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Video – Ray Lewis Delivers Powerful Speech To Standford Basketball Team

Ray Lewis is ridiculous when it comes to inspiring, people and players to action. Ray delivered this speech to the Stanford Basketball team prior to the game during the NIT tournament.

If you want to know how good of a motivator Ray Lewis is and the power of a locker room speech take 2:22 out of your day and watch this.  Oh and BTW Stanford won the tournament.

Share your thoughts on the speech.

RT: ≠ Endorsement

One of the best compliments that a person can give another in the Twittersphere is an RT.  The retweet is a simple way of sharing particular tweets of another with those that are within their twitter stream.  Personally, I share and RT lots of information on a daily basis.

There is extreme power in a RT.  If you think of the RT in the form of network marketing or pyramid marketing, you can only imagine the exponential impact of anything that is retweeted.  The power of a re-tweet is like the Energizer Bunny, it keeps going and going and going… it’s ridiculous.

Often times I retweet something and people either assume that I wrote it, endorse it or support it. That may or may not be the case.  Sometimes I’m RT’ing something simply because it’s interesting, intriguing, controversial, helpful, food for thought, enlightening, useful etc.

Recently there was a lot of discussion about Spike Lee retweeting the supposed address for George Zimmerman, who is the front and center target in the controversial Trayvon Martin case. Unfortunately for Spike Lee and for the McClain Family that lived at the retweeted address — it was not the correct address of the intended George Zimmerman. Spike Lee apologized publicly on Twitter and personally to the McClain’s in addition to compensating them for their life disruption.

RT’s can definitely be a positive element; however it’s important to understand the full context of what a retweet means. I love the way CNN Anchor @Soledad_Obrien addresses the issue of retweets in her Twitter profile description.  Soledad’s description may end up as the standard in the future.  Her profile reads as follows:

I anchor CNN’s “Starting Point” airing 7a to 9a weekdays. In my free time, I host docs: Black in America and Latino in America. RTs ≠ endorsements.

Retweets are a nice compliment and a great way to share information… just remember – RT: ≠ endorsement.

Share your thoughts and experiences about RT’s and the fact that RT: ≠ endorsement.

Security Is Not Always A Good Thing

Security is generally considered to be a good thing. The definition alone can make you feel good, safe and secure. Se·cu·ri·ty [si-kyoor-i-tee] is defined as freedom from danger, risk, etc.; safety. Freedom from care, anxiety, or doubt; well-founded confidence.

We have become accustomed to the love and appreciation for security.  We like it when the security guard or police officer is on the scene, when we set our home alarm system, when our bank accounts are secure and the security of having a regular paycheck.

Security can can be a good thing; however security is not always a great thing.  As a matter of fact security can often cause people to limit their potential. I talk with people on a regular basis that have desires, passions, visions and dreams that they will never attempt to reach because of the security of their current situation.

“There is no security on this earth; there is only opportunity.” ~Douglas MacArthur (WWII General)

When your security is getting in the way of you being willing to take a risk, pursue your dreams and reach for the stars, maybe it’s time for some insecurity.  It may be time for you to get off balance and turn your state of comfort into a state of pursuit.

Security Is Not Always A Good Thing!

Share your thoughts, experiences & perspective.

Rock The City

Pastor Mike McClure Jr. & “THE ROCK” Church “Rock the City” pt 1 from Pastor Mike McClure Jr. on Vimeo.

As a church consultant I get the opportunity to work with churches of all types and see all types of strategies of sharing the gospel. I love to see Pastors and Churches do creative things to specifically reach their community, as every community has their unique set of challenges. This short film was a response to the violence, job layoffs, and all the drama the city of Birmingham, Alabama has endured over the past year.

Twenty-eight year old Pastor Mike Mcclure Jr., reaches back and draws inspiration from “Malcolm X & Dr. King” to inspire all of Birmingham to get involved and make a difference.

Share your thought on this video and share other creative things that you have seen Pastors and Churches do specifically geared to the unique challenges of their community,

Like It Or Not, We Are All Marketers

Like It Or Not, We Are All Marketers. Marketing is not simply what businesses, brands and advertising agencies do — It’s what all of us do.  We are all marketing something. Either our personal brand or someone else’s brand.

You are marketing by the clothes that you wear, the type of phone that you use, the restaurants that you frequent, the stories that you share on Facebook and Twitter… and the list goes on and on like the energizer bunny.  BTW- What happened to the Energizer Bunny? He was a great marketer for Energizer batteries  As a matter of fact, I still consider the fact that the bunny keeps going and going and going every time I make a battery purchase.

Some people claim not to be marketers because they don’t want the self-perceived negative connotation of being a “self-promoter.”  That’s hogwash! Everyone is marketing something and everything is marketing. Even those individuals that play the card of, “I don’t like to market or promote, I’m just humble.” Those individuals marketing the cause for a behind the scenes and humble approach to things.

