New Season For The Williams’ Family

I am making an announcement about the new Season for The Williams’ Family.  Before I announce what that season is and where we are going, let me rewind almost 8 months ago.  I actually made the “Big Announcement #2” that I was going to be transitioning out of my role at into a new season of ministry for my family.

Fast forward 8 months and I have started a consulting company Nxt Level Solutions LLC.  The short and skinny of what we do is help organizations with both external and internal growth. We do this by helping with Leadership Development, Strategy, Diversity Consulting and New Media. In a short amount of time, God has blessed us with an amazing group of organizations and individuals to work with.  We are growing and at the same time helping others go farther faster. On top of this, more entrepreneurial adventures are around the corner and I’ve been blessed to continue sharing the message of Church Diversity around the country.

As far as the new season for the Williams’ family, we are going to be (give me another paragraph).   I have received many texts, DM’s & calls about what the new season is; let me explain a little further. When we made the decision to start a new season for our family 8 months ago, one of the goals was for us to continue to grow as a family.  As we prayed about what that would look like, LaKendria and I set one of our primary goals as her being able to stay home.  Years ago we thought this would have been important when our boys were young; however we are finding that it’s important really important at their current stage.

So the New Season For The Williams’ Family is not about us going to a new place physically, but rather LaKendria is going to be staying home.  Yep straight up Betty Crocker, Soccer Mom, Family Coordinator, Supporter, Teammate, Mother, Partner, Wife & making us a better family SAHM.  She put her notice in this week and her last day will be sometime in November.

This wasn’t simply a goal for us, but a step of faith and an act of listening to God’s Whispers. God is oh so many steps ahead of us, we are happy to follow his lead.  Ecclesiastes 3:1 NCV say’s it this way, “There is a time for everything, and everything on earth has its special season.”  I’m really looking forward to this special season.

What new seasons does God have for you and your family?   He’s whispering, are you listening?

  • Scott,

    Love it. Praying for you and the family in this new season.


    • Scott Williams

      Thanks Derwin… Looking forward to it

  • great move man. I’ll be keeping you in my prayers when the transition hits the ground fully. You’ll learn a new way to love your wife and your kids with your presence and support. She’ll need it differently than she ever has before.

    • Scott Williams

      Thanks for the encouragement… New is good.

  • You’ve got to keep your ears open! Good for you and your family – it is most certainly a special season.

    • Scott Williams

      Keep them open… for sure

  • Excited for this new season in your life. So great that she can stay home with the kids!

    • Scott Williams


  • Ha! You’re going to love this! Go Win!

    • Scott Williams

      Thx for your encouragement bro.

  • Kathryn

    It will be the hardest job she ever loved. Way to GO!

    • Scott Williams

      LOL I like the way you put it

  • So now I can OFFICIALLY say congratulations. 🙂

    And tell LaKendria she can call/text me anytime for ideas about what to do as a stay at home parent. 🙂

    • Scott Williams

      That’s awesome, I’ll tell her that. She won’t have any kids at home.

      • Well – if she just gets bored at home she can call me. I’ll need to talk to an adult at times. 🙂

        • Scott Williams


  • Jason & Jaime

    You already know the season God has called us to, and it has been so rewarding to step out in faith and follow Him! We are excited for all of you!

    • Scott Williams

      It was awesome to watch you guys take a Big Step. Thanks for the comment & encouragement.

  • Scott,
    Very excited for you and LaKendria. Can’t wait to meet this awesome woman.

  • Wonderful…that is wonderful! I am very excited for your family. We made that same leap of faith 6 years ago after our son (our #2 child) was born. We are both so thankful we followed God’s leading in this area and we have been so blessed…I believe you will be as well. There are a different set of challenges that come with this lifestyle, but they will help to shape & prepare you even more for what God is doing.

  • Scott,

    Congratulations to you and your family! My wife is a Family Services Professional, as my sis-in-law like to call her fellow stay-at-home moms, and transitioned to the home front 6 months ago when our daughter was born. She loves it! This would not have been possible without following Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps and more importantly… the Lord!

    Go get it!

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