The #1 Place To Get Fresh New Blogging Ideas

I blog 5 – 6 times each week and it’s just a consistent part of my daily regimen.  People often ask me, “How do I come up with so many blogging ideas and so much blogging material?”  The answer to that question is simple.  The #1 Place To Get Fresh New Blogging Ideas is… Everywhere!

It’s truly that simple. There tons of blogging ideas everywhere, we simply have to look for them.  I’ll walk through a day for me and potential blogging ideas from when I wake up until lunch.

  • My morning 3-B Time: Bible, Books & Blogs
  • Conversations I have with my wife and boys over breakfast
  • Clips & thoughts from the morning news channels
  • Thoughts inspired from commercials
  • Conversations with clients
  • Things I see while driving to my lunch meeting
  • Conversations during my lunch meeting
  • Observations and business practices at the restaurant
  • Front page newspaper articles
  • People watching
  • Social media interactions, quotes & observations that I’ve had prior to my lunch appt.

The bottom line is Fresh New Blogging Ideas are everywhere.  There is actually some research that indicates that individuals whom blog daily are smarter. This is attributed to the fact that on a daily basis they are forcing themselves to think about and interact with the world around them in a different context.

I simply keep a running note of thoughts in my iPhone yellow notes.  I can easily jump on a flight and knock out a couple of weeks of blogposts or I can simply get up each morning and knock out a post from something that’s fresh on my mind.

The key is to think and to think often.

How do you get fresh new blogging ideas?  Share your thoughts on The #1 Place To Get Fresh New Blogging Ideas.

  • Bro, thanks for letting us go behind the curtain. I’ve done the yellow pad on the iphone or record a voice memo when something interesting strikes me.
    Observation, absorbtion and reflection….this is what keeps me engaged with a world filled
    with life and stories.
    Thank you Scott.

    • ScottWilliams

      voice memos are great

  • Thanks Scott. Blogging should come easy for a preacher who, like the blogger, sees God speaking in everything.

    I especially liked the point: “…On a daily
    basis they are forcing themselves to think about and interact with the
    world around them in a different context.” That is what blogging is all about.

    I do the same thing with my yellow notes 🙂

    • ScottWilliams

      totally, totally agree… finding those God moments in everything.

  • TJ

    I like the mention of the research that bloggers are smarter.  I’m going to hold on to that.  =)

    I get ideas from reading others’ posts, reading quotes, and observing what I or others around me are going through.  Like you said, ideas are everywhere; it’s just a matter of figuring out how they work in your blog’s context.

    I liked this post!  Thanks!

    • ScottWilliams

      I think I may have read that on seth godin’s blog…  I’m holding onto it as well. 🙂

  • “Observe, Observe, Observe.”  That was my motto back in high school journalism classes and its true today as a blogger and teacher.  I take down ideas all the time, on my phone or in my notebook or on napkins at a restaurant.  Ideas or catalyst for ideas are everywhere, we just have to be looking for them.     

  • I always seem to get good ideas when I am exercising. 

  • I do a lot reading…bible, books, blogs, (3 B’s…smile), news articles, etc. I think like you said since blogging I force myself to pay attention more and think. Kinda like the new car you just bought…you never noticed it b4 you bought it…now you see it everywhere. I feel I see blog topics & ideas everywhere now since I “bought” into blogging.

    I use Evernote to store my ideas

  • This was good for me since I have been wanting to blog and yet seemed strained on what to write about. Observe, yes, that is what I will begin to do rather than think. Thanks!

  • Great Article Scott. Thanks 

  • Anonymous

    Perfect answer. I also get blog ideas from my “3-B” and also through every day life and leading. I make sure to have my phone with Evernote handy so I can remember my thoughts.

  • I am totally agree with your oppinion.this blog post is very encouraging to people who want to know these topics.

  • Scott my problem isn’t coming up with ideas, it’s focusing on the ones that I need to. I sometimes I have so many thoughts it’s hard to focus on just one to write about. I’d love to hear your thoughts on how to narrow your focus and eliminate paralysis by analysis. 

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