Who Are You Trying To Please?

I enjoy writing, reading, thinking, dreaming, believing and being challenged.  Sometimes the most thought provoking writing and discussions are not facilitated by a statement, but rather by the asking of a simple question.  Life is all about questions and answers.

In the grand scheme of things, often times people spend the most time trying to please the people that matter the least.

Question: “Who are you trying to please?”  Better Question: “Why?”

  • Heather Maggio

    thamk you for the gentle reminder.  It is so true that we so often aim to please the lowest common denominator.  We need to aim higher, which will only raise us higher! 

    • ScottWilliams

      lowest common denominator… I like that

  • Lanita DW

    Short, sweet, and power packed! Thanks for posing a question that I believe we should ask ourselves OFTEN. 🙂

  • Well said! Heather Maggio

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