Top 10 Ways To Get Re-Tweeted On Twitter

This post will get straight to the point… If you want to get Re-Tweeted, Implement These Top 10 Ways To Get Re-Tweeted Below:

  • 1. SPACE – Leave 18-20 characters available in your tweet… allows enough room for your name @ sign and RT.  This is the most common reason people will not RT your post, individuals don’t want to take the time and energy to remove characters and shorten your post. TIME IS MONEY!
  • 2. CONTENT – Tweet content that provides value to a broad audience — quotes, humor, questions, compelling thoughts, breaking news, technology, social media breakthroughs, tips, links to great content etc.  CONTENT IS KING!
  • 3.  CONSISTENCY – Make sure your tweets are consistent.  Think of your tweets in a similar fashion that you look at newspaper or magazine subscription.   Your followers will learn to trust and grow to expect a particular type of content in a consistently delivered manner.  CONSISTENCY COUNTS!
  • 4. TACTFUL – Have a keen sense of what to tweet and what not to tweet in order to maintain good relationships with your twitter community.  Don’t consistently ask your Twitter Community to Re-Tweet your tweet…  If you feel that the tweet or content is valuable, it may make sense to ask selective followers to RT a tweet.  If you ask all of your followers to RT your content all of the time, your message will fall on deaf ears. HAVE SOME MANNERS!
  • 5. RECIPROCATE – Give and receive value to the Twitter community. Re-tweet other’s tweets if you find their information valuable and be sure that you provide them the RT credit they deserve.   Don’t be a Re-Tweetaholic or once again your message will fall on deaf ears. SHARE THE LOVE!
  • 6. BRAND – Develop a consistent Twitter brand, presence, notoriety, content etc. desirable of being Re-Tweeted.  Many people have put the time, energy and effort to earn the right for their content to be Re-Tweeted.  If you look at theTop 50 Re-tweeted Twitter Users Of All Time the one thing that’s consistent is that they all have their own unique brand. GET BRANDED!
  • 7. RECOGNITION – Get recognized or develop a relationship with the people on the Top 50 Re-Tweeted Twitter Users Of All Time. :)  Seriously you don’t have to develop a relationship with people on that list; however having your content re-tweeted by folks with a strong Twitter brand will help with future RT’s.  GET RECOGNIZED!
  • 8. LISTS – Believe it or not being on the right Twitter List can increase your ability to be re-tweeted.  People utilize their lists to keep the people they want to hear from front and center.  Lists can be as important on the Retweetometer as the number of followers.  Lists are a great measure of content value.  GET LISTED!
  • 9. REPEAT – Repeat #1.  This is by far the most important aspect of being re-tweeted and often times the most over-looked.  Leave at least 18 characters, if you can leave 36 that’s even better… you have potentially doubled your chances. SPACE IS KEY!
  • 10. BLOG ABOUT IT –  Write a simple blogpost about How To Get Re-Tweeted. 🙂  In all seriousness write about Twitter or Social Media – People in the world of Social Media love to share content about Social Media. TOPIC MATTERS!
  • Bonus: Your name is Rev Run aka @revrunwisdom

Share your thoughts on these Top 10 Ways To Get Re-Tweeted. Do you have any additional ways to add to the list?

  • I love the last tip – ”
    Write a simple blogpost about How To Get Re-Tweeted.” It’s like asking for a tweet from your user base (which goes against rule four) without breaking rule 4.

    • ScottWilliams


  • CP

    Thank you for this excellent reminder and check list.  

    • ScottWilliams

      thx for the comment

  • Bob Warren

     Have a Super Friday and a Fantastic Weekend!!

  • @lfbill

    Good advice. Thanks. I would add that, if you tweet on currently popular topics, you increase the likelihood of your tweets being retweeted. ( this could be an add-on to recommendation #2 above).

    • ScottWilliams

      yes, totally agree

  • Anonymous

    I would also add to tweet something (good or bad) about Rob Bell or Mark Discroll. People love retweeting that stuff.

    • ScottWilliams

      yes, people like polarizing stuff as both sides tweet it fir different reasons

  • Anonymous

     Hi Scott, whats the best way to find the lists you are on?… and thanks for this post!

    • ScottWilliams

      go to twitter home page, click lists, then click “member of”

  • Great tips!  The re-tweet can be so useful in getting your content out to more people.  This should be required reading for everybody trying to “get” Twitter.  And yes, I teach Twitter so I want people to be successful on the site.  Thanks for a powerful list!

    • ScottWilliams

      thanks martha

  • Good, simple advice on getting RT’d. I agree with getting listed to boost exposure, though you never suggest how we do that (other than following all the other advice about having quality content, being branded, consistent and reciprocating).

    • ScottWilliams

      I think just consistent content compels people to put you on their list…  I don’t think there is any other magic sauce other than consistent categorical stuff

  • Ginger Miller

    Thanks, this is helpful (and I appreciate #10 and the Rev Run bonus 🙂

    • ScottWilliams

      rev run is going to be at my church in April 🙂

  • No

    This was good, interesting and informative, that is until the end with the misspelling; “wold.”

    • ScottWilliams

      Oops…  that was a random miss.  Thx, I’m going to say some sort of gremlin made that change after it was posted. 🙂

  • Jennifer

    Awesome information! Thank you.

    • ScottWilliams

      thx for the comment

  • Fatima

    This is great information. Thank you.

    • ScottWilliams

      thx for reading

  • Scott…you really deliver value, my friend. Thanks!

    I especially like #4 – Tactful. No one says that, but it’s so true. Thanks for focusing on being classy, not classless.

    (On a side note, talked with Derwin Gray last week…he said HI.)

    • ScottWilliams

      Thx for the kind words…

  • thats  good stuff thanks for the info I will make sure I get this out 

    • ScottWilliams

      thx for getting it out or thx for the RT

  • Great tips! One more way to get re-tweeted: start a conversation. Often, Twitterers will re-tweet the other half of an interesting discussion. This is good, as it puts your name in front of their viewers. Follow the 10 tips above to sure there is plenty of good stuff for them to read if they click your name out of curiosity!

    • ScottWilliams

      I totally agree.

  • Raymond

    Geweldige tips en suggesties. Ik ga er mee aan de slag

    • ScottWilliams

      Thanks… I think

  • You have to do some open ended questions every now and then. People like those. Gets everyone involved.

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