Unexpected!
  • 8. The Traffic – Catalyst wouldn’t be Catalyst without attenders being stuck in Atlanta Parking lot they call a highway.  You can try to beat it, but 9 out of 10 times you will come out on the losing side of the traffic battle.  It’s just part of the experience.
  • 9. The Teaching– The teaching is always second to none and you are guaranteed to walk away with some new tools for your life and leadership toolbox.  You will learn or your money back.  I’m not sure about the money back guarantee, but I would be willing to bet not many people would request a refund.
  • 10. The God Moments – There will always be those moments where you will find yourself day-dreaming about the BIGness of God.   It’s awesome to watch God orchestrate the collective hearts of 12,000 people in a room. You will experience those God-Sized whispers challenging you to dream BIG. think BIGGER.

What Makes Catalyst Great?  Share your thoughts and experiences on the Catalyst Conference?

  • 3 Words: Iron sharpening iron. I can’t wait. Regarding the Hype – you can follow all the speakers, back office team members and more on a Twitter list I created. FYI – that link also has a 22% discount for anyone not yet registered – today’s the last day though.

    • Scott Williams

      Thx for sharing

  • Great list. I think a couple of things I would add (both perhaps particular to church staff attendees) are:

    1. Getting to hang with team members who have moved to other churches.

    2. The time you get to spend building relationships with the team you’re on.

    • Scott Williams

      Those are great points… one of our favorite roadtrips was a trip to catalyst with our entire team.

  • TJ

    My first experience with Catalyst was with the first Catalyst West conference. Actually, I had no idea what I was going to; I just wanted to hear Hillsong United.

    That Catalyst conference changed me.

    I left so refreshed after feeling so dead and tired inside. I’ve always worked hard behind the scenes in church and at work (I’m a teacher), and I was worn out. Catalyst makes you feel special and allows you to truly rest and enjoy yourself without having to worry about doing anything.

    I also left with my horizons expanded. I’ve gone to the same church since I was in the fourth grade. My “Christian world” was pretty limited. Then I heard Andy Stanley speak…and my mind was blown away. I actually took notes, and I hadn’t done that in a long time! The other speakers were fantastic, too. I now listen to many other speakers online–speakers that I never would have known of if it weren’t for Catalyst.

    And over the last few years, I’ve been able to share some of the stuff I’ve learned (both directly and indirectly) in a number of different ways at church. I think our church would be different if Catalyst hadn’t been in the picture.

    I agree with your other points, too. Catalyst is a conference that I would definitely recommend if you can afford it. Seriously, I would pick Catalyst over Disneyland any day! I wish I could be in Atlanta! You’ll have a great time–guaranteed!

    Okay, I’m going to stop now before I start being jealous. =)

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