Jesus was a marketer, the #Kony2012 folks are marketers, President Obama is a marketer, Steve Jobs was a marketer, Donald Trump is a marketer, Seth Godin is a marketer, the Superintendent of your local school district is a marketer, the little league coach is a marketer, the little league player is a marketer, your children are marketers, I’m a marketer, you’re a marketer… We Are All Marketers. 

I have shared over 20,000 tweets on Twitter, everything from personal family stuff, to quotes, to blogpost links to (fill in the blank).  At the time of this post I have sent 22,221 tweets to be exact.  Directly or indirectly those tweets have all marketed, shared or promoted something.  For tweet #22,222 I will simply share this post because I’m A Marketer!

You have a story to tell — Tell It!  You have something to promote — Promote It!  You have a brand that your’re fond of — Share It! 

If you aren’t sure of what your brand is or what you’re marketing… ask those closest to you.

Like It Or Not, We Are All Marketers.

When Leaders Suffocate Their Staff

It always surprises me to see managers who suffocate their staff. By suffocating their staff, I’m referring to leaders who are unwilling to let their employees out of their grips for fear of losing the employee or losing control. These types of leaders are actually doing the exact opposite of what they are intending to do. This tight grip and suffocating behavior will reduce performance, squash creativity and inevitably cause employees to leave.

When I was a young Warden, my mentor and boss would frequently tell me this regarding my staff members. “Scott, hold onto your team loosely, because ultimately they are not yours to hold onto.” That statement has always stuck with me!

If we hold onto our employees loosely, they feel the freedom of the open hands which ultimately increases productivity and develops more leaders. This philosophy of encouraging your employees to “grow and go” will result in you losing some great ones from time to time. The great thing about leading with the open-handed mentality, is the fact that those you loose will always be quickly replenished.

On the other hand, the employer who plants a suffocating scarcity seed, won’t reap a scarce harvest. I have led several teams in which we lost key players to some higher impact roles; however every time they were replenished with some equally amazing team members without the team missing a beat.

Scarcity Mentality – Not enough good to go around vs. Abundance Mentality – There is more than enough great to go around.

If you are in an suffocating staff situation, encourage the leader to open their hands. If that doesn’t work, it may be time “to go and grow.”

Let Go! dream BIG. think BIGGER.

Share your thoughts and experiences with the suffocating approach.

Inventor Of The #FistBump on Twitter Gives a FistBump To a 3,800lb Walrus

My family and I had a great behind the scenes experience at Sea World and to top it off, I was able to get a 3,800lb Walrus named Obie to whistle, roar and give me a #FistBump.  Obie was awesome and helped me take the #FistBump to a Whole’ Nutha’ Level!

Share your thoughts on my man Obie and whether or not you think this is the ultimate #FistBump of All #FistBumps.

Amazing Life Lesson From Derek Fisher Going To The Oklahoma City Thunder

The 5 Championship Ring NBA Veteran Point Guard Derek Fisher was traded to the Houston Rockets and worked a buyout and chose to play with the Oklahoma City Thunder.  As a Thunder fan that really excites me for the future and champion aspirations. Then Thunder will now have both Harden & Fisher who can both do some damage off of the bench.

Fisher chose to wear number 37, because as he simply states, “that’s my age.” The 16 year NBA veteran and President of the NBA Players Union has lots of life experience, knowledge and wisdom that is represented by that #37 Thunder Jersey that he now proudly wears.

Fisher’s classy persona fits well with the classy bunch of Oklahoma City Thunder players and the best fans in the NBA. In life we have lots of situations and experiences where we can learn some major life lessons if we are willing to open our eyes. I think there is major life lesson for everyone from Derek Fisher’s trade and acquisition.  Read through the life lesson in this statement that Fisher made yesterday:

“Like I stated earlier, I’m going to do my best right now to refrain from focusing too much, if at all, on what has transpired, what was said, what could have happened, what should have happened,” Fisher said. “I’m more focused on the positives of why I’m here. I’ll be able to address those things in due time…. Right now it’s about the Thunder and Oklahoma City.” ~Derek Fisher

Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. 1 Peter 5:6

Stop focusing on what has transpired but rather what God has for you.

Check out this video below of Fisher’s 1st appearance in a Thunder Uniform (Standing Ovation)


Share your thoughts on this life lesson or your thoughts on the Derek Fisher trade and what it means for the OKC Thunder.

This May Be The Best Blogpost You Will Ever Write

Today I don’t really feel like writing a blogpost…  I don’t even feel like finding a randomly cool YouTube video to share.

That’s all that I have.

Have a nice day!

I Got Your Back!

Just because someone says, “I Got Your Back” or “I Believe In You,” doesn’t necessarily mean that they really do.  Well maybe they do, however their version of having your back may look something like the image to the left.

Sometimes you have to embrace the State Of Missouri’s slogan of being the “Show-Me State.”  If someone says they believe in you and have your back…  make sure their actions match up with their words, otherwise you might end up like the person in this image.

I Got Your Back!

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