Effective Time Management

I was one of the speakers for Leadership Network’s TheNines Conference again this year.  This year’s task was quite simple – shoot a 5 minute video answering one the 9 questions.  This is the video that we shot answering the question: How Do You Manage Your Time?

My man @SamsonVarughese brought the video to life for me with a little extra effects.

How do you manage your time?

  • Thank you Scott for this video. Great ideas put together in short time. The best ideas are sometimes the most simple and to have priorities in this particular order is very simple yet sometimes really hard to be in real life…

    • Scott Williams

      Thanks Milan… really short amount of time.

  • Great Scripture and great message. Time management is tough, even more so in a relational ministry where time is a PREMIUM.

    • Scott Williams

      It’s one of the most important resources

  • Managing time! It’s key. One of them anyway.

    • Scott Williams

      that’s how you win…

  • Christina

    I’m currently reading a book on time-management. It was awesome to get this version with the God perspective included! Thanks for posting!

    • Scott Williams

      Thanks… God 1st is key

  • Hey Scott.. great job.. 5 min is not much time but you ‘managed it’ with excellence!

    • Scott Williams


  • Kevin McCasland

    Thanks Scott! You have shared SO much in such a short time. Took notes…posted notes…revisit notes…develop habit…maintain priorities!

    • Scott Williams

      Thanks Kevin… That’s an awesome approach.

  • Ray

    Very well done…Love how you bring in the graphics. I thought I’d be half listening, but it really kept my attention….good msg too =)

    • Scott Williams

      Thanks… I thought the graphics worked also, you never know when you are planning to do them. 🙂

  • Jarrod

    Great post….I need to do a more effective job managing my time.

  • Great post your given information does help me a lot knowing that you have shared this information here freely.

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