Christmas Devotional ebook “Christmas Reboot”

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving with friends, family or even by yourself.  It’s time to close the Thanksgiving Chapter and move on towards Christmas.  If you want a great way to help your family or small group to put a purposed focus on the Christmas Season, you should check out Christmas Reboot.
Christmas Reboot is an eBook by my friend Alan Danielson.  It has 25 devotionals that help people and families see Christmas in a different way. The ebook is a great value at $8.99 and this Christmas Season 50% of each purchase goes directly to missions in Guatemala.  That’s a 3-in-1 type of deal: 1. no black Friday lines, 2. great book of devotionals, 3. Make a difference in Guatemala.
Most people will use the book, devotional, conversation starters and other activities on a daily basis with their families in December.   Click here to read a sample chapter and purchase Christmas Reboot.
You can even purchase a distribution license that allows your organization the legal right to distribute free copies!  You can use the distribution license for appreciation gifts to volunteers in your church, to your company’s staff members, or even as a free gift to people in the community.  Click here to purchase a bulk distribution license and give Christmas Reboot to people you want to influence.
Check out Christmas Reboot and let the Christmas Season officially begin.

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