Why You’re Held Hostage To Envy

Hostage – Envy from Nick Jones on Vimeo.

Currently, I’m working on a project that deals with the correctional system. This takes me back to my old days as a Prison Warden and reminded of this video that I shot in one of the facilities that I previously operated.

Are you held hostage to envy?

  • Powerful! Thanks for keeping it real. 

    Keep living it forward, my friend!

  • I think envy has to do with what we find beautiful. When you find riches, achievements, or pleasure to be the most beautiful things on this earth – then you’ll naturally want as much as others have. But when we see Christ as the supreme beauty, then envy begins to lose its grip.

    • Loren: So true. Envy has everything to do with what we treasure.

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