The Importance Of Being A People Connector

I’m a connector, and I love connecting people to people and people to opportunities.  What I mean by that is that I love connecting like-minded people to other like-minded people.  I also love connecting great people to mutually great opportunities.

I feel that we’re made to connect, as we are connecting beings.  Even introverts have a desire to connect with people; they just appreciate their time, space and alone time.

It’s important to be a connector of people, as these connections help the world go around.  Some people-connections lead to great job opportunities for others.  Other people-connections lead to college students choosing this university or that university.  Then you have those connections that lead to meaningful relationships that eventually turn into a marriage.

Some of the most meaningful people-connections are those connections that lead to people far from God visiting a friend’s church, or hearing a friend witness. Those connections ultimately lead to an intimate connection with Jesus and a life that’s forever transformed.

No matter how you slice it, connections matter — Be a connector.

Do You Think Being A People Connector Is Important?  Share your thoughts and experiences?

  • Pattonsm

    I totally agree!  It is so important to be a people connector.  You never know who might meet who as a result of the very first connection.  Be the one who changes someones life…and then another…and another…etc,  ; )

  • I’m reminded of “Never Eat Alone” by Ferrazi. He’s known as a connector. He intentionally will connect people with other people who can help them. He intentionally broadens his network so that he’ll have more and more connections to set up.
    For him, it has the ultimately self-serving motivation of reciprocation. And I think it’s not bad that the world works that way. But as Christians, we have the privilege of setting up those connections for the benefit of others just as a selfless act of love.

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