3 Words To Describe Nicki Minaj’s #Grammy Performance

Shortly after Nicki Minaj’s Confusing, Crazy, Weird (insert your adjective) Grammys performance I decided to ask the Twitter community what they thought about the performance.  I tweeted this tweet:

“Give me a 3 word or less description of Nicki Minaj’s performance. Your responses will be a blogpost. #grammys

In just a couple of minutes I received what appeared to be hundreds of responses.  Not sure how many it was but it was too many to cut and paste.

So let’s try this, just leave a comment stating your thoughts of Nicki Minaj’s performance in 3 words or less.  

  • Insult to music

  • Rich

    Gimmick masking no talent

  • Anonymous

    confused chaotic debacle

  • Rarodz11

    It was SAD

  • Micah Simoneaux

    It was CHAOTIC showed no TALENT and was BLASPHEMOUS

  • Twitter.com/aldisal

    Desperate. Desperate. Desperate.

  • Stacy M Griffith

    Whore-a-bull. That’s my 3words

  • @SunnyStill

    Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot

  • Judy

    Disturbing, Unimpressive, Disappointing

  • Pagankelly

    It was Shit

  • Bobby Francis

    Disgusting. Not “art.”

  • Shouda Just Shotabird  (like MIA)

  • Suphunter

    Sacrilegious, distasteful, inappropriate

  • Pagankelly

    It was Shit

  • Khgravel

    Trying to hard!

  • Rachel

    Sacrilegious crap.

  • So odd.

  • Ndilla

    Unholy uproar upsets.

  • Randa

    Horrifying. Disrespectful And scary.

  • Miriamsuggs10

    Demonic, disrespectful and SAD

  • Ourunningirl

    Grammys big mistake

  • Bluemoongirl

    Lady gaga wannabe.

  • Janelle

    What a mess!

  • A. D.


  • Godsunity4ever


  • Bradb

    Turned the channel



  • Hali

    Blasphemy, demonic, disgusting

  • Msmissy615


  • lrmw


  • ImMissingTexas

    Disjointed contrived tacky

  • Debbiestrom1

    Sacreligious, demeaning and disgusting

  • Msmissy615


  • Vitomazz

    Just plain BAD

  • Msmissy615


  • Don’t watch Grammys

  • Illumihater

    Satanic illuminati shill.

  • Jporter405

    Horrible Shameful GARBAGE

  • disgusting disjointed debacle

  • Where’s Sandman Sims?

  • Oh Em Gee?  Best Unintentional Comedy? Oh wait, here’s one:  Fire Your People.

  • SMHMedia

    Let us pray…

  • Sametha

    horrible, highschool drivel

  • Amy

    Horrifying. Disgraceful. Blasphemous.

  • Yami62

    Disgusting, unprofessional, sick.
    Was that suppose to be good singing? Artistic?  

  • Fvbbb

    Devilish, illuminati, horrible

  • Sean Pritzkau

    Hell on earth.

  • Jwatso007

    Dam Dam Dam (Florida Evans voice)

  • Kyndrea M

    WHAT DA HELL!!!!!!

  • I Fight Evil

    evil, devilish and satanic……pray for her soul shes lost

  • Littlekitty

    Revolting, disgusting and evil.

  • Lanative82

    Blasphemous, idiotic, wrong!

  • Ahhh

    five minute fart

  • Vtorrente1

    satanic evil and an occult ritual for the world to see….this is sad

  • My three words: Stupid anti-Catholic Rant

  • Phil Anderson

    Made Ozzie Blush

  • Scorpionbuc

    Disrespectful to Whitney!

  • Jordan Vandiver

    Another Madonna wannabe

  • ThisIs Gay

    what the fuck?

  • Anonymous

    Sign of apocalypse

  • TrueChristian

    Allegory of Satan conquering the power of Christ on earth.  This is spiritual warfare and we are in the last days. 

  • #FAIL

  • Typical. Crude. Childish. 

  • Kelsuzanne

    Evil, disrespectful, sad
    It made my stomach turn hearing it and watching it.

  • Javitalm14

    Oh my Minaj

  • that ain’t no hip hop anymore… she killing rap with her illuminati stuff #tupacvoice

  • something’s wrong mentally

  • something’s wrong mentally

  • sef


    Trying to get attention by mocking other people’s beliefs.

  • A.

    Offensive to gays

  • Nataliads65

    A shame to music

  • An Absolute Disgrace

  • Kim Leslie

    embarrassing, freaky, and inappropriate considering what had happened the day before …..

  • Mmcnally

    absolutely horrible….. i was so offended…….. i am a christian and how DARE she do that to the catholic church. god will never forgive the horrible person that she is. maybe she should go to hell? i mean she did sing about the devil last night anyways, right? the grammys should be ashamed. i hate nicki minaj.

    • Scruggsrodgers

      But you are a christian… I thought we should love thy neighbor..

  • Pray for her.

  • “more offended *musically*”

  • Sierrakarolyn

    A waste of time and artistic resources. Irresponsible and socially unconscious. Terrible staging, chaotic, and undiscernible. Bad advisors – less is more.        

  • Sierrakarolyn

    It looked as though she stole Madonna’s ideas and was trying to compete with her. However, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  • Linkfan98

    plummeting album sales

  • Binkyrocks

    she fucked up

  • matt

    Best Performance Ever!

  • Jfaz1983

    “Keep People Talking.”

  • Virginaflanders

    Stupid stupid hoe

  • dominique scott

    nicki minaj is a qreat person n has a qreat personality

  • Mee

    Mercy on her…

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