Please Participate In My 2011 Blog Reader Survey

Well another year has passed us by, out with the old and in with the new.  Not gonna lie 2011 was one of the quickest years ever. I can’t believe another year of life and year of blogging has come and gone.

I have been blogging at for nearly 5 years now.  As a blog approaches the 5 year mark, you have to pay even more attention to relevance, focus, change, growth and direction.

I am looking forward to doing some new things on my blog and with other writing projects in 2012.  I’d like to gather some input and feedback about my blog from the most important people, the readers.  The information in my 2011 blog reader survey allows me to assess the demographics of my readers, as well as get input and feedback so I can continue to provide relevant content while continuing to dream BIG and think BIGGER.

The survey is very quick and is designed to take less than 3 minutes.  Your input is very valuable, extremely helpful and seriously welcomed.  I am also going to randomly choose one survey participant that shares a comment below and give them a $25 Starbucks gift-card.  All you have to do is leave comment and say something like “I took the survey, now give me my coffee.”  Your survey is anonymous; however leaving a comment is the only way I can select a random winner.  If you are not interested in the gift-card, simply complete the survey.  Please click here to take the survey.  

The Coffee Winner has already been selected; however you can still take 3 minutes to take the survey.

Please & Thank You!

BTW- I used Fluid Surveys for my blog survey.  Fluid has more features than many of the other sites and it even has some great options for their FREE version.  Check them out here.

  • Mattgergeni

    I took the survey! Mmm…Coffee!

  • I hope my thoughts are helpful.

  • Coachmatt12

    Survey Complete!!  

  • Yami62

    Just took the survey. Would of been nice to sip on a Starbucks while taking it.

  • Vinces61

    Took the survey. Hoping for some coffee.

  • Brad

    Done. Thanks for asking.

  • Karen La Mar

    Survey-check. Comment left-check Coffee done-not sure yet :). Thanks for the chance to win and for letting us give you feedback.

  • Revnow09

    Survey done. Show me some Starbucks love.

  • Tssivyer

    I took the survey now give the card so that I can take my wife out for a nice coffee

  • Took the survey! The Mayor 🙂

  • Eddie S.

    I took the survey. I thought I left some good tips! Please help a broke college kid out!

  • I took your scary survey.  Now I need coffee to settle my nerves!

  •  “I took the survey, now give me my coffee.” 

  • Alexis Weatherspoon

    I took the survey! And thanks in advance for the free coffee 🙂

  • Took your survey, I’m sure you’ll come across someone in your travels who really needs or desires a Mocha Latté, save the gift card for them 🙂 Thanks for blogging, i enjoy your posts!

  • I took the survey. Now give me my coffee.

  • Paul

    done and done

  • Adam Bowman

    Survey complete. Coffee please..

  • Jackeychapman

    always look forward to your blog..good stuff !!

  • Great year for BITNS! I took the survey, ready for some *$’s

  • @NSLivingston

    Love it, as always. Coffee me bro!

  • Chandler Boyce

    Survey done, now let’s get some coffee.

  • Aaron Marez

    Show me the coffeeee!!! Thanks and #FistBump

  • Joshmgadsby

    The dishes are done! #TimeForCoffee

  • Mere

    I took the survey! Now for that coffee…

  • COFFEE!!!

  • Took the survey – good questions! Coffee please.

  • Yes, please! I took the survey and some coffee, would be great right now! 

  • Shauna

    I took the survey, now caffinate me!

  • Took the survey. 🙂
    (It was the one about writing a book on Tim Tebow… lol)

    I don’t ned the gift card, I work in the mornings at a coffee shop. Just wanted to give you props for a great blog. Thanks for involving me.


  • Chad McKamie

    Yo Scott, I took your survey now hook me up with that Starbucks GC so I can feed Kendall’s addiction!

    Great questions and I can’t wait to hear about your next book


  • kimberlee

    I’m really happy I discovered your blog! I took the survey. God’s blessings on your next 5 blogging years!

  • Dan Christ

    I took the survey, now give me my coffee! I really do enjoy your blog, I am very glad I came across it in the past few months.

  • Survey, check. Coffee?…still waiting 🙂 blessings, keep exploring and sharing about it all. Merry Christmas Scott

  • Tj

    I took the survey, now let’s get some coffee!

  • Anonymous

    Just took the survey.

  • Rich

    I just took the survey Bruh, now gimme my coffee! LOL

  • Neb Milbourn

    Took the survey, how about some coffee.

  • “I took the survey, now give me my coffee.” 

  • Cathy Rigby

    I took the survey! I haven’t had Starbucks since my back surgery 3 months ago so bring it on!

    • ScottWilliams

      And the winner is Cathy Rigby…  We read through all of the comments and I asked my son to pick one.  As I scrolled down he put his finger on the screen and said this one.  I asked him why he selected it and he said “I just closed my eyes.”

      If I would have known he was going to do it that way, he could have saved us from reading all 55 comments.  Thanks for reading and thanks for the feedback!

      • Drew Wilborn

        Congrats Cathy! Enjoy your coffee. Thanks Scott for the great blog posts…looking forward to more of them in 2012.

        • CathyRigby68

          Thank You Drew…….& Scott! Justine will be SO excited to have Starbucks after all this time! I used to treat her to Starbucks all the time when I was working!!

  • Jeremiah

    I took the survey and now I am thirsty!

  • Corey ballard

    I took the survey now give me my coffee!

  • Drew Wilborn

    I took the survey, now give me my coffee.

  • Martyethridge

    I took the survey! I love starbucks! Can i have coffee?

  • Guy

    Survey submitted….send some Starbucks! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I completed your survey, and it totally wiped me out. I could really go for an Americano about now…

  • Corrie

    Took the survey. Love me some Starbucks!

  • Jamie Weathers

    I took the survey!!
    I ❤ coffee.
    Please & Thank you!!

  • Michael

    Mmmm coffee.

  • Anonymous

    Your survey + my input + a little dash of hope = Starbucks for me.  

    Took the survey.  I’m hoping my equation works.

  • Mdsimants

    That was painless.

  • Darrell

    Took the survey… Now its time for you to “randomly select” me.

  • Scott

    Took that survey; choose me, Ooo, Ooo, please!?

  • Billliegirl

    I took your survey. It was short and sweet. I am in real need of coffee, so i would greatly appreciate a coffee card. my

  • Christy Cogburn

    Took your survey now I’m ready for some bux!

  • Terrace Crawford

    Took your survey.  Love the blog.


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