Lakewood Worship Leader Born Without Ears Auditions On American Idol

Great illustration of how God, Faith & Focus will help you reach your God potential.

Share your thoughts on this video and how American Idol in general helps people reach their potential.

  • Revlohbc1

    This was an amazing story of God’s grace and then he sings Amazing Grace. It seems many Christians have been able to reach many of their dreams through American Idol. 

  • Another amazing chance for God to reveal his amazing grace.

  • Scott, my family and I saw this and were so moved! We’re big AI fans…we love music and it’s the one reality show that really showcases talent. Anyway, what an inspiring story! I was impressed with the mixture of humility, courage, and confidence!

    (Might post this video on my blog next week. I’ll be sure to give you credit for posting it first 🙂

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